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Ring Alarm Home Security System: Whole-Home Security with Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring, No Long-Term Commitments, No Cancellation Fees

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25% of users say that: Product works great, works, was super easy to install, works well. System is easy to install, was very easy to install, is great, works. Sensor work well, are easy to install, are huge, work great. Alarm is armed for the away mode, was a better fit, is even better, will go off. 2% of users noticed that: Keypad was frozen, can be mounted on a wall, is pretty useless. Device is to deter most break ins, will not work with xfinity/comcast internet. Base station was the only glitch, is definitely not as loud. Size are twice.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

454 147
great, easy, love, nice, works great, recommend, works, was super easy to install, works well, good, very happy, would be nice, was easy to install, worked flawlessly, worked, ’s affordable, no-brainer, pays for itself, perfect, just works
120 24
very happy, great, is easy to install, easy to install, was very easy to install, is great, works, good, very good, is super user friendly, happier, no issues, monitored, was amazingly easy to setup, currently testing, mesh, stable, install yourself and easily, does work, very well
55 39
more, work well, are easy to install, are huge, work great, good, allows additional, is all customizable, purchased additional, were almost immediate, felt very well made, smoke co, comes with both mounting screws, was a breeze, has a scan bar, are already paid for and installed.2, added contact, had any problems-, took the longest, have the doorbell camera
40 33
great, smoke, is armed for the away mode, very happy, nest secure, was a better fit, minute, is even better, 8, will go off, has been awesome, is armed, 5 motions, says protected by ring, went off, i like, monitored, good, install in my mother's house, excellent affordable
51 16
great, you have to pay an additional $10, are really functional, is easy to use, walks you through what you need, real test, is user-friendly, walks you through it, is very apple like, intuitive, works better, integrates seamlessly, works really well, works great, very user friendly, gives you ways of tweaking your system, lets you add different users with different entry codes, walks you right through it, love, integrates it all together
47 14
like, settled on, will be adding new features, is very basic in terms of options, had both, handles getting all of your permits, prefer them from, came in first place for us hands down, recommending, really got this one right, more sensors and motion detectors, is one price for monitoring, made me realize that adt and vivint and other providers, fantastic one, nicer panel, very impressed, good job, very slick, all the way, was great
46 7
professional, is a bargain, 24/7 professional, no contract required, is a bonus, is extremely reasonable, paying, less for, effective, n’t be beat, huge savings, was $50 a month, went without incident, 24/7, free one month, saves your doorbell recordings, is very well priced, full, is optional, is inexpensive
36 3
easy, easy to, very easy, was a breeze, simple, was very easy, took under 90 min, real breeze, fast, is painless, easiest, was easy, is as easy, was incredibly easy, very easy to, is really easy along with the installation, fairly easy, is a breeze, pretty efficient, went much more smoothly
34 2
easy, was a breeze, simple, was extremely easy, is simpler, was super easy, was tough, very easy, was so easy, was quite simple, kind of money, was so quick, went smoothly, few days, was seamless.- battery life, was quick, was done through the app, seamless integration of the alarm, again, ease
easy to, very easy, easy, very simple, was easy, tight, is easy, super easy to, wasn't too bad, easy to use, simple, super easy, works awesome!!would highly recommend, is really easy, easy to set up, has been easier than putting in the iris system, simple to, fairly simple, is super easy
alarm system
23 9
great, n’t be happier, was incredibly easy to install, allow for the optional connection of wired sensors, very effective, user friendly, do wish ring, is working, is much much more than i expected, easiest, back to amazon, connects to their base, is fabulous, best one available, professional monitoring, can manage/customize, best, like, was much more expensive, monitored
customer service
21 4
is really great, has been great, is top notch, were courteous, friendly, 24/7, is 5 star, fantastic, best, better, had emailed me, really in love, was patient, is great, were very friendly, excellent, is excellent, is top-notch, is sending me a new one
motion sensor
12 11
needed two, yesterday, has been in the spot, is about average in size, were more elegant, like, can see my front entry, has sensitive adjustment, seemed to be as responsive, strongly recommend to use, 3rd, mounts easily in the corner.8
19 1
works great, worked perfectly, is awesome, works perfectly, was already preconfigured, is great, installed very easily, worked flawlessly, was easy to install, worked just as advertised, is setup, just worked - no issues, was in working order, is working as advertised, is installed, works flawlessly, is perfection, works as advertised
set up
17 2
easy, easy to, is easy, really easy, help them with camera placements and installation, is a breeze, easy to use, super easy, ease, looks good, was so easy
14 4
easy, had previously set up-, looking to add some ring, installed in my home for about a week, added, are over priced, weren’t very good, with light, pro chime, are integrated with the security system, well, posted inside, integrated
great, reasonable, best, really low, total, was well within my budget, is very affordable, low, is affordable, cannot be beat, is right, is good
ring system
8 6
like, long, looking at initial, 100% confident, new, is pretty basic, was the most cost-effective, work as a local alarm
10 4
more effective, worth, biggest con, is modern, sleek, easy to use, very happy, was straightforward, charged me for, is very easy
contact sensor
8 7
pretty thick, few extra, work without fail, got extra, are large, slim, heavier larger, more
this system
12 2
really like, highly recommend, recommend, safer, love, efficient, affordable, very pleased, easily beats out the competition, ordered
security system
10 4
is pretty nice, is amazing, works great, zero drama, very pleased, happy, great, decent, better, most affordable
door sensor
8 3
added some additional, are larger, is also similarly easy to install, more, had more chime options, has a minimum 30-second delay, are huge, few extra
12 1
great, really nice, are customizable, style, price, able to control, cool, wise, added to the system, nice, i found helpful
ring alarm
8 2
was simple to set up, worked out it's kinks, definitely recommend, protect your property, effortless to install and customizable, is a great product, works great, highly recommend
8 2
much better, bit faster, looked up, amazingly affordable, feel the pain, worked well, charged me close to $1k, require 3 year contracts
8 1
should things change, positive, great, update, ask for customer service, good, useful, is primarily based on the ease of use
5 3
smoke, went crazy, will be monitoring in both home, alert smoke
6 3
no issues, everything up, works great, are all customized, well, no problem
ring alarm system
7 1
pleased, has performed as advertised, highly recommend, is everything, is very easy to install, is worth your wild, is the best
monitoring service
6 2
professional, is great, beat adt hands down, completely satisfied, depend up
5 2
very quickly, within a few rings, smart, working through the issue, secure
motion detector
5 3
6 additional, changed right away, doesn’t stock them, can locate, was great
5 2
great, reaches out to its customers, outstanding, was called doorbot
18 23
should not be plugged in continuously, really disappointed, last up to 24 hours, didn't work, was frozen, defective, just froze, wasn't chiming like normal, minor issues, for my trouble, initially refused to talk to the base unit, had some sort of visual clue, no light, ended up putting, stop the call to the police, once, can be mounted on a wall, nothing else, is pretty useless, very functional
6 7
just said waiting to connect to network on the app, remove, is to deter most break ins, will not work with xfinity/comcast internet, doesn't pair (well, defective, would never connect to wifi
base station
3 8
was the only glitch, connects to the internet, is definitely not as loud, kept connecting, switched over to cellular backup, can't hide, just chirps, would benefit from a screen or lighting notification
2 7
take out, sensors to reset, out, protection out, large, needs charging, could be dislodged
3 4
walks you completely through everything on the setup, nothing has changed, immature, feeling the problem
3 4
larger, are twice, almost twice, previous sensors