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Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Wall Mount, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 2 Camera Kit

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24% of users say that: Product works great, work great, are great, worked great. Camera work great, are great, works great, is great. System works well, works great, is great, is good. App is easy to use, works well, is great, is ok. 2% of users noticed that: Batteries are dead, are already dead, don't last 2 years, were done. Battery is dead, is already dead, will last 2 years, is lasting 2 years is deceiving. Motion detection is poor, is not good, is very spotty, is complete junk. Mount is flimsy, are plastic, are the biggest joke, is very flimsy.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

2379 1359
great, love, good, works great, work great, easy, are great, like, excellent, worked great, is great, works, work perfectly, awesome, works well, very happy, would be nice, nice, amazing, works perfectly
1211 838
great, good, work great, are great, love, really like, works great, best, indoor, more, is great, works well, great little, work well, worked fine, are small, excellent, is good, are amazing, are fine
312 93
great, good, works well, nice, love, blink, like, works great, is great, better, quality, very pleased, is good, best, excellent, very happy, easy to set up, very nice, very satisfied, superior
212 71
easy to use, is easy to use, great, works well, is great, is ok, is very user friendly, works great, intuitive, just fine, good, works really well, is intuitive, is very intuitive, friendly, decent, is free, is super easy to use, is really user friendly, is user friendly
188 74
great, clear, is clear, good, is good, quality, is very clear, very clear, high quality, very good, is crystal clear, decent, is amazing, crisp, good quality, are great, great quality, lot, excellent, comes to my phone
196 18
great, clear, good, very clear, are clear, is great, is clear, excellent, is very clear, are great, decent, good quality, quality)-, better, is clear enough, nice clear, sharp, quality, works great, was great
141 63
thanks, love, highly recommend, is ok, direct from, is a great product, nice, is the way to go, is just simpler easy to use easy to install, choose, please advise, set off my, was the best, comes with free cloud storage, is easy to install, works great, is solid, confesses to this, has improved their product, is so easy to use
battery life
105 96
great, long, good, save, is great, skeptical, is fantastic, is two years, longer, effects, still fine, better, should maximize, is supposed to be 2 years, lasted longer, curious, mixed reviews, is 2 years, is nice, is a neat feature
184 8
easy, easy to, very easy, is easy, super easy, very easy to, was easy, works well, was super easy, ease, simple, was very easy, super easy to, very simple, great, works great, is quick, was a breeze, simple to, is simple
153 2
easy to, easy, very easy, very easy to, easy to use, super easy to, was easy, very easy to setup, easy to set up, was very easy, working great, fairly easy, placing near my sump pump, simple to, simple, very easy to self, high up, easy to setup, works as good, great
set up
144 5
easy, was easy, super easy, very easy, was very easy, very simple, easy to, pretty easy, is a breeze, simple, is easy, easy to use, is simple, fast, is super super easy, super super easy, quick, is very straightforward, no big white light shining, work well
video quality
96 13
is very good, is good, is excellent, great, is decent, is great, good, is pretty good, is ok, excellent, is quite good, very good, is sub par 4, decent, is superb, is fine, is okay, is awesome, was good, is truly amazing
picture quality
89 14
is great, great, is good, good, is pretty good, is excellent, excellent, is clear, is decent, is superb, is fantastic, is better, was good, narrow field of view, is just ok, i like, is quite decent, very nice, highly recommend, in low light
88 13
good, great, best, was good, reasonable, worth, better, easy to install, is right, affordable, is greati've, large, i would’ve definitely bought more, is definitely worth it, pretty reasonable, was right, could be much better, especially, is right on the blink, good enough
87 12
good, great, is good, is amazing, very good, high, nice, excellent, low, ease of use, love, decent, was amazing, is great, amazing, very pleased, sensitivity higher, best, level, is incredible
camera system
67 27
great, best, love, good, 3, excellent, was reasonably priced, easy to set up, don't expect much performance, work very well, highly recommend, i like, is much less expensive, deserve a 5 stars, simple, you monitor, worked great, is what it, i know that before purchasing the product, drive way
70 8
easy, ease, was easy, very easy, super easy, was very easy, is very easy, was pretty easy, was a breeze, was fast, simple, easy fast, was a snap, easy use, is straightforward and simple, was also easy, was as easy as 1, was so easy, at night in the dark, was finding a screwdriver
customer service
44 35
great, was very helpful, is great, very responsive, fast, is excellent, good, round, gone round, excellent, is non-existent, is handled through the app, was of no help, blink, is fabulous, was done through email, could've been a bit better, courteous, very sincere, recommended
48 30
can adjust, is good, up and down, is set to maximum, has to be set significantly higher, go off all the time, is quirky, was set to 6, is in regards to the entire viewing, adjusted, all day long, on high, on low, default, too high, needs to be finagled, makes no difference, well, changed, work properly
this product
56 14
love, highly recommend, recommend, really like, like, very pleased, absolutely recommend, liked, absolutely love, loving, don’t buy, really, would buy, had to on, would recommend, expected better, really high hopes, is backing, awesome love, easy
this system
59 11
love, highly recommend, really like, like, n’t recommend, impressed, recommend, very pleased, recommended, so far loving, really impressed, really excited, expanding, costs me 240$ per year to run it, works well, dependable, buy, is a bullseye, fits my life perfectly, have recommended
night vision
46 23
is good, good, works really well, great, works well, is ok, is really good, is also good, doesn’t make out their face, is pretty good, is pretty cool, is hit or miss, works just fine, is below average, is adequate, proves to be exceptional, is way better than i thought, is great, excellent, is excellent
blink camera
50 19
love, indoor, are great, like in the house, really like, are 100% wireless, very pleased, has worked as advertised, great, is superior, will let you hear them, are okay, recommend, functional, inexpensive, can mount and locate where needef, 5 indoor, really wanted to like, are worth more to me, like
52 12
great, is amazing, are great, works great, is great, is good, can be turned on or offmany tweaks, quality, impressed, records perfectly, is ok, are very clear, decent, can adjust, seems fine, is fantastic, is one way.-, are reliable, is pretty good, is very good
46 14
great, is clear, are great, is great, clear, is very clear, perfect, hear, is good, pretty damn good, easy to install, very clear, much clearer, low cost for the value, were great, is amazing, awesome, are wonderful, high quality, is more sensitive
45 14
highest quality, good, sensitivity, adjust sensitivity, fit your specific needs, are adequate, were set appropriately, perfect, tried playing, are easy to use, simple to understand.4, high quality, optimal, recommend, bit by adjusting the sensitivity, numerous, took me several hours, multiple, no issues, easy to fix sensitivity
33 25
good, excellent, strong, quickly, up and running in under 5 minutes, has a strong connection.2, is easy, access point, work great, was easy, is full bars, coverage, powered, must be good, mesh system, great, in less than an hour, is totally fine, work, best
30 26
sync, has the option to speak, better, work well, great, almost sits on top the modem, add-on, zero issues, still reasonable, it close, has the blue light, sent a replacement, –, works quite well, i am returning, matched with some indoor, mixed, has been very reliable, have great ir night vision, holds up
42 10
clear, good, dark, great, is clear, crisp vivid, are very good, great quality, are crystal clear, nice quality, are too high, are a blur, usable, is amzing, high quality, good quality, sturdy, are much better, would be more than adequate, is a great feature
33 16
great, easiest, fantastic, can find my network with no problem, isn’t good for outdoor use, gets a big thumbs up, basic, doesn’t work as great, cool, comparable, look into the higher end, nice, secure, spot, reliable, is tucked away, was easy, is very optimistic, very clever, works great
91 186
died, are dead, bad, are already dead, do not last 2 years, died in 2 months, don't last 2 years, were done, went out, definitely not a battery drainer, barely lasted 2 months, only lasted a week, every week???i, haven't needed to replace, do not last anywhere near two years, came with the camera died, won't last one week, are not meant to live in cold tempatures, dont want to constantly be replacing, dies fairly quickly
76 98
is dead, operated, powered, is already dead, should have lasted longer, change, will last 2 years, drain, dead, is lasting 2 years is deceiving, would only have 2 years battery life, low alert, is just false, dies somewhere, don't like, died in less than 2 months, changes more frequently, has life left in it, try two month, only lasted 2 months
motion detection
43 55
doesn't work, is poor, is not good, no, is very spotty, is complete junk, doesn't pick up on motion on the edges, serious delay, is weak, can also be very slow, lack, is either too sensitive, doesn’t work well, is slow, hasn't for me, is too late, is only turned on when the system is armed, doesn’t have a feature to select areas, is lacking, fails to alert
37 51
flimsy, is flimsy, are plastic, n’t last/junky, useless, are the biggest joke, stupid, is very flimsy, are so bad, function poorly, does not hold the camera straight, are garbage, is a bit limiting, come with are flimsy, dislodged from the base, has to be removed to open the compartment, are a little wonky, are junk, unreliable, is completely worthless
sync module
32 44
does not work, had to redo it, is 20 yards, dropped off my wireless network, does not have enough range, is within 5 ft of the router, is to move my outside cameras, wifi 5 bars, collecting dust, could not established a connection on the wifi, was too far away, stopped working, located about 20-30 feet, are pretty expensive, necessary to run the system, might need to be reset, sat 3 feet away, needs to log into your wifi router, little, do not work
28 34
not getting alerts, isn't on wifi, is on silent during the night, blamed, cannot speak, must not know how to use, blowing up with excessive notifications, is constantly going off during the day, mile away from home then the system auto arms, notices come to, refusing to resolve the problem, is not detected, is terrible, notified me of movement, to not have to use, stopped getting notifications of clips being taken, beeps every minute, can't log into blink, not able to use with computer, too bad
17 44
lag, no, delay, starts late, does not start, average of 40,000 seconds, very inconsistent, starts too late, ends, long delay, slight delay, doesn’t start, miss, lag issue, long to start, is pretty bad, are very inconsistent, little delay, are limited to a maximum 30 seconds, could be set to stay on as long
30 30
no, comes in slightly delayed, are turned on my phone, after about 10 seconds, pops, caused me to turn them off, were more alarming, didn't come through on my phone showing an activity, go straight to your phone, barely any, got 0, set low, i imagine a wasp, no longer, need to turn the cam, not working, drawbacks, slight delay, with a slight delay, are completely hit and miss
26 31
delay, stops', is either way to sensitive, doesn't pick up, detects, no, immediately starts, has been detected, is kind of slow, is delayed, is terrible, has stopped ie delivery, trouble recognizing, delayed, catches things at the end, is not setting off, blink kicks on immediately, stop could use a bit of work, enough to deter most criminals, notices
mounting bracket
15 33
are pretty flimsy, is a cheap piece of plastic, are junk, is poorly designed junk, are garbage, is too loose, are absolutely horrible, is a bit flimsy, woefully insufficient, are really flimsy, is not adequate, is both garbage, is not secure enough to hold the camera, are a little cheaply made, really crappy, was broken, is weak, was flimsy, won't make you feel too secure, main gripe