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Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite E-reader - Black, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

We have analyzed 39333 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product is great, works great, is perfect, is lightweight. Kindle is great, is awesome, is lightweight, is perfect. Screen is great, is perfect, is easy to read, is clear. Paperwhite is great, is perfect, is awesome, is the best. 1% of users noticed that: Page will not turn, is turned backwards, were unreadable, don't need light. Ad don't bother me, are annoying, don't like, don't love. Wifi is on, work it out, has stopped working, will no longer turn on. Button is not sensitive, is annoying, were hard to use, was flush.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

30355 8918
love, great, like, light, lightweight, easy to use, is great, excellent, easy to read, good, loves, loved, works great, perfect, easy, is perfect, is lightweight, awesome, small, absolutely love
3147 1204
love, is great, great, best, absolutely love, like, original, light, better, really enjoying, long time, upgraded, very pleased, unlimited, is awesome, favorite, is lightweight, regular, is perfect, easy to read
2188 1256
lighted, backlit, is great, bright, great, easy to read, larger, clear, is perfect, love, light, like, bigger, is easy to read, lit, touch, is clear, white, is wonderful, is easy on the eyes
2335 517
love, absolutely love, is great, really enjoying, very happy, is perfect, really like, is awesome, like, very pleased, happy, loving, highly recommend, enjoying, is the best, lightweight, glad, is amazing, is fantastic, best
2211 60
perfect, love, right, great, like, smaller, is perfect, nice, compact, small, good, is great, convenient, i like, lightweight, light, easy to use, easy to read, really like, is good
1397 501
great, excellent, awesome, best, amazing, nice, wonderful, lightweight, good, favorite, perfect, great little, fantastic, little, love, is great, is amazing, easy to use, compact, light
1031 611
lasts forever, lasts a long time, long lasting, lasts for weeks, lasts a very long time, great, last forever, long, good, lasts weeks, last a long time, lasts longer, seems to last forever, lasts for days, lasts so long, long life, is great, lasts long, lasts a really long time, is long lasting
battery life
1322 281
long, great, is great, is amazing, longer, good, is excellent, excellent, love, is good, amazing, is fantastic, is awesome, is outstanding, is incredible, extended, better, is long, lasts forever, is very good
1144 18
light, very light, love, perfect, easy to use, like, lighter, easy to hold, nice, great, easy to read, right, super light, lite, convenient, good, small, light-, easy to carry, are great
646 327
thanks, thank you, great, good, was great, well done, good job, prime day, best, really, nice, help desk, unlimited, prime, wish, thank-you, support, amazing, awesome, did a great job
857 121
great, love, easy, perfect, enjoy, good, ease, excellent, really enjoy, like, comfortable, nice, very easy, much easier, much better, enjoying, light, pleasure, enjoyable, really enjoying
655 284
real, good, great, favorite, love, best, lots, are cheaper, like, nice, many, perfect, lot, easy to order, easy to access, fast, easy to purchase, wonderful, convenience, easy to buy
628 95
bright, is great, low, easy to read, is perfect, adjustable, great, like, no, is adjustable, good, is wonderful, without, is awesome, nice, super, dim, makes all the difference, love, is easy on the eyes
595 126
love, is great, adjustable, is perfect, like, is amazing, is nice, nice, is wonderful, works well, works great, makes all the difference, great, is awesome, is adjustable, easy to read, good, is essential, is really nice, i like
659 58
great, avid, excellent, best, good, great little, perfect, voracious, very nice, nice, is great, awesome, very good, easy to use, outstanding, favorite, fast, amazing, big, casual
kindle paperwhite
434 82
love, highly recommend, is great, is perfect, really like, absolutely love, like, new, is the best, easy to use, is light, is lightweight, has exceeded my expectations, loved, is awesome, is easy to use, really love, is the best kindle, refurbished, i like
445 40
great, nice, light, favorite, best, love, more, like, good, awesome, are great, amazing, very nice, new, wonderful, many, really like, lots of, my favorite, convenient
392 73
is great, great, is perfect, like, perfect, love, good, adjustable, easy to read, is good, soft, is adjustable, dim, very good, is better, easy to use, is wonderful, is awesome, is so nice, excellent
touch screen
247 215
love, like, is great, is very responsive, easy to use, is responsive, light, easy, is very sensitive, intuitive, works well, is nice, is everything, is much easier to use, i like, is amazing, works great, really like, is sensitive, is awesome
375 55
high-resolution, great, love, backlit, is excellent, excellent, easy to read, is crisp, light, high resolution, sharp, is fantastic, nice, clear, is great, is easy on the eyes, bright, crisp, is amazing, like
390 53
easy to, great, good, nice, like, light, very easy, easy, easy to use, easy to hold, very easy to, love, perfect, comfortably, best, very good, comfortable, well, handy, pleasant
365 71
no, without, easy to read, absolutely no, easy on the eyes, zero, lightweight, able to read, much, low, easy to navigate, easy to use, compact, easy to hold, light, didn't notice, no noticeable, is a thing of the past, bright areas, bright light
341 48
great, best, excellent, awesome, nice, perfect, amazing, good, fantastic, long time, very good, love, is perfect, like, wonderful, very nice, easy to hold, would like, is light, dedicated
341 40
great, good, excellent, reasonable, was great, was right, lower, full, worth, is right, decent, reduced, very reasonable, nice, was high, high, fair, better, amazing, okay
314 50
best, great, very happy, good, very pleased, excellent, glad, fantastic, worthwhile, awesome, very good, nice, favorite, very satisfied, no regrets, happy, very simple, terrific, wonderful, my best
272 43
clear, crisp, is crisp, is clear, is easy to read, sharp, very clear, easy to read, is sharp, is very clear, clean, is very easy to read, is so crisp, highlight, nice, readable, larger, sharper, is crisper, looks crisp
274 30
adjustable, can change, easy to read, can adjust, larger, clear, large, great, bigger, light, is crisp, is adjustable, love, are clear, like, enlarge, increase, is great, is easy to read, are easy to change
274 34
easy, very easy, easier, much easier, without straining, better, do not get tired, good, without hurting, don't get tired, less harsh, aren't strained, getting tired, feel comfortable, easy to navigate, light, great, don't feel strained, super light, easy to use
this product
242 58
love, highly recommend, recommend, definitely recommend, like, very pleased, would recommend, absolutely love, really like, really enjoy, very happy, strongly recommend, enjoy, fully recommend, loving, extremely happy, recommending, absolutely recommend, can use, greatly like
255 11
great, higher, high, better, excellent, good, is great, is good, love, is amazing, is very good, light, low, nice, clear, like, increased, improved, wonderful, much better
174 72
great, good, best, 10 inch, much better, great little, awesome, amazing, nice, simple, easier, solid, good little, gave me eye strain, rid, is well built, makes reading easy on the eyes, with the light, much easier, fan
171 75
lasts a long time, long, lasts for weeks, lasts forever, long time, lasts, full, longer, keeps, good, easy to use, lasts much longer, lasts for days, would last longer, long lasting, easy to read, holds, holds well, lasts long, better
this kindle
211 25
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, really like, definitely recommend, really love, like, loves, loving, bout, started reading by, really enjoy,, ordered, my granddaughter loves, must have wi-fi to use, thanks to, sucks, really enjoyed, delicate
216 17
adjustable, can adjust, adjust, is adjustable, light, love, able to adjust, perfect, can be adjusted, is great, is wonderful, is easy, lower, easily adjust, is easily adjustable, is easily adjusted, full, like, change, halfway
155 71
ok, okay, easy to use, working great, been fine, very user friendly, been about 2 weeks, worked very well, added to vocabulary builder, been a lot of fun, already been a month, access to a store, performed well, doesn't matter, been a solid update, still in the 90s, very easy to handle, still a great addition to my devices, got a bit of heft, begun to have a shadow
back light
205 23
is great, love, like, is perfect, adjustable, great, is adjustable, is wonderful, really like, is awesome, is nice, easy to read, is excellent, is easy on the eyes, is a real plus, enjoy, is terrific, good, works great, wonderful
206 18
love, works, is great, ok, is perfect, like, works great, is awesome, was great, is good, was perfect, easy, good, is fine, was good, clear, is as advertised, is better, is black and white, pretty much love
180 38
fine, clear, easy to read, is clear, large, is crisp, is clearer, is very easy to read, is adjustable, is easy to read, is nice, adjustable, is very clear, clarity, bigger, very easy to read, enlarge, larger, is excellent, very clear
212 219
turning, constantly turning, turns, miss turning, lose, changes, flipping, flip, will not turn, few, accidentally change, haven't had to use, turns take much longer, is turned backwards, never read, were unreadable, look gray, slowly changing, won't load fully or correctly, don't need light
106 165
annoying, no, hate, remove, removed, don't bother me, are annoying, don't like, many, complain, dislike, turned off, pop up, continual, don't love, suck, are minor nuisance, do not annoy me, are not as visually appealing, included