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Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (1st Gen), streaming media player

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26% of users say that: Product works great, works, works well, is easy to use. Fire tv was very easy to setup, has a very nice, is a great streamer, will synch with comcast. Device is awesome, is a great, is fast, is quality. Amazon works with this app, is awesome, is adding a volume to their remotes, is getting ready to release a new upgraded remote. 2% of users noticed that: Remote is not working, can not connect to the wifi, will scroll all the way to the bottom or top, was completely unresoonsive. Fire is annoying, is a disappointment, is a lemon. Sound was cutting off, is breaking every time. Firetv is as uncomfortable.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

631 294
love, great, works great, like, awesome, works, works well, good, easy, excellent, fast, better, easy to set up, is easy to use, worth, work, ’s great, are great, very nice, works flawlessly
fire tv
67 22
love, really love, was very easy to setup, really like, ultra hd, has a very nice, easy to use ui, high quality of video streaming - highly commended, is a great streamer, will synch with comcast, has beautiful color, works awesome, happy, will not disappoint, is always ready, easy to use, very pleased, loads much quicker, is great value, is saving me money
53 21
great, best, very nice, went on sale for about $20.00, is awesome, awesome, paired with a streaming service, is a great, inexpensive, is fast, very responsive, return, everything, very happy excelent, tiny, is quality, works with these, is the best, better acquainted, for my dad
33 16
thanks, tvhank you, i am about ready to return this one, works with this app, sell back the used stuff, promotes content available, do better job on remote control, prime, really, offers under their own brand, is awesome, agreed to repair under warranty, sticks, is adding a volume to their remotes, very much, is getting ready to release a new upgraded remote, reached out, provides a nifty feature, took that function out, needs
39 4
great, better, is great, good, great quality, look awesome, would look like, are stunning, is much clearer more vibrante color, very nice, good quality, clear sharp, is bright, crisp, come alive, was visibly better, is much nicer, clear, very clear, is quite impressive
25 18
like netflix, work better, many, were easy to install, favorite, a bit easier to obtain, i was interest, has tons of, works well, work great, getting more movies, easy to use great, i want are all there, are pretty much subscriptions, most, work better with mouse, like perfect player for iptv, in one place, easy to add, is as easy
19 14
great, supports, easiest make your, enough, one of best for free, have been working for years, needs, got much better, is far superior, does have an hdmi output, no problems, have no trouble connecting, right price, improves on the 2nd generation, love, 4k, is awesome
23 4
great, better, is very good, amazing, is way better, was better, pros, good, works well, is great, big difference, truly enjoy, very happy, ease of use, is so much better, is amazing
20 6
much faster, much quicker, middle of september, is much better, is awesome, doesnt seem to even work, moved the original, works much better, great, available, original, buy, had an older, for a few years, does just as well, was a gift, long shot, offers much more in the way of movies and programs
this product
19 6
love, like, recommend, really enjoying, really love, highly recommend, really like, definitely recommend, honestly love
18 2
easy, easy to, was easy, was a breeze, easiest, was again a breeze, have very easy, worked with minimal, was simple enough, was very easy
picture quality
20 1
good, love, is amazing, awesome, is extraordinary, looks great, are great, is outstanding, is worth every penny, excellent, is great, like, is perfect, great, amazing
19 2
great, very reasonable, excellent, better, easy to setup, good, can't be beat, liked, easy to learn, awesome, affordable, loved, was perfect
13 6
works great, helps a lot as well, can locate almost everything, makes the search convenient, working good, like, works incredibly well, is becoming user friendly, actually helpful, no searching needed, love, easy to use
set up
easy, very easy, is easy plug, affordable, was easy, simple, easy to use, was super easy
11 3
is much faster, no issues, nice, very good, fantastic, is good, arrived with little expectations on performance, primarily to use homerun app, comes with a number of apps built in, you download, 2nd
9 4
superior, ’s much better, streaming stick+, work great, like, is still better, has a simple, basic, i gave to my son
easy to, very easy, super easy, easy, are easy to, very easy to
12 1
is more clear, new, almost no issues, love, open source, no problem, capable, great, fantastic, works best, works great, is a lot cheaper that cable
9 3
prime, definitely lower quality, works pretty good, easy, stream, excellent
10 2
great, good, work well, worked great, perfect, very good, worked just fine
10 2
is great, has been flawless, good, 10 times, consistent, smooth, perfectly happy, easy of use, boost, great
6 5
favorite, full, like to watch, more prime, really good
love, was as advertised, works great, ok, seems fine, like, is fine, works well, is cool, works as advertised
9 1
great, good, works great, not a huge, big
6 4
fast, faster, is fine, is fast enough to stream videos, hook up
9 1
great, very pleased, just a headache in time, very good, excellent, happy, twice the price
this thing
6 4
love, works great, super fast, easy to set up, is great, is amazing
5 4
access, enjoys prime, comes alive, beachbody on demand, grossed more annually than them
amazing, happy, better, big difference, boosts, faster, does seem to improve, is amazing, well worth the money
5 3
more, was expandable
6 2
definite upgrade, buffers all the time, works great, very smooth, awesome, is on point
30 34
stopped working, is not working, eats batteries, stop working, needs the batteries replaced every couple of days, always stops working, does not, can not connect to the wifi, fault, doesn't work, will scroll all the way to the bottom or top, can't navigate, easy to lose track of, only worked for 2 days, was completely unresoonsive, do not work very well, fail, stopped working within months, stops working randomly, worthless
3 20
cut, rid, didn’t come in an internet package, didn't want to put, almost never watch, cancel, didn’t want to pay, cutting, canceled, no, bye, should cancel, cut off, refreshed signal, frustrated, .no, cant call, paying for
5 12
stick, stick 4k ultra to replace an old fire stick, stutters and lurches, is annoying, is a disappointment, is a lemon
8 8
spotty, leave only, lousy, is very poor, is not setup on the right channel, doesn’t stat connected to, bad, is not powerful
6 10
cuts out every week, doesn't match the lip movement of the actors, cuts off very often, was cutting off, had was music only, issues, not as clear, instantly cut off, loses sync at times with hdhomerun app, is breaking every time
apple tv
5 5
stopped, neither loads as fast, little slow, never buy, does not do that
4 5
does not support vudu, nor mirroring ability, is as uncomfortable, had the same issue, worse problems
3 5
is constantly going out of sync, out of sync, will intermittently dropout, will lag behind, lagging