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Apple iPhone 6S 16GB - GSM Unlocked - Rose Gold (Certified Refurbished)

We have analyzed 698 reviews from Amazon and found:

45% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, looks brand new, worked perfectly. Phone works great, looks brand new, was unlocked, works perfect. Condition works great, worked perfectly, was much cheaper, looks brand new for refurbished. Iphone looks brand new, works great, is like new, arrived earlier than expected. 4% of users noticed that: Battery was done a few weeks, dies literally in 1 hr horrible, is not any good, dies three times a day. Screen was all smudgy, is black, is damaged, is weird. Charger came without original, was not good, is different from the original iphone/apple products, was broken. Speaker is broken, don't work.dont buy it, is giving problems.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

357 122
love, works great, works perfectly, great, good, looks brand new, ’s perfect, loves, very happy, worked perfectly, will be returning, works well, is ok, came on time, looked like new, worked, worked great, next day, looks like new, was unlocked
269 76
great, good, works great, looks brand new, perfect, was unlocked, works perfect, awesome, is perfect, was in perfect condition, love, was great, came in great condition, is amazing, looks like new, is in excellent condition, works fine, looked great, is awesome, came on time
39 1
great, perfect, good, excellent, very good, works great, in great, like-new, worked perfectly, pristine, was much cheaper, looks brand new for refurbished, wonderful, works brand new
28 9
looks brand new, works great, is like new, received my, perfect, look good, satisfy, arrived earlier than expected, works perfectly well, looks as good as new, works perfectly, worked, did!amazing, was packaged with a newer case, many things, looks new, in very good condition, arrived quickly, really nice, looked almost brand new
battery life
10 9
good, could be a lot better, isn’t all that well, excellent, was also a little less than desired, is perfect, is amazing, lasts well, is really good
16 2
no, dings
works, works perfectly, works fine, is ok, came as expected, works great, is working good, came in perfect condition, met my expectations, seems to work on the phone
9 5
had positive reviews, has significant number of reviews, definitely recommend, good, pay attention, only offers a very conditional 90 day warranty, super recommended, did not disappoint, very satisfy
iphone 6
12 1
is a great product, is a good size, nice looking, came in great condition, was delivered on time, is hands down my favorite iphone, looks new, no marks or blemishes, was good, perfect, comes in two sizes, has a 4.7 in
11 1
fast, was fast, was stellar, was super quick, faster, was quick
8 4
mixed, honest, honest opinion, positive, editing, was helpful
7 3
is good, is perfect, was awesome, works well, dings, perfect, is great
no, works great, not experienced
is affordable, great, was good, was very good, is great, was much easier to take, good
6 1
good, great, works well, very satisfied, really happy
5 1
great, honest, best, excelent, excellent
5 1
working perfectly, factory unlocked, working very well, ok
this product
4 2
definitely recommend, very pleased, recommend, like to promote
4 1
love, like the rose gold, beautiful, like
4 1
wonderful, was good, fast, good
works like new, works perfectly, feels like new, works great
4 1
pero nunca me contestaron, stick to, graciously offered to waive the 30 day return window, was great
great, in excellent condition, is amazing
camera quality
great, main strengths, really makes the photo come to life, lack for good quality
3 1
nice, lifeproof, good
3 1
expectations, never by any means worth your kidney!!have a nice day, well make it water proof
3 1
works great, looks new, alright
3 1
adds added effects to the device, highest, come back later for
11 32
seems to run out quicker, was done a few weeks, lasts about an hour, replaced, go down to fast, kill your, dies literally in 1 hr horrible, dead, is not any good, doesn't charge anymore, defective, dies three times a day, keeps draining out very quickly, is weak, was bad, reached 70%, dies kinda fast, is totally run down-, was die, would not take a full charge
8 11
was all smudgy, is black, stopped responding, wouldn’t let me touch, tiny little white specks, nothing too important, started to act up, is damaged, doesn't work well, is weird, glitches
1 8
downside, came without original, was not good, is different from the original iphone/apple products, cannot be used, did get, was broken, proper
3 3
lack, bad, is getting worse
is broken, very loud, don't work.dont buy it, waste of your money, is giving problems, not heard
sim card
2 4
does not fit, could not use, didn’t work, did not take my
2 2
was damaged, no
1 4
too many scratches, has some problems, should not have passed the quality inspection process, is not unlocked for international use
1 2
won’t go off, doesn't work properly