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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm, White, Works with Alexa

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21% of users say that: Product works great, works, is awesome, works well. Camera works great, works well, is great, is good. Video is crystal clear, is often very bright, are clear, are usually pretty clear. App is great, works great, works well, works very smoothly. 4% of users noticed that: Battery has to be brought inside, dies in less the 3 weeks, has delays in recording, is at 60%. Ring has proven unreliable, is thre way to go for security use, is failing at this point, is currently sending all data unencrypted. Motion can never see, has been detected, is so jerky, is very sensitive. Batteries are critically low, are low.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

427 305
great, love, works great, good, works, is awesome, works well, excellent, amazing, knowledgeable, best, very happy, work great, is good, is what it, works exactly as it should, better, worked great, like, lowered my setting
165 103
great, works great, love, good, works well, is great, is good, is awesome, very happy, like, only works for 30 days, does exactly what it says, is fine, excellent, was very impressed, much safer, extra layer, two batteries, don't have any trees, receives a good signal
26 23
amazingly clear, is crystal clear, good, weren't so delayed, good wide, is often very bright, are clear, high quality, are usually pretty clear, fine great, is clear, well at times, are easy to follow, provides crystal clear, want to!!!anybody want to buy my setup, back of the house without any wiring, looked good, work, is nice, clear
35 11
is great, works great, works well, works very smoothly, are all first rate, is intuitive, full featured, connects about 40%, very user friendly, is very useful, is easy to navigate through, easy to synchronize, does the ring, had an option to control your cameras simultaneously, gives us access to the camera, easy, getting the spotlight can to test, is free, take a look, seamless
battery life
21 20
great, is exceptional, save, decent, is good, is pretty good, is amazing, somewhat longer, is roughly 4-6 months between charges, has been good, excellent, was impressive, good, based on other concerns, extra battery, is very good, is lasting longer, was decreasing, prioritizes
33 4
great, clear, is clear, awesome, excellent, is terrific quality, is pretty good, was clear motion, is so clear, fine great, is good, big difference, is pretty clear, super clear, is extremely clear, good, easy to install, high def, is perfect, would be beautiful
27 2
easy to, easy, easy to use, very easy, easy to setup, was easy, really easy to, cinch, very pleased, easy to set up, super easy to, perfect for added security, super easy
customer service
17 8
helpful, is outstanding, is one of the best, is key, extremely impressed, is great, was great, has been excellent, has promised me numerous call backs, are nice, was emailing, superb, wonderful, helped make the process painless, 5 stars, great
13 10
great, only almost a daily basis, can be a challenge, is strong, no problem, extend my, plenty, terrific, extenders all over the building, strong, want strong enough, extenders plus 100 dollar a year service plan
this product
13 9
love, recommend, highly recommend, definitely like, do like, very happy, very much recommend
14 8
great, covers all, makes me feel safe, has been great, best suited my needs, new, works, is connected on your wifi, i recommend, brilliant, fantastic, excellent, are located farther than 15/20 feet, was to be set up
video quality
17 4
is good, is great, is excellent, clear, is superb, looks alright, stellar, great, was better than i expected, is rock solid, is fairly good, could be better, very impressed, is very good
easy, was easy, very easy, was simple, ease, super easy, was super easy, was relatively easy, is super quick, simple, hung up, smooth
13 6
pro, purchased our ring, is totally awesome, is a good product, order more, spotlights run on batteries, works great, is absolutely genius, were very satisfied, pro cameras, has been working fine, ring
15 4
are pretty bright, will turn on, are great, is bright, spot, is just ok, are decent, bright, like most, n’t that bright, was a little brighter, are very bright, is bright when working, automatic
16 2
awesome, isn’t as clear, impressed, medium quality, plenty of good, cheaper chinese alternatives, excellent, loved, very good, great, is pretty good, amazing, is much better, good, very impressed, is very good
11 5
good, nice addition, eliminates any downtime, superb, was working great, simply, best, works extremely well, works fairly well, neighborhood, buying
solar panel
13 3
’ll be investing, had zero problems, works great, worked great, at some point, work great, is going well, for each for my home, keep the batteries, keep the battery charged, is a great additions, is awesome, allows the device
ring product
12 3
highly recommend, 3rd, was skeptical, is phenomenal, wouldn't bother, expectations, i'm satisfied, are perfectly packaged, very pleased, like
14 1
easy, quick, was easy, was simple, easier, was very easy, was painless, is a breeze, very easy, easy to, you never have to worry about them again, super easy
picture quality
11 3
is great, awesome, is clear, crisp, great, are better, know
10 4
wide-angle, false positive, is good, bright light, can see, good, very clear, clear, sharp, are very very clear
9 4
good, strong, is strong enough, decent, needs to be *extremely* strong, handled fairly low, no results
9 4
love, nice, good, can modify, are better, are nice, will improve over time, light manually, mind of their own
7 5
no, has not been resolved, resolve, zero, experienced
8 4
purchased ring spotlight, was not weather resistance, great, spot light, light, approximately 30 feet away, needs to go, works as advertised
motion detection
10 2
is put together well, more sophisticated, disable, works 35 percent, constant, works as expected, is set to a perfect limit, sensitivity, optimal, works fine
wifi signal
8 2
strong, requires good, was strong enough, was strong, is good, excellent
5 4
great, no, is good, excellent, is great
5 3
great, big difference, great quality
6 2
strong, is in range, awesome, decent, can handle up to 20 devices simultaneously, really good
56 73
died less than a month, inside periodically to charge it, has to be brought inside, couple of weeks, poor, just started smoking, doesn't last long, dies in less the 3 weeks, has delays in recording, does not last very long, power, lasts 6 months, lasted more than two months, lasts several weeks, is at 60%, does not last as long, powered ring spotlight cam, lasted about 4 months, not excellent).the, fatal flaw
22 23
does not disclosed this information, must work on it, doesn't record the package being stolen, has proven unreliable, is thre way to go for security use, is failing at this point, stop them, very disappointed, no more, worse, says not to purchase these items, is currently sending all data unencrypted, cannot be beat in my estimation, never works, misled, did very little to improve connectivity, fault, phasing out, would not even turn on, bad
5 20
detects, can never see, has been detected, not sure what, massive delay, delay, very inconsistent, is so jerky, is very sensitive, spot light, will not pick up, not detecting, about 30% of the time, big delay, has not been capturing, isn't captured properly, doesn't get detected properly, doesn't work right
11 13
don’t last that long, die within two weeks, never have to charge, are critically low, are low, last only 2-3 weeks not 12 months, mess, never get below 90%, down today, poor, never have to worry, dying very quickly, seems super flimsy
7 8
passes 40 ft away, gusts of winds, due to lag, delay, much delay, excessive, can be a little slow, mean nothing
2 8
black, white, goes completely black, was black, is just black on live view
4 7
takes an entire day, is annoying, has poor wifi connection, is obviously defective, has no way to store video, bad, defective
4 5
is junk, not the same, can get missed, bad, is coming down this weekend
battery version
4 4
have a wired version, will not record more than 30 seconds, only records up to 20 seconds of time, doesn't allow you as much flexibility for motion zones