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Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone Fabric

We have analyzed 10516 reviews from Amazon and found:

39% of users say that: Product works great, is great, was a gift, can do. Sound is great, is amazing, is good, is very good. Alexa is great, is amazing, is awesome, can do. Speaker is great, is amazing, are great, is loud. 1% of users noticed that: App is terrible, is awful, is junk, don't have access. Wifi is the culprit, was part of deal, will not sync to, is spotty. Command works sometimes, will not take. Instruction are sorely lacking, were not intuitive, are not very clear.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

5650 1564
love, great, like, works great, loves, good, is great, awesome, amazing, loved, was a gift, can do, excellent, sounds great, nice, easy, really like, works well, ’s great, works
1413 73
great, is great, good, is amazing, better, love, nice, excellent, amazing, is good, awesome, is very good, is awesome, very good, much better, is excellent, clear, is fantastic, decent, is really good
692 177
love, is great, is amazing, is awesome, can do, is ok, works well, does everything, is fun, is very helpful, is a lot of fun, enjoying, like, has all the answers, is the best thing, is the best, is very responsive, really love, very helpful, loves
529 56
great, good, is great, better, sounds great, love, very good, is amazing, smart, are great, awesome, excellent, amazing, is loud, clear, nice, is awesome, echo, small, decent
421 114
love, is great, absolutely love, works great, like, is amazing, is awesome, can do, really like, works well, better, new, was a gift, works very well, really enjoyed, is wonderful, great, impressed, very pleased, taller
sound quality
463 33
great, is great, good, is amazing, is very good, love, excellent, better, is awesome, is excellent, is good, much better, is fantastic, is much better, amazing, is outstanding, best, is surprisingly good, impressed, is really good
412 57
favorite, love, great, good, unlimited, is great, nice, enjoy, sounds great, best, is fantastic, able to listen, prime, news, variety, enjoyed, like, works great, premium, plays great
319 82
great, awesome, amazing, echo, is amazing, excellent, cool, good, fun, very cool, love, useful, is great, fantastic, is awesome, helpful, great little, very happy, neat, small
162 53
thanks, love, really, echo, like, ran a sale, well done, great job, unlimited, thank you, good, fully conquers the retail world, does eventually listen to its customers, has proven, set up properly, amazing product, great concept, feel about customers, experience the best, bit better
set up
107 16
easy, was easy, very easy, easy to, easy to use, super easy, was quick, was a breeze, ease, simple, was very easy, is easy, was pretty easy, quick, simple to use, extremely easy to use, works well, was long, works better, with ease
this product
97 21
love, absolutely love, highly recommend, like, really like, recommend, would recommend, loved, really enjoy, enjoy, very happy, is very good, likes, nothing negative, definatley reccomend, sucks, loli recommend, really love, improve, generally like
95 16
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, works great, very easy to, ease, was very easy, super easy, hour tops, works as intended, was pretty seamless, was a bit of a challenged, works very well, is super helpful, simple, pretty easy, was simple, was a snap, fairly easy
84 23
is great, great, high, full, love, good, been satisfied, get very loud, pretty consistent, very convenient, use all the skills alexa, is remarkable, readjusting each echo’s, is where it lacks, can be adjusted by button or voice, not loud enough, provides excellent, very high, pretty amazing, would be great
83 9
great, love, awesome, are great, favorite, still learning, very happy, better, cool, extra, still discovering new, helpful, alone made the purchase worthwhile, well, so many, few, are constantly added to the devices, really cool, sure more, like
80 8
great, best, excellent, very pleased, happy, good, very satisfied, my first echo, n’t be happier, came with a smart plug for $10, happy with out prime, costs extra every month, solid, very enjoyable, my 5th echo, coolest, sound, in a long time, very happy, gift
65 14
great, best, pretty cool, fun, extremely impressed, handy, can't go wrong, helped me a lot in terms of daily routines, very impressed, useful, is wonderful, nice, awesome, arrived on time, was packaged very well, was in used good condition, fun to ask alexa to seek, are combined onto one list, echo, easy to add
51 24
great little, great, good, house!nice, super handy, needs a s/w update, worked fine, humming a long , very glad, is pretty loud sound wise, perfect, really love, central, are quite nice, works perfectly, is working fine, have their place, two more echo, worked great, along with a kasa outlet
37 30
half hour, for data, lot easier, best things, has a hotspot, doesn't work with it very good, needs a a new, portable, already offered voice activated answers to questions, connects to the new wifi, everything up, spent many hrs, able to stream, great, no problems, made life easy, with support staff, smart, has vision issues, can do all of that
59 11
best, simple, good, amazing, favorite, great, stayed on top, can do, reminds me, keeps my shopping list handy, is incredible, is loud, she dose, have changed since 1962, pretty cool, greatest, is a gem, added to alexa daily, neatest, works
51 17
echo, have better mid range, works fine, works well, are cool, performs way better, never had any issues, was great fun, connected to more than one kindle fire, had 4 alexa, have a dot, does exactly what i want on the first request, works much better, lots of base, has a spot in the kitchen, easy to pair up, is connected to a receiver, was pretty well 'covered', hears everything very well, does much better
55 14
deep, good, lot, decent, great, nice, has good, echoes playing at once, decent enough, is incredible, could adjust, lot more, love, loves, more, high tones for speech, very responsive, is amazing, much better, seems to be fuller
61 3
like, check, checking, love, convenient, gives me, news, news, alarms, timers and music, distance, and radio, nice, is very helpful, helpful, homework, tells me, asking trivia questions, very useful, instant, favorite golden oldies station, answers to questions, reminders
58 5
great, good, fair, very good, was great, is right, is very much worth, really good, full, affordable, i started looking into alexa, matter, right, was $69.99, during prime day, was unbeatable, was good, was so right, perfect, very reasonable
this thing
53 7
love, is great, is awesome, loves, is amazing, has been working seamlessly, is legit, is great for daily use, is tight, lot of fun, is way cool, is the best, is a lot of fun, does alot, is sweet, pretty impressed, is awsome, like, amazed, is really nice
39 18
clear, very responsive, friendly, is clear, is fun to play games, calm, really wish, is pretty cool, from pretty far away, are un-disobeyable, so much more palatable, able to pickup, would recognize, came in too loud, very good, activated lights, pretty easily, has great range, sounds great, beautiful
53 4
great, good, better, high, very good, is great, excellent, unmatched, very pleased, is of excellent, played out of the speaker, decent, par, enhance, love, equal, amazing, was good, looks are great features, easy to program easy to set up
echo dot
39 16
upgraded, was fine, test the alexa software, worked great, decided to upgrade, are a good fit, can play the same music in my bedroom and kitchen, connects to everything, really enjoying, can hear me, went with this model, is perfect for kids room, were hooked, few more, was good, are better than the alternative, good, prefer, multiple, very much like
49 3
smaller, love, great, perfect, small, like, is perfect, full, nice, has excellent range, very nicely, diminutive, right, smaller overall, disturbingly loud, really like, very good quality, good, compact, were great
52 1
love, nice, like, i like, is perfect, are nice, sandstone, fits my decor, works great, scenes, blends so beautifully, matches decor nicely, specially, matches everything, very pleased, light, fresh clean, goes well, looks great, is great
amazon music
48 4
unlimited, like, signed up, links, is $3.99, will play in the 2 speakers paired together, will play in the 2 speaker+sub trio together, had prime, charged after trial, love, is terrific, works flawless, plays music thru, works wonderful, without re-purchasing, well, per month to have, good, you have, getting audible
voice recognition
41 8
great, excellent, is good, good, is great, is awesome, noisy room, is fantastic, is perfect, it great, works great, surprisingly good, is further than the dot, is very impressive, works fine, impressive, works better, works really well, is very good, is probably 90/10-
speaker quality
46 2
is amazing, is very good, is great, love, great, is good, good, great sound, improved, awesome, is much better, is fantastic, clear, is impressive, a lot better, totally amazed, is so clear, definitely better, is definitely better than the dots, very good
46 1
great, best, perfect, wonderful, well, good, coolest, fabulous, favorite, finally budged, thoughtful, pretty cool
35 10
favorite, has 95%, is great, nostalgic, i ask for, can have dueling, podcast or playlist, more, knows all, able to request, easy to listen, came to mind, pretty cool, able to change, 10, can be a bit strong, regulate the hours, will play any, you can play, great
39 5
love, is great, i cold expect, was fixed, ’s ng, comes up anywhere, perfection, is all hands-free, is hooked into alexa, is true, arrived on time, functional, is perfect, is beyond perfect, is plugged in fine, easily, is fine, i was hoping, hooked up, she requested on her echo
37 5
wealth, lot, great, handy, is full, helpful, convenience, about skills, has access to more, is helpful, useful, most, source, seeking, instantly available, is great, quick, comes from the web, has helpful, so quickly
amazon echo
33 7
love, several months, is accurate, convenient, easy, is responsive, intuitive, provides the expected level of productivity, is one of the best, absolutely love, i have been entranced, was just as i expected, really love, thoroughly enjoying, is the right choice, has proven, is the best choice, looking, is neat, is awesome for home automation
35 2
sleek, nice, is nice, smaller, very sleek, is very classy, compact, is modern, is great, modern, amazing, convenience, love, attractive, looks very sleek, fits right in with out decor, nice compact, amazing boxy, very smart, slick
53 58
freezes, is terrible, is awful, never works, problem, not working the best, is junk, don't have access, limited, not just, doesn't work, a bit complicated, not all, is no help, is getting slower, slower to respond, do not work, can't load, would allow multiple groups for music, very unreliable
14 35
plugs, unsuccessfully rejoining, occasionally disconnects, continues to disconnect, is the culprit, was part of deal, will not sync to, initial issues, should be easier, strong, is spotty, did not follow up, want to use it, disconnects, does not reach out, keeps disconnecting, does not stay connected, distanced, is very weak, cannot connect