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Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB, Yellow Kid-Proof Case

We have analyzed 7250 reviews from Amazon and found:

39% of users say that: Product works great, is great, was great, is perfect. Tablet is great, worked great, works great, is amazing. App are great, are excellent, is great, are perfect. Case is great, is very durable, is amazing, is awesome. 3% of users noticed that: Screen was cracked, is cracked, is broken, is not very responsive. Battery is dead, dies quickly, is very weak, dies fairly quickly. Charging port is loose, is horrible, were broken, has issues. Charger work and nothing, was corroded, will not stay in, will not charge at all.

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4884 1999
love, loves, great, loved, like, works great, easy to use, is great, my son loves, good, durable, awesome, my grandson loves, easy, my granddaughter loves, excellent, ’s great, was great, very durable, is perfect
1172 361
great, loves, love, good, best, is great, perfect, awesome, amazing, loved, nice, worked great, works great, very good, is amazing, excellent, is good, regular, friendly, is perfect
244 117
great, favorite, are great, friendly, good, plenty, love, loves, lots, tons, like, perfect, are excellent, many, is great, how easy, are perfect, are good, free, can play
286 15
durable, is great, is very durable, sturdy, is amazing, great, is awesome, nice, is durable, is nice, is sturdy, is excellent, protects the tablet, very durable, good, is very sturdy, are great, is strong, lightweight, is perfect
155 81
thanks, great, was great, love, well done, is amazing, good job, had no replacements, was hung up, has went downhill lately, adds new content, used to be cool, quickly, replaced it, replaces it free, no hassle no worries, just updated the freetime app, needs to invest more money, comes to the quality of their products, is getting to the point
99 94
great, good, is great, was incredible, allows for and install it, can spend, has to be registered, wonderful, coming up on 2 years, lasts less than 1 year, come with apps, is not “abused, has so much potential, definitely done, feels like the early stages of smartphones and tablets, is so full, neat, can't avoid, better luck, supports multiple user accounts
this tablet
155 13
love, loves, highly recommend, would recommend, absolutely love, like, really like, definitely recommend, loved, absolutely loves, recommend, really love, old loves, tips to say about, adores, n’t afford to buy, i ordered, grand daughter loves, adore, really loves
battery life
83 57
great, good, is good, is great, long, longer, was longer, is awesome, is fair, is ok, durable, quicker, could be better, is longer, wasn’t very great, has not disappointed, was better, is perfect, leaves a lot to be desired, is comparable to our phones
parental control
124 13
love, great, are amazing, like, are great, are good, are easy to use, easy, is great, are awesome, awesome, works great, is so way to set up, are much better than ipad, is easy to hake, many, excellent, do like, great thing, are easily solved by kids
83 36
great, is amazing, is great, is awesome, 2-year, is nice, wonderful, is wonderful, love, good, kids tablets, had many questions, no replacement, is a lie, is a great, were able to send it, is available, comes with a great, is golden, is shorter on the regular ones
90 16
favorite, loves, great, fun, are educational and fun, plenty, are fun, spanish option, has tons of options, aren't able to review, alot, enjoyed playing, are amazing, great fit, has been great, gave her permission to do, are fun and engaging, looked forward to playing his, takes up a ton of space, likes
71 24
lot, favorite, many, lots, loves watching, loves to watch, loves, won’t load, he likes on youtube, are amazing, convenient place, fast forwards, great, are appropriate for his age, parental control, during long travel periods, are easily accessible, good, are available through amazon freetime, long drives in the car
91 3
great, good, is great, decent, worth, perfect, is worth it, was good, is amazing, is perfect, pretty good, need to rebuy, is $3.17 a month, can't beat, small; reasonable, was unbeatable, were better, not the quality, excellent, is right
62 17
great, best, good, solid, awesome, very good, very happy, gets older, no need, sturdy best, “included, very pleased, pretty solid, better, 2yr return, glad, unlimited, was well worth, easily a 5 star, couldn't be more happier
48 26
is great, is perfect, three, is a regular kindle, has lots of apps, always fill up, loves, were gifted with the subscription, excellent, does it, never buy any other tablet, sent right away, is great!but, settled on the children's, read books, really makes the kids kindle, is extremely durable, is for our grand-daughter, is good, is easy to use
this product
47 25
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, definitely recommend, recommend, very pleased, like, very happy, loved, really was enjoying, would suggest, impressed, great, returning, continue recommending, review, so happy, would recommend, buy, super pleased
46 16
stay with an, prefer, shared, runs perfectly, is 8 years old, for family use, work for my little one, trust me, plays pretty loud, splurge, going back to, gives basically the same educational, look elsewhere, work, user friendly, familiarity, fine, i prefer for her to use the kindle, extra money, better like
50 7
love, is great, was great, was perfect, is age appropriate, worked fine, is perfect, can be shared, was working out great, pops up with no wifi, is working great, is geared towards kids, was set up, was gucci 100%, perfect, was easy to set up, is good, still works, works great, works as advertised
52 4
great, best, good, perfect, economic, solid, amazing, very good, awesome, one for your kid, at your own risk, very economical
46 8
parental, are parental, love, like, easily, is approved, all parental, are fantastic, has access to, how much screws time, long, needs more, alot, good, much better, can start, able to, can set parental, are great, awesome
50 4
perfect, great, is perfect, nice, good, prefect, easy to navigates, easy to work, convenient, fairly good, brightness, i like, is fine, compact, love, ease of use, works great, storage, is great, is nice
31 19
ok, okay, just a child profile, not a bad product, been a good investment, worked great, installed, been used and abused, available on the kids side, starting to do the same thing, been the best purchase, april 7th, over - quickly, holding up fine, worked out wonderfully, looks brand new, supposedly designed for kids, got a kid safe mode, been such a huge hit, password protected from downloading apps
customer service
27 24
great, was great, best, replace it, provide, is the best, are great, amazing, very impressed, was very helpful, are amazing, is the least helpful, quick turnaround, is great, half online, promptly, was his name, was helpful, have exceeded my expectations, spoke with 3
28 22
are louder with this tablet, doesn’t have to use, were dying so quick, amazingly helpful, thorough, fully expected, better, needing a replacement for the replacement, can access google play, love, hot spot, all day every day, maintain charge for days, very best experience, leaves mother's, nearly two hours, i decided to take the leap, best, stay off, like most
40 10
great, fantastic, good, perfect, wonderful, for my little one, super easy to use, arrived as described and on time, was a warranty item, really great, is geared for children with children's programs, was a replacement for the previous tablet, is perfect, works like a charm, is very useful, durable, was perfect, shipped quickly, is destruction proof, past year from his aunt and uncle
34 15
best, good, great, is good, would support, are seriously indestructible, nice, capable, does basic, loaded appropriate, very quickly, works great, is great, are a life saver, are great for kids, is a good educational tool, beautiful, are great
38 10
good, great, is great, excellent, very good, better, very low, fantastic, very nice, are good, enforce, like, was very goo, is good, is great for children, very happy, .great
43 1
great, best, perfect, wonderful, was wonderful, easy to use, early christmas, awesome, excellent, nice, favorite, good, works great
30 8
nice, are happy, good, can download any app, are simple to navigate, will easily share passwords, was out her birthday gift, is happy, didn’t play that either, were ready to toss them, great, were so happy to get them, are smart, can watch shows, are not gentle, almost everyday, can play and monitor, excellent, will not either, has entertainment on the go
31 7
great, friendly, can monitor, looks clear, favorite, endless, are able to access, is fantastic, able to control, kid friendly, is great, is all downloaded, alot of usable, tons, is tailored perfectly, is child-friendly, no access to internet, is tailored to each kid's age, add, more faith
27 7
default, parental, awesome, needs, pretty easy, get changed, are easy to set, can change, change, easy way, limit, stay, like, extremely intense, are great, attached to your account, recommend, safe, love, are easy to adjust and enforce
31 3
great, nice, favorite, best, separate account for an adult on it, awesome, is great, are great, blue shade, accessibility to programming, good, very satisfied, great addition, are well thought out, still learning, many great, really like, for the kids, makes long car rides, many
51 164
cracked, was cracked, broke, shattered, lock, broken, no way to lock, is cracked, stopped working, went black, is broken, freezing, no easy way to lock, 2 months, is not very responsive, will not come on unless plugged in, breaks, shatters much to easy, could lock, went out of it
69 119
stopped charging, is dead, sucks, does not last long, died, doesn’t last very long, doesn’t last long, issue, dies quickly, doesn't last very long, is very weak, not holding, dies fairly quickly, not staying charged, is awful, low, is not very long lasting, is the big issue, doesn’t stay charged, barely lasts
charging port
9 128
no longer works, stopped working, broke, is loose, is horrible, same issue, going out, stops working, faulty, sucks, were broken, not working, has issues, has gone out, started to become loose, went out now useless, keeps coming loose, is very poor quality, does not last very long, fix
14 49
tried multiple, no, wrong, wont charge, numerous, didn't want to charge at all, won't charge it up, not, tried many different, isn't a fast charger, gets loose in the port, tried again, work and nothing, stoped working, stops working, became loose, connected to the, does not work, quit working, stopped working
3 57
stopped, quit, stop, problems, issues, quits, process slowed down, is not enough, stops, broke, not, trouble, is failing on us, isnt, stopped , breaks, no longer, is a little touchy, is a nightmare, worked great
26 28
no, is horrible, low, was low, is full of the system applications to run the device, shows almost 20 gb of empty space, gets low, terrible, very little, isn't a lot, extra, is rather small stock, is a joke, big negative, not a lot, is not good, is definitely a problem, not getting the higher, not enough, one drawback
16 34
no, little glitchy, without, doesn't take that long to load, don't have, spot, is so annoying, solves the download problem, can still read, not be “, defeats the purpose in my opinion, isn't accessible, does not work half the time, is hit or miss, won’t stay connected, not, glitch, has troubles charging, not lock up a kid's profile, i would be able to get that
13 25
no, wont, no longer, does not hold, not getting, went through, stopped taking, did not hold, had trying to get replaced, neither holding, aren't built to withstand frequent, not worth the money, will not keep, neither will hold, didn't last 6mo, does not , don't last long, wont hold, would not hold, doesnt hold