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Add-on Blink Indoor Home Security Camera for Existing Blink Customer Systems

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27% of users say that: Product works great, work great, works, works well. Camera are great, work well, is great, work great. System works great, is awesome, works well, works perfectly. App is easy to use, is great, works great, is very user friendly. 2% of users noticed that: Batteries are dead, don't last as long, are not rechargeable, will not recharge. Sync module was defective, will not hook up to their servers, will go down randomly, is a piece of garbage. Battery will last 2 years, is already dead, is low, drains. Customer service is terrible, is horrible, is non-existent, is a joke.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

3251 1339
great, love, works great, good, work great, like, excellent, works, works well, awesome, was easy to set up, easy, is great, recommend, works as advertised, are great, works fine, very good, better, easy to set up
1179 707
great, love, are great, more, good, outdoor, work well, best, is great, great little, awesome, work great, excellent, are small, works great, very good, 5, better, indoor, decent
435 98
great, excellent, blink, good, very happy, works great, like, awesome, is awesome, pretty good, better, works well, works perfectly, very pleased, is perfect, very good, is great, was easy to set up, great little, is up
263 105
is easy to use, easy to use, is great, works great, is very user friendly, is simple, contacted blink support, works very well, great, works well, is free, love, intuitive, is simple to use, very easy to use, was easy to use, is user friendly, easy, is fantastic, is intuitive
198 85
thanks, is great, love, highly recommend, is the best, works great, works perfectly, is discontinuing support, is winner, is fantastic, really like, recommended, hoping, like, great, right, is awesome, easy to set up, easy to use, are over
264 17
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, very easy to, super easy, was a breeze, is easy, easy to use, quick, was super easy, works great, was very easy, simple, was extremely easy, was simple, reliable, very simple, works well, super simple
152 70
great, good, clear, is clear, excellent, clip, is very good, very clear, good quality, is excellent, are very clear, is really good, is amazing, takes great, is very clear, really good quality, are stored remotely, are super clear, hard drive, are crisp
set up
187 9
easy, very easy, super easy, was very easy, easy to, was easy, simple, easy to use, easy to install, extremely easy, was a breeze, very simple, was relatively easy, is easy, small, fairly easy, was super easy, incredibly easy, was fairly easy, was super easy for blink
149 10
great, clear, very clear, good, is very clear, is great, nice, is clear, great quality, is nice, good quality, are very clear, excellent, very good, are good quality, great easy to use clear, high quality, is too bright, lots, are clear
battery life
100 58
long, is good, great, good, is very good, pros, decent, is hype, is outstanding, excellent, has been great, is amazing, is exceptional, hard to say, does - hopeful based on other reviews, is long, lasts a long time, is a week, is great, true
140 6
easy to, easy, very easy to, very easy, easy to set up, super easy, super easy to, easy to use, easy to setup, very easy to setup, works on battery, is fast, well documented, quick, very compact, great system!very easy to, outstandingeasy, was a breeze, was easier, quick to
camera system
100 21
5, blink, love, great, best, very happy, works great, is great, easy, excellent, three, will do that, couldn't be happier, does that, is so easy to setup, three outdoor, two week vacation, good, i like, great investment
93 4
great, good, reasonable, is right, low, excellent, was good, small, is very affordable, very happy, is good, easy to set up, better, is excellent, is better than others, i would look elsewhere, was right, anyone not satisfied, works great, was easy to setup
motion detection
54 36
works well, works great, great, works best, is great, fast, is very good, works pretty well, is solid, good, is fantastic, is a good , quick, is good, work through windows, is sharp, has so far been flakes, pretty accurate, is sensitive to rapid changes, is fast
76 13
great, good, is good, is great, excellent, high, very happy, very good, is quite good, love, decent, ease of use, is perfect, is pretty good, beautiful, work perfect , very easy to install and manage, awesome, definitely recommend this system, is clear
this product
59 29
love, highly recommend, like, would recommend, recommend, really like, recommended, review, stay away, returning, thrilled, completely satisfied, is pretty good, absolutely love, really enjoyed, really love, don't buy, is very well designed, works exactly as described, is very easy to setup and use
video quality
80 5
is excellent, great, is great, is good, is very good, is amazing, is ok, excellent, is outstanding, is pretty good, is crazy good, is fine, higher, is really good, pros, easy to operate, is decent, is also pretty good, is also good, is awesome
63 18
bright, bright blue, low, is very bright, very bright, is super bright, is bright, bright white, super bright, coming on in invaluable, no bright white, shines to all, is far to bright, insanely bright, don't want to shine, comes on, powerful, bright@$$, work well, like
picture quality
77 4
is great, great, good, is good, is excellent, is decent, is very good, is outstanding, excellent, is awesome, is ok, very simple to set up, is really good, ease of operation, isn't there, is pretty decent, is really really good, easy, great light, is pretty good
73 8
nice, great, seemed to good, major, good, has great, more, many more, are highly customizable, works, some additional, better, like, few nice, are pretty good, few, looked for included, full range, could upgrade more, lacks too many
blink camera
65 14
love, very happy, will automatically connect once, installed for more than a month, impressed, happy, clearly see details, were very easy to install, provides a decent value, big supporter, recommend, are simple to set up, work extremely reliably, work great, really happy, really like, recommended, do have some advantages, rated this product 5 star, were decent
58 11
great, is clear, good, clear, captures, is great, is decent, are great, is very clear, great quality, better, is crisp, amazingly clear, are perfect, very nice quality, are nice and clear, way, are quite clear, was great, instant
36 30
great, sync, good, out, are very compact, worked as expected, are so compact, love, became more, suggest going, last weekend we installed the remaining, add, really impressed, is working perfectly)-bsmt sump pump, light, works perfect, may quit working perfectly, is sooo ez to set up, pleased, attractive unobtrusive
blink system
55 10
love, really like, highly recommend, is truly wireless, very happy, works quite well, can be set up in minutes, really interested, is complete from function of camera, may work just fine, works exceptionally well, works perfectly, works well, is great, arrived at 5pm, meets all my expectations, fit the bill perfectly, is good, is performing just as the description, turned out to be perfect
56 9
are clear, great, clear, is clear, are great, compact, sharp, very good, pretty good, are fine, very high quality, is pretty much indescernable, is great, are super clear, were quite clear, bigger, real-time, are superb, is just fine, is captured
this system
56 9
love, highly recommend, recommend, really like, can't beat, do recommend, recommended, can't go wrong, works well, very impressed, like, easy, favorite, purchased, happy, excited about, good, rocks, i've recommended, would definitely buy
59 4
easy, ease, was very easy, was easy, super easy, quick, was a breeze, was straight forward enough, worked okay, is pretty simple, very easy, no issues, is pretty easy, painless, was more, is simple, is relatively simple, no hassle, great to use, was a blink of an eye
48 14
is crystal clear, great, excellent, good, works great, is very clear, is ok, is very amazing, love, sensitivity, was very clear, isn't bad, was crystal clear, is clear, was two way, easy setup, is supposed to be coming, super clear, is really good, is great
35 27
great, really pleased, supported, can last for up to 2 years, is simple to deploy, has proven, original, high hopes, ability, is more discreet, was simple, is advertised, great little, like canary or nest, fantastic, small, smaller, was able to install, like nest and lights, fit an approximate 2x2
50 10
truly, easy to install, completely, easy to set up, true, is great, very easy to set up, is a nice bells, can be a challenge, is well worth, easy setupcons, is a good option, flexibility, pretty good, is a plus, totally, complete, is truly, cames it so portable, affordable
28 22
quick, is seen, are timely, always get, is movement on any camera, many, love, kept getting, happens, is great, 4 star, have worked seamlessly, work perfectly, worked very well, were received quickly, live view everything, are flawless, very fast, sound, come through on my samsung galaxy s7 edge
31 15
ok, okay, double a batteries, working outdoors, been about 9 months, been pretty solid, on the highest setting, plugged into usb power, named blink, worked well, job at reliably detecting motion, on ios, working as advertised, out of the elements, an ok camera, working, works great, home monitoring system, wa super easy to install, been a week with no respond
70 115
are dead, died, don't last as long, run out, last less than a month, are not rechargeable, died within a month, will not recharge, haven't held up, could be an issue, remove, don't last long, only last a week, do not come with this system, went out on the camera, does not work, replaced, die to fast, die quickly, don't last very long
sync module
42 106
cannot control, was defective, never connected back, gave me at least 4 bars, will not hook up to their servers, do not work, goes offline randomly, problem, more, would not maintain connection, will go down randomly, weighs less than 8 oz, can’t detect, i had the system sitting in a closet, forget about it, back online, no lights came on, never turned on, is a piece of garbage, huge flaw
58 68
low, died, will last 2 years, is already dead, is low, operated, only last about 6-8 weeks, displayed red, died after 2 months, too fast, n’t had to change, drains, is a wate, is dying soon, dies in about a month, does not last 2 year as advertised, only last for three weeks, lasted 2 months, last one, was supposed to last for two years
customer service
36 55
is terrible, is horrible, poor, appalling, no, is non-existent, replaced it, is a joke, emailed blink, very poor, are not intended to work with mobile wifi, had me provide “proof of purchase”, is pretty useless, awful, forth, has been pretty poor, was no help at all, horrible, is bad, tried everything
27 38
delay, no, lag, stop, stops, may be days or weeks, holds up to 2 hours, doesn't it start, is delayed, delayed, are slow to start recording, stopped, doesn't have a zoom feature.- night vision, trigger to start, not a person walking, cannot safe, randomly, low light, blue light, has been logged
26 37
no, is no, not get notified, is not detected, spent 2 hours, does not work, can watch a feed at one time, is constantly dinging, is not compatible, is no customer support, have been detected, set up on my desk, never get a motion alert, can connect at a time, is beeping every few minutes, motion was detected, received notices, couldn't get my, can not, slight delay
18 37
is detected, no, sense, was not enough to set them off, record for about 4 seconds, detected, is no alert, doesn't come on with, is detected comparing imagines, detect, can mess, constantly record noise, is stopped, is too sensitive, disable, goes off non stop, detects, catch too much, keeps setting off, starts seconds
22 25
goes out, connectivity issues, restart, was not set in a good place, router, constantly disconnects, will probably add another sync module, is spotty, goes down, is not terribly strong, would not connect, weak, still nothing, never been able to link, work, work again, wont connect3, doesn't reach that far, networks to sync, plug to remotely reset