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Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Works with Alexa (existing doorbell wiring required)

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24% of users say that: Product works great, was easy to install, works well, works. Doorbell works great, is great, is awesome, was easy to install. Video is clear, is very clear, is great, is good. Ring is great, is the best, is for you, is easy to install. 1% of users noticed that: Unit was defective, was bad, is defective, was doa. Wifi is weak, was due to temperature, was reset, was weak. Transformer was only 10 volts, is 16 volt, was under powered at 16v/10va, was unnecessary. Door will not be able to tell if the home resident, has no idea if i'm home, is opened, is knocking.

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7984 3555
great, love, works great, excellent, was easy to install, awesome, good, works well, works, like, amazing, is great, recommend, easy to install, highly recommend, worked great, recommended, works perfectly, worked fine, works very well
594 434
pro, great, works great, is great, is awesome, love, was easy to install, works, best, works well, able to answer, worked flawlessly, works as advertised, awesome, worked great, for quite some time, very happy, can answer, installed easily, no problems
643 323
great, clear, is clear, doorbell pro, is very clear, very clear, is great, excellent, good, is good, high quality, is excellent, is crystal clear, are great, doorbell, is amazing, is outstanding, is nice, is super clear, is so clear
561 260
thanks, pro, love, is great, highly recommend, is the best, is for you, support, is easy to install, is awesome, very pleased, great, great job, good job, is amazing, like, works, works perfectly, was good, really like
620 38
easy to, easy, very easy to, very easy, was easy, super easy to, works great, easy to use, simple, super easy, pretty easy to, was simple, was a breeze, was very easy, works as advertised, was super easy, simple to, was straight forward, quick, professional
515 113
easy, was easy, was a breeze, was simple, was very easy, was super easy, is easy, ease, was very simple, is very easy, was fairly simple, simple, very easy, was straight forward, was quick, was relatively easy, super easy, straightforward, was straightforward, was fairly easy
442 179
is easy to use, is great, works well, works great, easy to use, is very easy to use, great, is very user friendly, is intuitive, is very intuitive, awesome, is very good, love, intuitive, works very well, is decent, easy, is user friendly, open, is much better
428 167
great, love, is great, works great, is very clear, better, is clear, good, is awesome, light, good quality, is excellent, is really good, best, clear, is very good, is amazing, amazing, work great, is outstanding
377 215
great, awesome, excellent, good, works well, works great, very pleased, is great, amazing, very happy, fantastic, work well, new, best, working, perfect, works as advertised, pros, very useful, outstanding
customer service
428 86
great, is great, excellent, best, was great, awesome, amazing, outstanding, is excellent, is the best, exceptional, is amazing, was excellent, was awesome, has been great, was helpful, is very helpful, helpful, is outstanding, was very helpful
ring pro
334 100
highly recommend, works great, very pleased, love, is great, is awesome, is amazing, very happy, works very well, recommend, was easy to install, works as advertised, replaced, works, works flawlessly, happy, is the best, is a great idea, absolutely love, impressed
this product
275 87
love, highly recommend, recommend, would recommend, like, definitely recommend, really like, recommended, absolutely love, very pleased, impressed, strongly recommend, high hopes, already recommended, recommending, really works overall well, looooooooooove, bought, really liked, is very cool
video quality
264 47
is great, is excellent, great, is amazing, is good, good, excellent, is awesome, is very good, amazing, is quite good, is outstanding, is clear, very impressed, is pretty good, is very clear, clear, impressed, incredible, very good
252 41
great, clear, is clear, is very clear, very clear, is great, good, is crystal clear, excellent, are great, is amazing, is super clear, better, works great, crystal clear, is nice, are very clear, nice clear, perfect, easy to install
231 21
easy, was easy, easy to, very easy, was a breeze, was simple, ease, is easy, was straight forward, was quick, intuitive, was super easy, was very easy, went smoothly, pretty easy, works well, is very easy, was a snap, quick, was extremely easy
ring doorbell
178 60
pro, love, very happy, absolutely love, i like, was easy to install, very pleased, really like, is easy to install, highly recommend, loved, makes me feel so much safer, works better, connected easily to my wifi, best resolution, is great, went through two, worked fine, lives up to the hype, do revommend
172 32
were clear, easy to follow, great, were great, excellent, very clear, easy, simple, are very clear, were very clear, were easy to follow, are well written, clear, concise, good, follow, were thorough, easy to understand, are clear, very detailed
97 93
easy, very good, really quickly, is notified immediately, installed through an app, can walk up, with a tech for almost two hours, works on the network, call expically, finally just hung up, really likes being able to see not only who's on our porch, with a less than helpful rep, with support going through the procedure, not at home, with customer support for over three hours, was friendly, seemed knowledgeable, were great, better experience, polite ring representative
177 12
works great, worked great, like, worked as advertised, works as advertised, went smoothly, works fine, worked fine, is working, worked perfectly, works flawlessly, working well, is working great, was working perfectly, was great, was working properly, you need, is hooked up, has been well-thought out, is working perfectly
85 81
good, is great, is good, is very good, works great, is clear, clear, excellent, is pretty good, works well, can be hard to hear, strength, could be better, outstanding, are excellent, reliable, works perfectly, recorded aren't bad, better, is crisp
motion detection
109 37
works well, great, is great, works great, is spot on, is very good, advanced, good, is superb, is outstanding, works like a champ, is configurable, adequate, gives one a preview, with no problem, has customization with three zones, is still all over the place, much improved, is effective, fantastic
106 33
good, great, works very well, very pleased, works great, works just as great, best, expanding, pro, standard, blink, decent, don’t be, is up, is working well, more extensive, is a steal compared to all the others, is pretty sweet, cámara, gives me great peace of mind
103 35
great, good, is great, clear, is good, is clear, is excellent, excellent, cheap, is ok, is very clear, is an added bonus, chime, came back for a couple of days, blotchy and low quality, could be improved, good addition to my security system, chimes play musical tones through a speaker.6, static, loud
customer support
116 19
great, excellent, was great, is great, outstanding, good, was excellent, was amazing, recommended, was very nice, was outstanding, fantastic, back up, is very nice, worked with, has always been very helpful, positive, is almost magical, was very friendly, tried their best
79 56
love, fast, are quick, are timely, quick, i like, work great, are great, well as video monitoring, are fast, really like, can sneak a peek, still works with out the service, needs my attention, get ring, gone, takes long, consistent, are real-time, is perfect
picture quality
118 6
great, is great, is very good, is amazing, is good, is excellent, excellent, clear, good, awesome, is incredible, better, is hd, amazed, fantastic, is wonderful, is much better, is phenomenal, ease, is really beautiful
wifi signal
69 53
strong, good, is strong, full, is good, very strong, is great, works well, is good, netgear range extender, is already pretty strong, super, is more than adequate, very good, was well, weaker side of good, unobstructed, is well, is perfectly fine, super strong
113 7
great, best, love, nice, very nice, favorite, are amazing, better, good, excellent, easy to setup, many good, are pretty quick, enjoy the neighborhood, are easy to navigate, very impressed, requires improvements, more, works far, quick recap
81 39
are delivered, is delivered, have been delivered, delivered, was delivered, great, has been delivered, arrived, show up, comes with corner wedges, included all parts, is good for concrete and masonry, can keep and eye, lot, is delivered to our front door, get dropped off, is being delivered, is at my door, delivered to our front door, comes with almost everything
95 24
is great, great, excellent, high, good, better, impressed, clear, is good, very impressed, very good, love, awesome, really high, higher, accurate, very happy, has been great, easy to install and setup, support
99 19
great, good, excellent, was excellent, was great, helpful, fantastic, very good, was very responsive, had to reset the system, won’t respond to my emails, is quick to respond, seemed very confident, is non-existent, is unmatched, love, has left me wanting.*************update************************after, seems top notch, really good, was generally immediate
62 55
pro, ring, indoor, great, pleasant, sells door, new, are more appealing, sustained loud, sustained, recommend, is great, especially like, were nice, is received and installed, will go off, simple, is compatible, pro doorbell, needed to be polished up
70 43
strong, good, great, better, boost, decent, good strong, is good, really strong, perfect, excellent, was strong, would be stronger, showed strong, are great, strongest, was more than strong enough, was good, dropped from good, inside by the door
ring video doorbell pro
101 10
love, highly recommend, really like, very happy, was very easy to install, was easy to install, is an excellent product, recommended, works exactly as expected, will work with 16 to 24 volt transformers, really pleased, is great, is going back to amazon, like, was the perfect solution, has been all that i expected, has been nothing but headaches, enjoying, offers almost everything, works with alexa
65 45
very good, good, adequate, recommended, proper, perfect, was good, verified, check, right, correct, is usually very good, are 'very good, power rating, good, higher, is good, checked existing, was fine, is correct
video doorbell
87 17
pro, great, best, works great, very pleased, love, is great, has 5g, cool, many choices, really like, will have to return, installed my ring pro, long time, was of much value, good quality, will be useful, looking for another brand's, pros, is installed
156 256
defective, was defective, bad, did not work, was bad, replacement, is defective, faulty, died, was doa, was faulty, problem, failed, not powering up, many defective, did not recognize my 5ghz network, struggled, factory reset, wasn't working properly, for a few weeks
115 133
extender, poor, issues, disconnects, problem, is weak, useless, power outage, went wrong, was due to temperature, had gone down, was reset, feel like we can't live without it, set up, was weak, terrible, stops working, lost, did not connect - sitting, is still not great
102 105
replaced, weak, bad, didn't have enough power, was only 10 volts, replace, is 16 volt, won't be compatible with your existing door bell, was under powered at 16v/10va, had 10vac stamped on it, rectify the problem, worst part, told me to replace, wasn't compatible, was unnecessary, never advised, is likely behind sheetrock somewhere, not be able to find, didn't help at all, wasn't powerful enough - replaced
49 58
not home, ring the bell, couldn't come, good lazy, doesn’t have a peephole, will not be able to tell if the home resident, usually too late, noticed less solicitors, should not trigger an intruder alert, delay, goes to the door, gives up and leaves, not to run, without trying to peak out the window, do not have to open, without having to open, would have left, has no idea if i'm home, run out, is opened