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Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime and Wi-Fi Extender ONLY for Ring Network Devices

We have analyzed 530 reviews from Amazon and found:

25% of users say that: Product works great, works, worked great, works perfectly. Chime works, works fine, is great, is handy. Camera is vey good, works well, are all motion sensitive, working process. Wifi was pretty far away, is fast, works great. 3% of users noticed that: Signal was weaker, was so weak, has not changed one bit on the ring, is weak. Wifi signal was weak, is weak, was at rssi 67, was very weak. Signal strength was too low, was very poor. Phone don't have, are not linked.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

298 153
great, love, works great, awesome, works, worked great, amazing, works perfectly, works well, very happy, excellent, work really well, needs to be more solid, too quiet, work great, does work, inexpensive, glad, hear, is great
27 6
indoor, pro, works, loud, works fine, is great, helped my ring doorbell work better, would actually ring, pro rings, is handy, works its the extender, works great, would boost the signal, is connected no problem, worked perfectly, great, could be louder, was a good option
21 12
just like, clear images, far exceeded my expectations, is vey good, works well, i need the most, very quickly, ease, extends the range, are all motion sensitive, working process, are absolutely amazing, good, would work on the opposite end of the house, last 25% of the home, will also display, will be buying more, flood light, unlimited, has a very wide
15 10
decent, fastbut, extended, best, extender, was pretty far away, low strength, awesome, needed to boost, extender right by it(within 2 feet with no interference, strengthen, is fast, makes it stronger, updated, works great
15 11
overall, takes to long to access my wifi, pro, is great, is by far 1 of the best companies, love, outdid yourselves, can hear, really like, actually works, highly recommended, gives me the peace of mind, staff to diagnose my connection challenges, great job, has brought peace of mind
17 8
are very clear, view were black screens, captured a wide range, good light, reliable, great, was recorded in total darkness, provided good, aren’t being saved, sucks, aspect to work, very clear, are sharp, easily recognizable, better, is great, is good
13 12
pro, can be heard throughout our house, works just fine, were in our home, help my ring, pro running for a few months, is loud enough, is great, is loud enough to hear, works, looks great, big difference
17 5
love, is connected to my router, very good, was intiigued by the concept, accomodate, great, really helped boost, pretty close, is easy, simple, worked better, more ammunition, outstanding, only boosts, awesome little, different tones
19 1
easy to, very easy, super easy to, works well, is controllable (volume and type of sound, easy to set up, easy to use, easy, was super easy
chime pro
10 9
is receiving perfect signal, helps keep ring devices, added ring, work well, enhances the wife, does work as promised, work with it, improved the behavior of the app, really like, is a wi fi extender
11 4
is simple to use, provides the controls, continue to function well, view the areas, almost every time, works great, great, repelling, is very controllable, easy to use, was easy to use
this product
8 7
return, love, will help, very pleased, really like, returned, highly recommend, recommend
7 6
good, decent, more stable, consistent, barely improved, solid
enhance, outdoor, good, complete ease, great, would improve with this booster, awesome, five star, is working great, verge of being released
wifi extender
9 3
isn’t always reliable, high quality, helps getting a signal, will send this back, checked my internet speeds, seemed to work, was easy to set up, quickly, has worked like a charm
6 4
without, works good, range, was pretty easy to follow, works better, went back to netgear range
set up
8 2
very easy, super easy, easy, was ok, was extremely easy, fast, work very well
7 1
is real good, good, like, soft, i can hear, like i have a house full of dogs inside when activated, audible
ring chime pro
6 2
works great, extended way wifi, worked perfectly, pain free, is really great, is perfect
4 3
very good, works very well, clearer
easy to, was sooo easy, was easy, extremely easy, easy, pro
4 2
performs two functions, high end, works flawlessly, multiple
was a breeze, ease, involved plugging the chime pro, super easy
4 1
is a good, works great, extended, clear
3 2
saw two men, bought 2 ring doorbells for front and back, solid
ring doorbell
4 1
love, works fine, has a better connection strength
door bell
3 2
much more powerful wi-fi, is stylist, blends into the house decor
3 1
in the low 60s, rssi-59, just a normal 2.4 ghz
was good, is well, work great, were very easy to set up
3 1
has a decent return policy, will update results, bought the ring product line
3 1
is clear, came up quicker, love
is working as it should, is great, good, worked as promised
18 21
weak, poor, was weaker, still comes in weak, not getting enough, was so weak, still was not good, has not changed one bit on the ring, strength problem, can't get, pretty significant poor, constant, more densely rather, is weak, worse
wifi signal
4 9
was weak, is weak, very low, worse, does not carry outside, did not increase, was at rssi 67, was very weak
signal strength
4 7
did not enhance, worse, was too low, was very poor, poor, bad, doesn't seem to enhance
3 5
could not see anything, don't have, cannot connect, stayed, are not linked
2 5
is poor, is fixed, were unable to improve, worse, hasn't been the greatest
3 3
is 20ft from the booster, is not communicating with the second door device, exactly halfway
1 3
is not working, was also defective, had to be returned
1 3
gets low, out of the doorbell, is low