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Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi, Built-In Audible - Includes Special Offers

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33% of users say that: Product is perfect, is great, works great, is easy to use. Kindle is great, is perfect, is lightweight, is amazing. Size is great, is perfect, is good, is smaller. Device is great, is perfect, is light, is updated. 4% of users noticed that: Screen is too dark, is so dark, is dark, was too dark. Battery is low, is dead, is permanently dead, dies. Backlight is no, is unexpected, is not an issue, is extremely difficult. Page are too small, is frustrating, will turn without me touching the screen, will turn or i'll go to the home page.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

8671 3851
love, great, like, light, lightweight, is perfect, good, easy to use, is great, small, easy to read, works great, loved, perfect, excellent, compact, loves, is easy to use, easy, really like
1091 512
is great, love, great, is perfect, much better, light, little, absolutely love, original, is lightweight, is amazing, very happy, happy, best, better, perfect, works great, loved, easy to hold, is fine
710 39
perfect, love, like, smaller, great, small, right, nice, compact, is great, i like, is perfect, good, really like, convenient, larger, liked, easy to read, easy to use, ease of use
373 141
great, good, wonderful, amazing, light, is great, great little, very nice, awesome, compact, excellent, like, easy to hold, perfect, is perfect, little, really enjoy, is light, very good, easy to use
396 4
light, very light, lighter, perfect, love, easy to use, like, is great, easy to read, small, super light, lite, easy to carry, light-, easy to navigate, ease of use, portable, extremely light, easy to hold, are nice
touch screen
184 170
love, like, easy to use, is nice, really like, works well, is responsive, is great, very responsive, nice, is a nice upgrade, very easy to use, enjoy, wonderful, is much easier to use, is convenient, responsive, works better, is very user friendly, makes me crazy
battery life
253 84
great, long, good, is great, is good, is amazing, amazing, longer, is awesome, love, very long, better, is long, is phenomenal, is incredible, very good, is excellent, is insane, is much longer, is very good
187 82
thanks, thank you, wish, great, better, really like, has a great return policy, recommends, did to try, was going to charge me to get the book with audio, came out with the kindle, loaded all my previous library, used to make, won't let me, get with the program, replaced it with a refurbished one, love, developed whispersync a while back, makes it so simple, very much
224 19
great, good, was great, was good, difference, very good, was right, is good, better, is right, was very reasonable, full, excellent, can't beat, is great, reasonable, decent, very reasonable, was fantastic, best
167 71
real, great, good, variety, love, prefer, is great, lots of free, favorite, like, convenient, simple, cheap, excellent, easy to load, fan, comfortably, going back to paperback, has no borders, disappeared
199 23
great, avid, good, excellent, great little, nice, simple, very nice, light, awesome, little, favorite, very good, good little, wonderful, fast, lightweight, easy to use, is great, small
180 34
love, great, easy, perfect, enjoy, like, ease, really enjoy, enjoyed, lot, light, enjoying, prefer, is great, very easy, clear, keep, easy to hold, nice, is fundamental
105 104
no, bright, low, good, without, enough, strong, natural, super, small, like, bright sun, shining, ample, without additional, better, has to be bright to read, back, lit back, was always too bright to read at night
93 44
better, newer, basic, high end, is great, favorite, simple, much older bigger, served me well, are mostly designed by the marketing department, come out with is lessfriendly, don't have a previous, could get an older, expensive, want older, hard time choosing, no problem, works very well, oasis, i preferred my older
108 28
great, best, wonderful, good, is great, enjoy, love, very nice, light, long time, is okay, simple, little, awesome, like to collect, affordable, gives me more areas to read in, nice little, nice, decent
95 29
no, is great, able to read, less, no blinding, is very good, is perfect, is not a problem, is fantastic, without a backlight, has a very low, very low, non, no blue light, nice, compact, non-, hard on your eyes, very light, very minimal
91 21
great, nice, good, are great, best, love, many nice, cool, favorite, all, lot more, are easy to find with original kindle, allows one to input the page number one wants, more money, greatest, brightness, like the non glare, limited, most useful, improved
77 31
wish, best, love, i love, easily read them outside or in bright sunlight, perfectly good, need, recommend, no complaints, is always better, buying, take on vacation, is great, zero regrets, one oasis, may play active content, want to consider, 6th generation, not a competitor’s offering, no reason
82 22
easy to, good, easy, like, light, very easy, great, well, easy to use, nice, very comfortable, able to read more, works, cozy, easy to see, easy on the eyes, lasts a long time, more expensive, really love, everyday
68 31
ok, okay, lightweight, easier to turn pages, turned a bunch of pages, recommended, fine, function that should work, been a good way, on the page, very nice, an ok reader, serves me ok, still does exactly what it's suppose to, simple layout is perfect, working well, been a good choice, having difficulty adapting, is comfortable to hold, been doing its job well
this kindle
70 24
love, like, really like, absolutely love, ordered, recommend, highly recommend, really love, picked up, really enjoyed, navigate, really liked, loved, better way to turn, exceeds my expectations, sucks, well to, bought, adore, fits her hand
this one
50 34
is great, is thinner, lighter, lightweight, is much lighter, doesn't have any additional lights, is just a book, works really well, is better than my last, good, is fine, is enough for you, is just ok, has a push button, well as the previous, is super easy to navigate, is harder to navigate, is far more affordable, is more complicated, is small
70 17
great, love, basic, simple, is perfect, cheap, like, good basic, nice, good, perfect, thrilled, delighted, is great, very basic, on the blackest of nights, can be voiced by gesture, holds the charge for at least a month, great little, works great
63 17
is great, bigger, great, clear, enlarge, clean adjustable, has changed, several different, n’t increase, has changed magically, is easy to enlarge, larger for books, pleasure to use, is a bit bolder, nice big, is size, open dyslexic, means a lot to me, is crisp, easy to read
55 27
terrific, nice, light, not the best, not as bad, cheap, got to me from a prime day purchase, took a little over a week to get to me, is comfortable to use, pretty much, will stick, dark like, great, very satisfied, handy lightweight, really is handy, noticed people reading, fancy, easy to use, own 7 fire
52 30
lasts a long time, long lasting, lasts for weeks, lasts, lasts a while, is amazing, last a week, reasonably well, last forever, performs all the tasks built into every kindle and holds a longer, lasts for a long time, long, fits in my purse, easy to sync, holds a long tme, keeps a long, lasts for a week, lasts less than a week, fresh, looked ok
this product
48 33
love, highly recommend, definitely recommend, recommend, really love, came with, loved, is meant to only last you two years, returned, really like, enjoy, wanted, extremely satisfied, do like, helps included, like, obsessed, completely satisfied, really pleased, is exactly as expected
59 16
is crisp, clear, is very readable, is clear, sharp, easy to read, much better, can read, looks great, can follow along, is easy to zoom, works great, was a little darker, fit more, is so dark, simple to use, enough contrast, are very clear, reads off, did adjust
53 14
love, is easy on the eyes, great, backlit, white, very small, nice, excellent, readable, is as sharp, is nice, liked, better, like, can, is even crisper, color, is very nice, easy to read, is a bit smaller than expected
45 25
negative, comfortable, based on other reviews, purchased, only applies to the kindle 8th gen e-reader, 4.5 star, i read prior to purchase, just for you, by one entire star, real, are correct, replaces my earlier, is about the special offers, star, wouldn't be any glare, can update my, will update, excellent, will write another, needing a light
42 27
well, offers this format for book loans, easy to download, perfect, got to have books to take with me, none of my audiobooks, was easy to bring, smaller, was listed in order, is full, previous kindles, still much easier to me, transferred automatically to the new one, has a program, vast, is maneuverable, readily accessed, is filling up, holds a huge, able to access
50 18
great, best, happy, glad, excellent, good, was for my son, super easy to navigate and make, compact, my last kindle, happier, able to save money, ease, will have to be a clip on book lamp, reason, very pleased, shows up in kindle free time, very good, was easy, ended up
593 689
is too dark, is so dark, too dark, no way to brighten, is dark, hard to read, broke, was too dark, is frozen, is so small, froze, doesn't light up, is small, is very dark, is not backlit, flickers, small, is not bright enough, is very sensitive, off
234 235
died, is low, is dead, does not last as long, does not last for weeks, doesn't last as long, draining, dead, does not last weeks, doesn't seem to last as long, gets low, stopped charging, lasts weeks, issue, drain, stopped working, defective, drained, lasts for at least a week, needed charging after 2 days
44 153
no, lack, is no, ’s useless, is unexpected, is not an issue, wouldn't have harmed it, turned up just slightly at all times, sucks, not a, wasn't uniform, i like being able to listen to books, giving you headaches, without, really lacks, lacking, unable to adjust, impossible without, bothers my eyes, is extremely difficult
62 84
can't turn, would not turn, few, turns, are too small, is frustrating, easier, will turn without me touching the screen, turning weirdness, look really dreary, still looks awfully gray, dingy, inability, turned off, no access to your library, accidentally turning, won't turn no matter how hard you swipe, happened from page, will turn or i'll go to the home page, without having to turn
34 63
no, miss, are no, broke on my big kindle, bottom of the unit, do miss, only had, still miss, lack, not an issue, is not even an on and off, below the buy button, populated, turning, gave out, advance to the next page, hard to see on bottom of devise, are not easy to find or work with, does nothing, kinda miss
back light
20 74
no, lack, is no, did not want, cannot read in bed at night, couldn't get, low light, can sometimes leave you wide-awake, can not get, miss, didn't like, was causing me so much trouble, makes my headaches worse, was on, really small, do not like, doesn't feature, isn't a huge issue
43 44
don't like, is somewhat tricky, is not good, is very sensitive, slow, hhhhaaattte, off, was too sensitive, does unexpected things, can be sensitive to even the brush of my hair, is a little tricky, super-sensitive, horrible, made for frequent accidental page turns, doesn't always work, is mostly a hinderance, very unpleasant, is awful to use, is a nightmare, can be a little too sensitive at times
22 50
are annoying, are so annoying, remove, aren’t intrusive, disable, are always on in standby, arent intrusive, like a screensaver at power up, don't interfere with readability, i hardly notice, not be subjected, are the only real downfall, are not an issue, too many, worried, no, cannot turn off, are not at all anything, rid, not locked