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Amazon Rating

Echo Spot - White

We have analyzed 6118 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, can do. Screen is great, is clear, is crisp, is small. Device works great, is perfect, works well, is great. Sound is great, is good, is pretty good, is much better. 1% of users noticed that: Camera don't want, can be disabled, can turn off, is really bad. Microphone don't listen as well, is horrible, are not good, don't pick me up. Youtube is not supported with this device, is not supported, is not available. Battery working in the absence of power.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

4708 1271
love, great, like, works great, awesome, is great, works well, good, amazing, excellent, loves, does everything, ’s great, really like, nice, can do, works, cool, looks great, loved
431 195
love, is great, nice, clear, like, small, bigger, is clear, larger, great, beautiful, is crisp, bright, is small, is very clear, is nice, smaller, is perfect, really like, looks great
465 78
great, great little, echo, excellent, awesome, nice, favorite, cool, amazing, little, best echo, works great, my favorite, best, good, is perfect, very nice, my favorite echo, does everything, cute little
299 51
great, good, better, is great, is good, is pretty good, is much better, decent, is better, is surprisingly good, is very good, nice, much better, very good, is better than the dot, is awesome, more, excellent, is excellent, easy to use
alarm clock
276 76
great, best, perfect, love, good, works great, excellent, fantastic, cool, smartest, smart, awesome, reliable, like, coolest, works better, is great, needed, spot, nice
208 60
love, is great, is very smart, is looking better, works, familiar, great, can do, answers all my questions, best, is awesome, is my new bff, turns on a light, is my list keeper, merges” our calendar entries, even responds to alexa, doesn’t respond, turn off all the lights6, is so handy, understands speech better than siri
172 55
better, great, good, are great, decent, is perfect, is great, is amazing, reasonable, best, much better, are better than expected, are awesome, is surprisingly very good, big fan otherwise, are pretty decent, is waaay better, echo, solid, easy to set up
echo spot
176 21
is great, is awesome, works great, love, really like, works well, is perfect, is really great, is sleek, easy to use, is amazing, fond, has some nice features, serves well, has tons of potential, lacks in ease, looks so much nicer, stays in our bedroom, very thing, works as expected
143 52
thanks, thank you, good job, great, needs to work on obvious stuff, reached out to me with what seemed like an automated response of “, good idea, made a few changes, take a note;., helped put additional content filters, adjusts the spot in different directions, alexa best, demands of absolute perfection, has the best products, make a bigger version, continues to broaden the range for alexa, prime shopping, bravo, great tool, prime playlists
164 9
perfect, small, great, right, nice, compact, love, is perfect, like, full, good, is great, money- a plus, is just right to sit on end table, fits nicely in my office, are great, really like, sleek, works very well, echo spot
108 71
great, best, perfect, able to set, ok, clocks, was fine, nice to have a greater range of customization, you get to select more then one, clock/ morning, echo spot, is loud, works very well, main feature, put my daily, can setup, classic, are awesome, was more customizable, more streamlined
135 36
perfect, great, nice, like, love, visible, simple, cool, works great, enjoy, want to see, handy, awesome, functional, stylish, were just too bright, beautiful, cute custom, cute, variety
133 24
best, spot, favorite, great, original, absolutely love, excellent, love, regular, large, better, awesome, little, works great, is very fancy, amazin, like, serves my needs well, was given to me as a gift, fun
sound quality
128 20
great, better, is good, good, is surprisingly good, is much better, is great, is better, clear, is excellent, is far better, could be better, much better, is pretty good, is very good, is ok, can be better, less treble, is average, are excellent
108 27
love, great, like, little, is bright, is nice, brighter, nice, clear, very clear, is great, is crisp, is very nice, nice clear, like *actual* calendar, can't hide them, shows the time and weather, dim, bright, bright during the day
90 38
love, great, prime, good, favorite, is very clear, calls very easy, wonderful things, spot has, are excellent, put additional filters, perfect, favorite prime, only works, combo ever, decent, is great for quick little, is more useful, short, like
116 15
great, favorite, love, awesome, cool, nice, improved, are great, wonderful, like, more, lots, has work well, echo spot, exciting, reasonable price, access more, were great, so many, has many
103 24
is perfect, is awesome, is my favorite, works perfectly, is much louder, works great, is all i need, is still my favorite, makes so much more sense for the bedroom, would be perfect for my nightstand, has been nice, sits on our kitchen table, is a very aesthetically pleasing, was perfect, is by far my fave, is better, works just fine, dims during night hours, is ideal, love
115 14
favorite, love, prime, news, plays, great, is great, fun, sounds great, can listen to, calming, wonderful, unlimited, can play, is playing, can listen, check in with other friends and family, starts quietly, exceptional, ambient noise
this product
65 14
love, like, absolutely love, highly recommend, really like, really enjoying, exceeded my expectations, see value, suggest, without, really enjoy, rating, highly recommended, still evaluating, enjoy, definitely recommend, certainly recommend, replacing all my dots, absolutely adore, truly enjoy
set up
77 2
easy, easy to use, super easy, very easy, easy to, simple, was easy, was a breeze, was simple, is a breeze, was super easy, very easily, quick, were great, easy to maintain, ease, works well with smart home, pretty easy, easy to get moving, fairly easy
clock face
56 22
like, variety, love, great, are fun, can change, more, is very nice, are cool, were more choices, perfect, dims automatically at night, are so easy to read, had more customization options, need to be more customizable, fun, is great to use, needs more, stay illuminated, is beautiful
44 27
supe, es, produces within the last year, love to play, helps, do it, works, will appear on your phone, can turn stuff, rather than a mobile device, like, least intuitive, is extraordinary, integrates well with it, got it working, thing work, is in need of a major redesign, work great, more, can drop in on my family
63 5
great, sleek, beautiful, good, compact, very nice, nice, works great, perfect, lovely, impressive, sweet, i like, easy to use, spot, very cool, clean, easy to operate, simple, is beautiful
great, great little, nice little, cool, very nice, little, amazing, fun, fun little, very cool, favorite, awesome little, best little, awesome, great looking, blend easily with other smart home devises, pretty cool, works great, very handy, seeing recipes
56 6
easy, was easy, was very easy, easy to, easy to use, super easy to, ease, very easy, was a breeze, super simple, simple to, was so easy, were extremely easy to, full, seamless, took me right to the sign-up internet site, was really easy, gives you a choice of cycling once or continuous, was relatively painless, awesome
echo dot
42 16
spot, better, provided more versatility, fun, work great, now the spot, upgraded to the echo spot, keep downstairs, main reason for a four star, echo spot, is a very nice, truly enjoy owning, was much, does everything, upgrade to the echo spot, listen to music, less receptive, does, really liked, better than
51 8
like, check, love, so much more, calls to my daughter, is eye catching, news, getting ready for the day, check in with other friends and family, tips, reminders, report each morning, is amazing, really appreciate, customized, nice to check, gives, hear, three to four times a day, will be anywhere
44 11
great, best, good, favorite, is awesome, nice little, experienced the same, useful, fascinating, simple, neat, perfect, very good, will get fixed, are great, is pretty immense, spot, started getting awesome, can do, cool
this thing
49 7
love, is great, is awesome, is pretty cool, is amazing, is my new best friend, does so many things, is beautiful, looks great anywhere, works great, is amaz(on)ing, is simply excellent, is awesome for her, is incredible, is simply awesome, is absolutely amazing, loves, works, is just great
42 13
great, great little, was a bit smaller in physical size, well made quality, arrived within a couple days, is powered up, full-sized echo, doesn’t seem to have the same quality microphones, was portable, is good, quite pleased, close, echo, is the best of dot and a tablet, convenient, elegant, are so wonderful, i like, i've been waiting for, nice little
40 11
echo, work great, looks pretty, no issues, sharp, listens better than spot, will light up different colors, expand to other areas of my house in the future, great little, were easy to update, given them as gifts, starts talking for absolutely no reason, spot, did wonderfully, superior, allow, versatile, works better, no problems, has everything
31 20
great, smart, like, blinded by the light, allows without an amazon smart home product, use, syncs, is for you, need to update, just connected, setup her spot, echo, news/weather station, can access, is very different than reaching, easily, better results, can handle this, can check-in with them, synced up
39 13
great, reasonable, good, reduced $99, was right, was ok, is a bit too high, excellent, dropped to 99 $, better, was excellent, is right for a device, lower, full, getting to that sweet $99 spot, higher, was great, are too high, is low, cons
50 1
great, nice, perfect, excellent, good, really great, really nice, very cool little, awesome
41 4
great, nice, fantastic, fun little, was designed to look like a bedside clock, looks like a bedside clock, very interactive, very good, enjoying, could do very satisfy, awesome, handy, 5 star, i own several echo, are tied together with alexa, is so useful, is awesome, excellent, enjoyed the convenience, is very good
35 5
great, clear, favorite, quick, very helpful, works well, like, see, is very clear, nice, is great, looks good, small quality, surprisingly clear, are deceiving, will be grainyskills, very crisp, nice to have, cute, love
touch screen
35 4
love, nice, beautiful, is very responsive, is just right for my big hands, not overly sensitive, is effective, works great, give you some operability, is a nice addition, makes it easier to set up, is clear, breeze, is a real winner, is the perfect size, super nice, opens up some new functions, is great, like, devices
35 6
ok, okay, already on joe rogans podcast via schedule routine, been working non stop, name to spot, feature rich, customizable, been a good product, been super easy to use, built to work, still fun to use, done, been money well spent, had a huge impact, dropped a favourite, making automating the house simple, on my desk, worth the extra money, second generation, uses are for before bed
92 99
covered, turned off, terrible, don't want, can be disabled, no need, can turn off, is really bad, straight out, not a cover, was turn off, is not what we want, blocked, is slow to turn on, without you knowing, turn off, is not very good, kind of useless, not comfortable, lets me check in on my dogs