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Certified Refurbished Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

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34% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, works, is great. Alexa is great, works great, is my new best, is awesome. Device is fine, looks brand new, is the perfect addition, is small. Sound is just as good, looks great, was so much quieter, is excellent. 2% of users noticed that: Speaker was broke, is not great, is a little dismal, is most likely blown. Volume is not very loud, is not nearly as loud, is very low, is horrible. Wifi don't like staying connected, is extremely confusing. Refurbished echo dot will not connect to wifi.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1567 485
love, great, works great, good, like, works perfectly, works, loves, amazing, excellent, is great, awesome, work great, works fine, was refurbished, loved, no issues, refurbished, is awesome, fun
110 28
love, is great, like, works great, is my new best, is awesome, is so much fun, for everything, helps me keep track of everything, backed me up, doesn't answer everything, very handy, fun, is loud, is informative, can't imagine life without, plays our music, has a mind of her own, going to take over the house, will help me with my lists
96 25
great, echo, great little, amazing, neat, good, fantastic, is fine, cool little, very cool, looks brand new, functioned perfectly right, is the perfect addition, is small, convienent, fantastic little, will be great, smart, unbelievable, works perfectly
69 33
good, great, better, quality, echo, is just as good, looks great, doesn’t travel far, awesome, was so much quieter, is excellent, isn’t as good, is perfectly adequate, is right next to me, is loud enough, works great, significant difference, has great, is perfect for background music, is very good
echo dot
70 21
love, works great, looks like new, entertaining, absolutely love, is fine, do like, came in a brand new box, looks like before they get to my review, really enjoying, are great, is the time, works very well, is great, is amazing, worked very well, works well, performs well, does everything, is connected
45 23
thanks, wants to charge me $7.25, runs a perfectly new, did not let me down, is great, enables the “drop-in” feature, doesn't disappoint, had higher standards, credited me enough to buy a new power adapter, thanks again, really needs to allow you to make calls, is always having deals, replaced it fast enough, was i needed to purchase another echo dot, very good, has brand new, made the dot, strike one for, dear, was running on a refurbished unit
48 16
came completely wrapped, packed in the box, looked new, is probably all you'll ever need, works great, works perfectly well, works exactly as advertised, kind, white, works with echo, wasn’t sure, loving my echo, little, do like, good, easily installed, is amazing, bought echo, fantastic, works best
42 22
is the way to go, looks, works like new, works great, no issues, echo dot, worked just as good, go, work as good, used by my six year old grandson, sounds good, echo, good, work great, work and home, would be just as good, are like new, just like new, certified, not a problem
52 4
great, good, excellent, low, was good, was right, is very good, got it on sell for $29, was great, was $10 cheaper, cannot complain, is great, works perfectly, best, discounted, very usrful, was cheat enough, amazing, tried the refurbished one for the, did it for me
sound quality
23 21
good, is very good, is great, great, great for an informational tool, is surprisingly good, had a bit more bass, echo, not the best, same, is so so but ok, black and white refurb, has great, meh, has better, is decent, biggest difference
39 5
full size, love, works great, full sized, work fine, worked right out of the box, connects just fine, listens much better than the dot, appeared as in new condition, works just like new, few, is good, does beyond the time and temperature, variation, truly been happy, is working fine, bigger, can help you do anything and everything, worked just fine, spend the extra
24 18
works perfectly, second, in great condition, is 100% both fuctionality and cosmetic, came on time performs, looks like a new unit, will be purchasing additional, has performed flawlessly, small, very good, nice, came with all packaging, works identically to another new one previously purchased, is on the same wi fi, very happy, works great, positioned centrally, works as advertised, is fine, is perfect for being refurbished
30 5
favorite, great, sounds even better than alexa downstairs, you have to pay, much easier, news the whole thing, background, everywhere, well, is great, unlimited, soothing, able to play, enjoying all, pleasure to listen, variety, without issues, super easy, awesome, keeps cutting in and out
24 10
great, good, very good, no longer works, came just as described, returned, came on time, refurbished to save $5, so fast, pretty good, works as advertised, has functioned flawless, performs as new, is the best, was shipped on time
18 12
helps to make my phone, best part, sync with lists, is amazing, tuya, very useful, finish, works with, you connect to really get the syntax, simple to set up, i understands everything, without any luck, will get better and better, is available in kanada, would work properly, been design to perform well, you can control, harmony hub/remote
perfect, excellent, great, like new, good, works great, worked well, very excellent, is still like new, works flawlessly
16 9
good, perfect, works great, saved me a few bucks, works the same, great, looked like new, works beyond expectations, never had problems, recommend, working fine, work better, buy more, was a daily deal, looks and acts as new
this product
19 5
love, like, cheap, highly recommend, good, amazing, not much left to say about, really enjoy, returned
19 5
excellent, great, good, very convenient, not very loud, new, was like new, best, would be a bit better, no problems, not the best, better, very impressed, high, is more compromising, look good
22 1
works, great, works like new, was described, is great, looks great, perfect, looked brand new, works as expected, works fine, works very well, was great, is okay, was in very close proximity, is unmarred, is fine, is working great, works pretty great, doesn't always catch what i say
22 1
great, good, works great, better, awesome, looks and performs like new, super, great for my needs
18 2
easy, works great, was relatively simple, easy to use, was fairly easy, worked flawlessly, are pretty easy, was easy, was very easy, was easy enough, flawlessly, is easy, simple
17 4
ok, been working perfectly, added so much to my daily life, been a good product, been refurbished, okay, still a good product, form factor and low price, been fun, working perfectly, working without any issue, just a function of the dot, continually updated quietly
12 9
no problem, wasn't very loud, ability, is louder than it, pros:-, hands free, always using it to find my cell, alexa find, with support for 30, edge, can do everything the dot can, is always on you
20 1
full, full-, like, nice, compact, small, fine, positive note, every, is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, perfect
10 9
beat, very satisfied, worked right, is worth it, joy right, fresh out, like new out, worked great, acted like new, looked great
15 4
great, good, awesome, happy with, would definitely advise, works as new - great, super pleased, happy, was too good, glad i made, best
set up
17 1
very easy, was a breeze, easy, simple, easy quick, works perfectly, smart lights, super simple, is a breeze, easy to use, super easy, was fast
refurbished unit
9 8
many more, noprob, no issues, absolutely no issue, no problem, last one, was reduced in price, is every bit as good, works just as good
bluetooth speaker
10 7
good, has a 3.5mm aux input jack, is great, go on my nightstand, can sync up, connected to it, small, simple
15 2
no, noticeable, not technical, very few
great, good, real, pretty good, best
works great, works like new, works like the one we bought new, works just like new, works just like brand new, performs as new, works perfect, works like a brand new one, good, brand new, works as it should, is convenient, works like a new one, works like brand new
13 2
echo, living, improvement, want 1 in every, purchasing, like, quiet, small, good, was best, is connected, almost every
10 4
cracking, sounds, is more pleasant, good start, trained it, warm, welcoming, is very clear, has nice volume, not sound
11 3
favorite, lots, soooo many, will be added in the future, amazed, come in handy in case, work well, realizing new, neat, are amazing, by herself using normal speach
this thing
12 1
love, is awesome, was everything, has changed my life, is so cool, is amazing, is truly amazing
12 1
great, awesome, perfect for hiding in each room, simple, was fine, was essentially new, favorite, went smoother, added almost daily, best
44 53
bad, was broke, is not great, sucks, is a little dismal, blown, is most likely blown, very obvious, is not as clear, were not using, tiny, seems faulty, no, came broken, isn’t very loud, is now muffled, defective, when playing music or videos on my phone, is pretty terrible, is not so grand
12 21
is not very loud, no, doesn't get loud enough, is not nearly as loud, isn't very strong, is very low, is horrible, was not loud enough, extremely low, is not that high, doesn't get very loud, is not as strong, is so low, poor, seems low, was pitiful, not to loud, is not as loud, is to low, inconsistent