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Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - White

We have analyzed 34140 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, was a gift. Alexa is great, is awesome, is amazing, is fun. Echo dot is great, works great, is awesome, is amazing. Device is great, works well, works great, is awesome. 1% of users noticed that: Volume is very low, is so low, is too low, is not as loud. Wifi will not work, is needed, is the culprit, is no connecting . Speaker quality is terrible, is not good, is lacking, is horrible. Tv is not free on firestick, don't have to have, is near, can wean myself off.

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18849 5797
love, great, like, works great, good, loves, is great, fun, awesome, loved, excellent, works well, was a gift, amazing, gift, ’s great, nice, works, really like, easy
1689 545
love, is great, is awesome, like, is amazing, is fun, is very helpful, is my new best friend, is the best, rocks, works great, is so helpful, works well, can do, does, is good, nice, good, lot of fun, fun
echo dot
1179 307
love, is great, like, absolutely love, really like, works great, loves, is awesome, is amazing, really enjoy, very happy, enjoy, is perfect, really enjoying, is fun, highly recommend, enjoying, was easy to set up, very pleased, was a gift
1080 263
great, great little, amazing, awesome, fun, good, wonderful, love, echo, little, excellent, nice, cool, very useful, best, pretty cool, is great, smart, works well, works great
746 411
better, good, great, could be better, great little, was louder, is great, works well, nice, smart, works great, decent, clear, was better, better quality, is fine, louder, perfect, is good, blue tooth
789 400
great, better, good, is great, is good, decent, love, is ok, excellent, quality, nice, is decent, ok, amazing, is excellent, clear, very good, is amazing, is much better, good quality
769 171
favorite, great, love, unlimited, prime, plays, good, like, enjoy, able to listen, able to play, playing, can play, can listen, news, is great, choice, soft, more, can hear
555 197
echo, is great, works great, love, works well, is fine, is good, like, is perfect, are great, is awesome, little, enjoying our echo, enjoying my echo, enjoying the echo, work great, is amazing, enjoyed my echo, ease, is wonderful
sound quality
345 333
better, good, great, is good, is great, is amazing, is fine, is ok, isn’t that great, isn’t great, was better, much better, is better, is much better, very good, amazing, is very good, excellent, isn’t as good, is pretty good
500 146
love, larger, is great, bigger, full size, big, full sized, regular, is awesome, original, full, like, good, works fine, is so fun, works great, is amazing, absolutely love, enjoy, perfect
371 161
thanks, thank you, love, prime day, good job, like, great, unlimited, best, is awesome, do better, nice, wish, nice job, is improving, updated, echo, doesn’t have support people who know anything about alexa, prime music, only covers alexa enabled devices for 90 days
343 22
great, good, was right, low, is right, worth, is great, was great, excellent, works great, awesome, reasonable, can't beat, was good, affordable, easy to use, was awesome, very reasonable, was perfect, prime day
set up
314 43
easy, very easy, easy to, easy to use, super easy, was easy, simple, was a breeze, ease, works great, was simple, was easier, very easy to use, very intuitive, works as advertised, is easy, pretty easy, was quick, quick, convenient
296 7
full, perfect, small, compact, like, great, love, nice, right, i like, smaller, good, is great, full-, liked, works great, regular, is perfect, convenient, ease of use
192 122
works great, well, good, is great, was easy to install, easy to use, keeps telling me that echo, looking forward, dots working, actually worked, runs properly with amazon features, is totally revamped, reordering things, n’t played, is helpful, is very hard to use, finally got it, looks and feels cheap, provides many skills, hasn’t been working great
150 123
smart, can find, sounds better, is louder, find, quickly, is far superior, best thing, do more work, is connected to alexa, allows to call, better, all night, can do as well, good, can access, gets the job halfway done, sounded louder, crisper, can do it all for you
246 31
easy, easy to, works great, very easy to, simple, was easy, ease, easy to use, very easy, was a breeze, was super easy, was quick, is a breeze, very intuitive, super easy, is simple, all over again, lightweight, works fine, works like 1 in 5 times
this product
217 56
love, like, highly recommend, recommend, really like, absolutely love, very pleased, really enjoyed, enjoy, enjoying, loving, would recommend, definitely recommend, totally recommend buying, liked, is very good, don't bother, simple enjoy, glad i purchased, loved
228 33
great, good, excellent, nice, fun, works great, very good, great little, is great, wonderful, is awesome, handy, very cool, works well, arrived as described, arrived quickly, was as described, cheap, awesome, best
230 30
great, news, good, quick, check, love, like, can check, best, is like, tells me, handy, useful, is great, can get, every morning, is for the day, able to check, fun, excellent
233 17
great, favorite, nice, many, cool, best, love, awesome, good, my favorite, useful, amazing, like, more, many great, works well, smart, really like, pretty cool, lot of
187 48
best, great, good, favorite, fun, coolest, cool, nice, simple, will get better, handy, work great, useful, awesome, everyday, amazing, neat, convenient, amazed, is capable of
214 7
great, great little, fun, little, fun little, cool, nice, awesome, neat little, cool little, best, neat, handy little, excellent, favorite, wonderful little, nice little, love, amazing, useful little
143 55
clear, better, friendly, nice, fine, sexy, understands, well, pleasant, soft, very well, very nice, is pretty loud, is 50/50 as well, i much prefer, great, overlapped, okay, some music, barely higher than my usual talking range
139 47
great, love, like, good, reminders, can set, really like, works well, morning, works great, very helpful, able to set, easy to set, convenient, timers, best, decent, works just fine, handy, went off
141 24
ok, okay, not bad, works fine, o.k, actually a good product, been really helpful, easy to use, other features in the future, really good listener, working out very well, sounds much, working good, been a lot for sure, worth my time investment, one of the handiest tools, been great quick music, working quite well, ok item, been good
138 33
great, best, good, favorite, excellent, awesome, my second echo, very good, happy, very happy, very satisfied, greatest, worthwhile, glad, wonderful, does exactly as instructed, 2nd dot, echo, incredibly happy, aware
this thing
134 22
love, is awesome, is amazing, is great, loves, is a blast, like, is so fun, really love, is ok, lot of fun, helps me with everything, is just too cool, is so liberal, knows everything, enjoying, does things i never imagined possible, is he future, is so cheap, listens to you all the time
155 1
great, best, perfect, nice, excellent, wonderful, was well, useful, favorite, well received, fun, wonderful surprise, work properly, interesting, 2nd generation, were perfect, from our kids, will be buying, delightful, will not be returned
129 18
great, perfect, echo, small, smaller, good, dark, quiet, nice, almost every, works great, best, large, 4 units, buying, access to alexa, echo spot, well as upstairs, love, recommend
98 43
great, nice little, great little, larger, is working fine, works great, full size, like, nice, constantly, enjoyed, decent, friends, have performed perfectly, feels more like mine, very nice, much better, works fine, bigger, is in our living room
82 55
simple, quick, easy, many, nice, good, lot, happy to answer, couldn’t answer, answered without hesitation, answer most of my, answers periodic, connecting to family, will play songs answer, cutest, hilarious answers, answered by , practical, basic, realistic answers
alarm clock
100 32
great, best, good, perfect, very convenient, excellent, timer, weather report, better than any, need to check out, rid, daily, best of all information, popped up, weather reports, timers, reminders, keeps me informed, reminder, timer plus much more, have some extra features
112 19
great, like, good, lot, quick, useful, instant, fun, helpful, great to use, basic, much, love, lots, you need, is able to get, very convenient, nice and compact, enjoy, alexa responds
91 35
is better, is much better, like, more self aware than, understands everything, can translate anything, lot better, wants you to pay for their apps, looked up, was better, has better jokes, will improve the audience, do better on some searches, is what it needs, works a lot better, is more pleasant to use, was accurate, gave it, can (of course, feels more ai-like than alexa does
113 8
love, like, works great, is great, is good, was great, works, has been great, ok, was fine, else, is working fine, true, good, needs an app, is just great, connects quickly, went well, great, was well for a day
voice recognition
88 32
great, good, better, excellent, very good, is awesome, is ok, is spot on, accurate, is amazing, is great, is good, i like, expected better, is way better, works 50% of the time, works wayyy better, almost flawless, would be able to differentiate the command better, need to improve
bluetooth speaker
88 27
good, nice, for playing music, enabled, works great, works well, can be fixed, gained so much more, was getting, reliable, can follow voice commands, will work on the deck, enabled portable, better, enjoy music, look no further, use, hooked up to, sounds good, will need to get
188 210
is very low, is so low, is too low, low, not enough, is not as loud, very low, is to low, is low, is not loud enough, too low, poor, is not loud, is poor, sucks, limited, does not work, does not go very high, is not very good, was low
52 90
no, did not connect, plugs, run slow, will not work, is needed, not recognize, connectivity issues, like, plugs and light switches, is the culprit, is no connecting , is not very good, only needed, don’t get this, went down, ddoes not synchronies perfext, had trouble connecting to personal hotspot, ten minutes, too spotty