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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Canary Yellow - with Special Offers

We have analyzed 1110 reviews from Amazon and found:

30% of users say that: Product works great, works well, works fine, worked fine. Tablet works great, is great, is perfect, is easy to use. Amazon was quick to replace it, come on, work right, has done this to their customers. Device work well, was brand new. 4% of users noticed that: App is not available on the amazon store, don't have most, will be wiped out, working. Screen was black, will go blank, was broken, looked like liquid. Battery was super low, was draining too quickly, drains faster, is not staying charge. Charging port is only designed to last an average of less, have a very finite amount of time, was lose, has gone bad.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

648 406
love, great, loves, works great, like, works well, ’s perfect, good, works fine, ’s ok, easy to use, returned, worked fine, loved, is perfect, recommend, easy, fast, was cheap, perfect
169 65
great, good, nice, love, best, works great, is great, perfect, is perfect, very nice, decent, excellent, like, awesome, is easy to use, is on par, really enjoy, is a great starter, works fine, real
33 25
thanks, valuable, thank u, forces all kindle fires, was quick to replace it, come on, places a lot of ads, contacted me, seems to own it, like chat, needs to upgrade, work right, does a lot of cheap things, has done this to their customers, has a quality control problem, heavy advertising, gave me a huge discount, is wonderful to deal, has replaced if the kids damage, helps me with the warranty
21 17
good, amazing, great, inexpensive, grat, work well, to drop in on my moms echo show, great little, stay away, do with, many, comes with several pre-loaded apps, small, decent, ready to see the add every time you turn on your screen, watching, was brand new, nice, able to pretty well negotiate, continues to work as expected
perfect, right, good, great, nice, love, like, small, is perfect for travel, is great to travel with, likes, easy to use, is good, really like, larger, easy use, does everything i need, love the price, great for kids, is perfect
25 1
great, cheap, low, is perfect, operate reasonably well, decent, does everything, good, was obviously appealing, perfect, isn't worth this inconvenience, drop on another 8, can't beat, is great, are great for note taking
15 10
love, really like, had grown in features, affordable, allows me the option to borrow books, like, favorite, expensive, ismuch easier to handle when reading, work perfectly fine, awesome, great, lasts for weeks on one charge, are great for reading
battery life
12 11
seems to be better, better, much better, great, get the 10, longer, blows, fairly good, is good, is very good, long, is pretty good
fire 7
12 7
deserves at least 4 stars, has become my favorite travel tablet, better, par replacement, is a budget line model, love, was advertised, was coming out, prime day, is truly worthy, is a great, great
kindle fire
9 3
dependable, good compromise, doesn’t hold a charge long, great, always use, are great, listen up, just fine, is great for kids
9 3
ok, okay, okay to use, your only tablet, still a noticeable downgrade, still a lot cheaper
11 1
great, excellent, is excellent, is very good, very happy, works greatpicture, good, nice
light, very light, easy to handle, solid, is perfect in my hands, nice, comfortable in your hands, powerful enough to do almost anything, much lighter
8 3
love, worked great, takes a long time, is cool, works fairly well, well, works well
love, blueish, blue, was brilliant, is amazing, favorite, are vibrant, like, great, are so defined
clear, is brilliant, bright, great, is great, looks well made sturdy, takes good, is crisp, good, we treasure
fire tablet
6 4
love, is as inexpensive, very impressed, nothing beats, are so popular
6 3
working fine, was fine, seemed fine, love, is as expected, was great
7 2
was perfect, great, ran better, get done, amazing, beautiful, are okay
7 2
best, let down, showed up earlier than expected, solid, great, fantastic
5 2
ended up the same, are pleased, works well, is good, work exceptionally well
6 1
ok, tons of books, never run out of space, great, is faster, is very fast
5 1
great, best, has great, has all, feel comfortable with
20 35
is not available on the amazon store, randomly closes, don’t open, cannot be stored on the micro sd, outdated, would just freeze up, not many good, you may have been running on your phone, you won't be able to simply download, unnecessary, super slow, don't have most, will be wiped out, downloaded to one of them, can’t be moved to external memory, not downloaded to a device, working, won’t load, can't be downloaded, cannot download ever
16 26
cracked, was black, will go blank, died on me, only one home, fell down, not even a cracked, would always black out, often shuts, goes black, stopped responding to touch, was broken, cracking, cracked his, option freeze up, broke, shuts down too fast, wont turn on, doesn't seem to be as responsive, breaks
13 31
runs out faster, won't hold a charge, was super low, doesn’t hold a charge, had zero, totally went out, continues to die, was draining too quickly, drains faster, like 1 year in, died, failed to charge, discharges too quickly, is not staying charge, lasts less than a day, quit holding a charge, drains way too fast, use down a little, not good, runs out fast
charging port
2 22
broken, goes out in the kids tablet, began to act testy, either breaks, defect, stops charging, loose, is only designed to last an average of less, have a very finite amount of time, was lose, defective, major flaw, faulty, failed after 5 months of light use, wears out, has gone bad, problems, failure, broke after 14 months, just never lasts
8 11
is so limited, too late, replaced, just stop charging, ran out after 90 day, has expired, is now only 90 days, runs out, no ask questions, is short, not really a such thing
4 13
does stop working, was bad, is plugged in, constantly dings, would stop working, tried changing, damning, does not even charge sometimes, damn, no, still nothing, plugs, is already broken
5 7
constantly bombarded, removed, spam, are very annoying, are a pain, downside, avoid
stopped, stop, has been hit and miss, problem, will not charge very disappointed, concurrent issue, difficulties
this product
4 6
not recommend, very disappointed, dissapointed, major problem, did not order
5 5
does not work, wont hold a charge no longer, very unhappy, was a most frustrating, is not crossing over into the rest of our lifestyle
5 5
should not be happing to every device, fixing, will be fixed, would be fixed, continued
this one
2 6
is acting up, is the worst, is horrible, disappointing, is not even $50, is sooo slow
4 4
is simply unacceptable, is mediocre, poor, are dismal
slow, is so slow, isn't as snappy, is not great, is slower
3 4
maxed out, was inconsistent, not very loud, is very low
3 3
no, can not listen, does not seem to be very loud