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Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Venetian Bronze, Works with Alexa

We have analyzed 27985 reviews from Amazon and found:

14% of users say that: Product is great, works great, is awesome, is amazing. Install works great, was easy, works well, works very well. Device is awesome, is great, works well, is amazing. Doorbell works great, is great, is awesome, was easy to. 2% of users noticed that: Battery is low, was dead, drains, is dead. Motion detection is unreliable, is slow, is horrible, is very slow. Motion sensor is too sensitive, will go off, is problematic, is worthless. Battery life is poor, is horrible, is terrible, is very short.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

4204 234
great, excellent, awesome, good, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, very good, best, is great, outstanding, nice, very happy, works great, is awesome, is amazing, very cool, terrific, very nice, perfect
2414 1010
works great, works well, works perfectly, great, works very well, love, was easy to install, was easy to, is great, works fine, worked great, looks great, works like a charm, is easy to install, was easy to set up, works flawlessly, is awesome, very happy with, works really well, works good
1722 20
easy to, very easy to, easy, super easy to, works great, extremely easy to, was easy, easy to set up, really easy to, fairly easy to, super easy, pretty easy to, works well, easy to use, very easy, relatively easy to, very easy to set up, very easy to setup, incredibly easy to, works very well
727 136
great, awesome, excellent, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, best, good, is awesome, is great, great little, works well, a great security, very good, cool, is amazing, very cool, very happy, works great, is fantastic
635 185
great, love our ring, love my ring, best, works great, is great, awesome, is awesome, was easy to, amazing, is amazing, is fantastic, works well, is the best, absolutely love our ring, works fine, good, very happy, perfect, excellent
643 68
easy, was easy, was very easy, very easy, is easy, was quick and easy, was pretty easy, is very easy, is super easy, was super easy, super easy, was relatively easy, fairly easy, was straight forward, relatively easy, is quick and easy, was fairly easy, really easy, is extremely easy, pretty easy
529 157
great, is clear, clear, is very clear, good, is good, is great, very clear, excellent, is crystal clear, best, is excellent, is very good, better, crystal clear, high quality, good clear, is so clear, is awesome, is really clear
customer service
733 58
great, excellent, is excellent, is great, best, is outstanding, good, is amazing, amazing, awesome, was great, is top notch, outstanding, fantastic, is the best, exceptional, was excellent, is fantastic, is exceptional, is awesome
ring doorbell
450 89
is great, very happy, works great, is awesome, is amazing, is fantastic, was easy to install, worked great, is a great, works very well, perfect solution, great, has been great, works better, very easy to install, is a great product, very pleased, extremely satisfied, is easy to install, is ideal
451 96
works great, is great, love, is awesome, was easy to, great job, very happy with, i highly recommend, very happy, is amazing, is fantastic, is the best, works well, is easy to, is perfect, is very easy to, works very well, good job, great, is easy to set up
324 131
great, good, is clear, is very clear, works great, works well, is very good, is amazing, is great, very clear, excellent, better, great little, is awesome, awesome, is excellent, is good quality, works fine, clear, worked flawlessly
334 118
is easy to use, works great, works well, is great, great, is user friendly, is very user friendly, easy to use, is very easy to use, excellent, is awesome, awesome, works very well, is easy to navigate, good, is easy, is super easy to use, nice, was easy to install, easy
video quality
380 57
is great, is good, is excellent, is very good, great, excellent, good, is pretty good, is decent, is superb, better, is amazing, is awesome, is ok, is really good, is better, is fantastic, is clear, decent, little better
346 12
easy, easy to, very easy to, was easy, very easy, is easy, was very easy, super easy, is very easy, is super easy, super easy to, is pretty easy, is so easy, was pretty easy, surprisingly easy, really easy to, is extremely easy, was clear, super easy to install, is fairly straightforward
278 29
great, clear, is clear, good, is great, very clear, is very clear, excellent, is good, perfect, awesome, super clear, is crystal clear, great clear, good clear, good quality, amazing, very good, is super clear, is very good
127 96
great, works great, good, awesome, works perfectly, worked fine, really good, is easy to install, fantastic, very happy, works well, perfect, is amazing, works fine, really cool, responsive, has been very helpful, feels like, excellent, very attractive
302 4
great, good, nice, excellent, cool, brilliant, is great, wonderful, very good, very cool, is good, marvelous, fantastic, amazing, best, interesting, awesome, ingenious, really great, pretty good
ring video doorbell
169 30
works great, great, highly recommend, is amazing, is a great product, is easy to install, very happy, is awesome, is fantastic, is great, works very well, very pleased, is an awesome product, is an awesome device, extremely happy, works fine, the best residential level, easy dyi project, a gift, is a great addition to any home
214 26
great, excellent, is outstanding, very good customer, is great, best, good, is awesome, very helpful customer, the best customer, better, wonderful, have great customer, outstanding, is top notch, amazing, best customer, is amazing, excellent customer, has been great
215 25
best, good, great, is amazing, is great, nice, is awesome, greatest, works great, powerful, great best, amazing, works perfect, is still pretty amazing, most impressive, absolute best, is wonderful, most important, awesome, very good
146 36
is good, is great, great, is clear, clear, is very good, nice, good, is awesome, is excellent, very clear, is decent, are very good, are very clear, excellent, very good, pleasant, how clear, is surprisingly good as well, is perfect every time
119 68
great, is great, clear, good, is good, works well, is very good, is clear, is very clear, works great, is crystal clear, is good as well, excellent, is decent, is quite good, is not so good, is also great, easy access, great as the video, is superb
108 68
good, strong, excellent, is strong, great, solid, works great, good as your, is very strong, powerful, very easy with home, extremely strong, exceptionally good, is really good, easy getting the, is fine, is adequate, works well, awesome ring, is ok
143 41
great, perfect, excellent, works great, very good, good, awesome, better, works well, great addition to our security, easy, fantastic, is fantastic, very pleased, amazing security, is clever, has been great, simply the best security, is terrific, great support
177 22
great, good, high, excellent, is great, better, very good, is good, awesome, is excellent, is very good, is better, is amazing, is quite good, top, very clear and visible, is not the best, is way bellow, easy set up high, doorbell the best of its kind
186 8
great, excellent, very good, is fantastic, good, awesome, is great, best, fantastic, is superb, very good technical, is excellent, was great, good technical, is outstanding, amazing, is wonderful, is awesome, is very responsive, is extremely helpful
set up
173 8
very easy to, easy, super easy to, works great, is easy, super easy, was easy, very easy, extremely easy to, easy to use, extremely easy, pretty easy to, is pretty easy, fairly easy to install, was very easy, pretty easy, is very easy, super easy to install, excellent help, very good
customer support
174 13
great, excellent, is fantastic, is excellent, fantastic, good, is great, awesome, is awesome, is top notch, outstanding, amazing, is outstanding, is amazing, is the best, is very good, is superb, is wonderful, was outstanding, best
picture quality
147 8
is great, great, is excellent, is amazing, is good, is very good, good, is outstanding, excellent, better, is superb, sharp, best, terrific, n’t always pic up movement, can be impacted depending, is fine, is ok, isn't the best, is significantly better
wifi signal
103 46
strong, good, very strong, very good, is strong, strong enough, solid, excellent, is good, great, strong fast, good enough, near perfect, very a very good, is strong enough, helps extend my, strength, is very strong, is fine, super strong
153 2
great, good, is great, is good, nice, cool, is awesome, is cool, wonderful, amazing, excellent, works remarkably well, awesome, pretty neat, beautiful, very good, clever, fantastic, fabulous, is wonderful
100 11
great, were easy to follow, were clear, clear, easy, excellent, good, very clear, are clear, are very clear, were very clear and easy to follow, are good, are easy to follow, were straight forward, are easy to read, were clear and easy to follow, were good and easy to follow, were very helpful, were easy to understand, are very well laid out
video doorbell
96 15
great, best, love our ring, excellent, works great, is awesome, very happy, awesome, easy to use, has turned out to be a great solution, better, is pretty fantastic, has done great things, is amazing, works very well, would be of great use, is a great tool, is perfect, love my ring, does great job
tech support
96 11
great, was great, good, excellent, was excellent, is amazing, was easy to reach, is very responsive, incredible, super helpful, is great, very good, is the best, was helpful, were very helpful, has improved tremendously, is only good for chatting purpose, is pretty much all online, speak american english clear, extremely helpful
32 375
low, is low, was dead, bad, drains, defective, is dead, doesn't last long, lasts a very long time, doesn't last as long, sucks, does not last as long, will not stay charged, dead, doesn't last very long, no, is getting low, runs out, rechargeable, gets low
motion detection
147 181
no, stopped working, sucks, does not work, is unreliable, goes off, doesn't work, delayed, is slow, is horrible, is very slow, is useless, is too sensitive, is sketchy, inconsistent, is very poor, never worked, false, did not work, is way too sensitive
motion sensor
115 163
goes off, is too sensitive, will go off, going off, did not work, poor, is problematic, went off, is worthless, is a bit slow to respond, works less than 50% of the time, is hit and miss, cannot be adjusted, stopped working, would alert before the bell rang, a bit slow, doesn't start recording, is hit or miss, not set off, is heavily delayed
battery life
89 114
poor, short, is poor, is horrible, is terrible, is very short, is, ’s been about two weeks, is getting less time between charging, isn't close to 6 months, glitches ruin, eats away at your, should be six months, no, is super poor, kill, months, extremely short, is gone, is really short
motion detector
44 80
is way too sensitive, goes off, doesn't work properly, is a little too sensitive, can be a little annoying, does not work you can walk, will be constantly be in use, doesn't work at all without, does not record people coming, working, goes off constantly, is useless, no longer works, is so slow to activate, doesn't work, only concern, often sends alerts of motion out front, did not pick them up, is a bit slow sometimes.3, can be adjusted to suit what areas need
29 76
no, is detected, doesn't work, detected, is slow, not picking up, never worked, doesn't pick up, doesn't catch all, all areas set to sense, doesnt pick up, not consistently responsive to, picks up, is shut off too, is way off, does not pick up passing, up, was horrible, can be adjusted to your needs, stopped working