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Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

We have analyzed 7160 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, was a gift, works, is great. Alexa is great, is awesome, is fun, is amazing. Sound is great, is amazing, is good, is very good. Echo is great, works great, can do, work. less than 1% of users noticed that: Response was we can't send you a replacement, are limited and generic. Wifi is the culprit, keeps going out, was impossible, was not working. Customer service is among the worst in the industry, don't get me started on the non-existent, is reading from a script. Warranty has expired, has expired by a few weeks, is no.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

3957 1498
love, great, like, works great, loved, excellent, good, awesome, amazing, loves, was a gift, fun, works, is great, worked great, works well, ’s great, all the time, everyday, is amazing
423 128
love, is great, is awesome, is fun, is amazing, fun, is the best, very helpful, is fantastic, has become a part of our family, works great, can do, has become a part of the family, is a part of our family, was great, is part of the family, thanks, is always listening, is really good, is fun to use
435 42
great, good, is great, is amazing, excellent, better, is good, love, is very good, clear, nice, is wonderful, is incredible, awesome, is awesome, wonderful, is fantastic, is terrific, amazing, very good
244 99
love, absolutely love, is great, like, works great, best, fun, can do, easy to use, work, impressed, reliable, loved, lot of fun, very helpful, loves, is everything, works fine, really like, is fun
253 83
great, fun, excellent, amazing, echo, awesome, best, pretty cool, fantastic, wonderful, nice, very cool, love, enjoying, does everything, works great, handy, works fine, convenient, works well
208 34
great, favorite, good, love, unlimited, can listen, is great, variety, is awesome, able to play, is the best, prime, wonderful, sounds great, plays, news, easy, enjoy, like, really enjoying
167 42
great, good, clear, better, sounds great, bigger, are amazing, is amazing, excellent, is loud, is fantastic, smart, much better, larger, good quality, strong, awesome, is very good, is ok, is great
132 72
thanks, echo, rocks, great, dots, should create their own broadband service, called me after this review, sent us a replacement power adapter, made more money off me, chose to focus more on adding advanced features, recycled the remains through, offered me was %15 off a new one, done a great job, does the basics well, keeps scaling back their free services, easy easy returns through your lockers, own alexa, stands behind there products, great coaster service, confirms and orders
sound quality
133 15
is great, is good, good, is very good, great, is excellent, love, is amazing, better, is fantastic, very good, excellent, much better, is much better, best, very pleased, is greatset, is quite good, has better, fantastic
amazon echo
70 16
love, absolutely love, really love, is awesome, is excellent, worked for a couple of weeks, was great, is everything i expected, will play every channel, does is wonderful, is fairly easy to setup, amazing features, is the best, really enjoyed, very informative, much fun, gift, was ok, is a great product, is a must have
43 38
awesome, refurbished, amazing, no problem, ok, was a refurbished unit, is useful, is remarkable, still sounds great, enjoying both, working well, like, received 3 refurbished, worth, really great, just over 1 year, for a vacation home, like new, functioned correctly, was easy to add to the network and configure
this product
67 15
love, like, loved, recommend, really enjoy, highly recommend, would recommend, really like, returned, does allow skills to be added, nice things, very careful, great, enjoy, really enjoying, highly reccomend, no issues, return, aboslutely love, absolutely love
61 14
great, is fantastic, remarkable, should have lasted longer, is exactly as described, was refurbished, is so great, fragile, weighs at a nice light weight, excellent, arrived in good shape, fast service, reorder, awesome, pretty convenient, enjoyable, was shipped to me on on april 21, look forward to purchasing, last aug. 24, is great
39 35
is easy to use, fun, is much more user friendly, kind, shows echo hears, uses comes from use through the alexa app, more productive, is easy to download and use, control everything, link harmony, works very well, all of this up, required to go into, needs some improvement, very easy to setup, can drop, has to go through setup, actually stayed, installed for her to know that, echo
65 8
great, good, excellent, best, works well, was right, higher, very good, works like new, fair, works great, no regrets, go down, is always comparable with box stores, bargain, resonable, was so good, went up over my limited income, same, is great!have no regrets
59 3
great, favorite, love, all, many great, keep getting added, added to ut, less, lot of good, useful, lot of, made me very happy, ease, had to offer, very important, lot, best, lots of, really popular, new
45 15
best, great, favorite, good, cool, is awesome, fun, had no clue, is creepy smart, make me crazy, pretty funny, is great, positive, sane, can help us with, is dope, will only be as good, is so much fun, very handy, find
50 6
great, best, very pleased, excellent, good, fun, well priced, was a dot, echo december of 2016, researched which model i wanted, amazing, was an addition to add a 3rd one in my home, most favorite, very glad, great great, awesome, in a long time
43 3
like, great, check, so much more, instant, set timers, couldn't ask for a better gift, good detailed, answer questions, will be like, reminders, distance from one city to another, like that so far, is a plus, is like in the morning, before work while having breakfast, lots of snow, recipe, convenient, news flash
this thing
34 7
love, is awesome, is addictive, is great, work the way you want, loves, is wonderful, constantly learning new ways to use, works great, is very responsive, is grrreat, was cool, addicted, is fun to play with, like, is lovely, was amazing, is absolutely amazing, is amazing
36 3
easy to, easy, very easy, easy to use, simple, simple to use, was very easy, correct, was simple, was able to connect to wifi, quick, is quick, painless, was easy
24 16
is great, is on level 9, adjust, very high, works again, really adjusting, can control, like, is amazing, easy to use, sounds like you'll blow the speakers, easy to control, much better, easy to connect and clear, control, is increased, need more, turned up too high, can be adjusted with voice control, is very high
33 6
echo, well for another room, much bolder/louder, got another echo, got an echo, is the better product, better luck, works fine, good, are way better, will answer me before my echo, well, several echos, works flawlessly, purchased echo, ordered, are a much better value, really needs an external speaker, sits on my night table, few
set up
37 2
easy, easy to use, easy to, was easy, is easy, is simple, simple to use, timely, harmony hub first, simple, is incredibly easy, very easy, was great, much easier, super easy, learns more about you as you use it, very very easy, quick, was very accessible, easy to pair
20 16
just ask my, easily, sure you put your, spend the money, most of the time, did not fix the problem, smart, with amazon support for an hour, was totally courteous, responsive, good, you could answer, is awsome, can use, i settled for a prorated refund, full connected experience, will do the same things, is amazing, question away, sync'd
25 9
ok, been the alexa workhorse, easier to push a button on a radio, not a bad product, okay, has not gotten better, really good, been an alexalent experience, been a breeze to use, user friendly, useful, not necessary, working much better, fine, only very ok, been tested, been just over 30-days, been a fun novelty, digital assistant among other digital assistants
23 11
very clear, command away, answers my questions with a half of sentence, my preference, very responsive, is optimized, echo, very sensitive, was music to my ears, needs to learn your, works for about a day, goes off independently of any commands, is very convenient, can find, activated life, super interested, set up three times to ensure, understands commands very well, is accurate with all information, alarms, weather, softer
echo dot
28 6
works fine, working just fine, is alot more responsive, fine, is much older, works without any problems, help with daily alarms, does not have this problem, is a good alternative, worked, much prefer, better, news, worked fine, performs flawlessly, work very well, will go to the kitchen and bathroom, have become a part of my lifestyle, six, three
27 4
good, great, love, looks great and surprised, very concerned, amazing, better, improved, pretty great, plasic, excellent, no difference, awesome, nice, top, ease of set up great, high, very nice
30 1
great, fun, wonderful, fun little, favorite, very helpful, nice, better, handy little, neatest, can do so much with simple instructions, hooked up, neat, super fun, cool, wired my heating, best, every day, very useful, great little
google home
22 8
is better, is slightly better, echo, like, has routines, is smarter, siri the same question, is working absolutely fine, is still working fine, is easily a better buy, has much better sound, better off, recognizes us much better, really do prefer, much better, has a much smarter assistant, is still going strong, will be purchasing, wish, smokes alexa hands down
17 12
is better, is able to give me more, more on the privacy front, builds a better product, is much better, better than, fully expect, is more interesting, came out, was better, seems much more user friendly, gave an answer, works, echo, answers quicker, get more information
19 10
works, is much smarter than alexa, easier to use, ’s smarter sister, witty, look like a genius, have nothing on alexa in terms of compatibility and flexibility, a more playful conversationalist, much better than, has to handle more complex and meaningful tasks, miles better, answers, make more intelligent, more responsive than, better than, understands everything, is 200 times smarter, intuitive
19 9
new, doing fine, recommend, in perfect condition, is the word, possible to send me a new one, inexpensive, very happy, really enjoyed, certified, ordered, chance, echo on 9/10, alexa for approximately a month, works perfectlike new, good, have not been disappointed, well, very pleased
19 9
simple, many, easy to use, came up, answered well, look up answers, most simple, very few answers, quick, very clear, very basic, same ones every time, pretty good, doesn't seem to have the answer to a lot, very specific, fun asking her, good
15 12
love, great, reminders, enjoy, was louder, play jeopardy, wonderful, great morning, reminder, make lists, rouse us in the morning, well as other apps, good, read out my days schedule
15 11
favorite, streamed through the whole house, hasn't failed me, was chiming, able to play almost any, prime to play some, are found, we like most, greater choice, great, soft, easy, wonder
22 4
works great, was good, seems great, keeps getting better, better, is what i expected, is on unlimited, like, is recorded and sent to amazon, worked fine, works fine, cares, else echo does, tried, is good, was expected, working fine, is really basic, i had hoped, is great
15 19
no, delayed, doesn't get, slow, was we can't send you a replacement, are limited and generic, i can’t find music, rubbish, i don't know how to help you with that
8 20
is the culprit, always disconnects, not my, problem, keeps going out, running, restarted her, easily, not with, constantly drops, was impossible, lack, was not working, has not dropped off, set up, is weak, trouble, is not 100% dependable, is out, start talking to it