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TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone

We have analyzed 364 reviews from Amazon and found:

38% of users say that: Phone is great, works great, is nice, is perfect. Product is fast, is easy to use, works great, works well. Screen responds great to the touch, is clear, is bright, is beautiful. Tracfone meets all of my needs, was easy, is better, has a comparable or better signal. 1% of users noticed that: Customer service is no, was truly a painful, are no help either. Sim card was incompatible. Problem is two fold, has not been fixed. Electronics come bad.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

254 80
great, best, good, love, very nice, nice, better, very pleased, excellent, awesome, smart, is great, works great, really like, would recommend, is nice, easy to use, very satisfied, is perfect, very happy
230 91
love, is fast, like, is easy to use, great, works great, very happy, works well, does everything, fast, faster, good, really likes, very good, has enough memory, took about a full hour of speaking to offshore customer service, could be so much easier, is so user friendly, long ago, has all the features
36 10
bigger, big, large, clear, bright 5.5 inch, responds great to the touch, is clear, smaller, is bright, is beautiful, larger, larger 5.5, nice, is very adequate, larger clear, crisp bright, is bigger, plenty of speed and power, is larger than my earlier sky, is nice
23 20
love, meets all of my needs, was easy, almost 10 years, long, upgraded, is better, has a comparable or better signal, came with a $40 airtime bundle, best, big fan, to a $100, big deal, gives the same service, decent, favorite, was added to my account, fast, needs to be more forthcoming, was the perfect choice
18 7
great, can be amazing, takes a good picture, still needs work, not sharp, very bright light, very please, ease of use, is good enough for my needs, most, nice, better, very functional, works a bit slow.*way, good light, steady hand, gives clear sharp pictures
20 3
great, good, incredible, best, can't beat, works perfectaly, decent, was extremely attractive, is a plus too, happy with the, was below the promotional price
battery life
18 3
great, longer, is very good, is excellent, is extraordinary, long, most, best, more, is good
9 5
removable, like, ease, better, long lasting, lasts for about a week, holds the charge for along time, good, easy
thank you, special offer for tracfone with glee, had included was for 90 service days, no way to contact anyone, refunded $25 to my account, was very helpful, bought a phone, thank you tracfone, never, is taking it back, thanks again
nice pocket, larger, like, is just right for him, really liked, ease of use, love, loves, large, needed, is like a small tablet
9 1
great, good, very good
6 3
is good, great, is fine, will be changing, no issues
7 1
better quality, solid, love, very please, size, limited in, extra
great, beautiful big, good, looking at, takes good, are so clear, fairly decent
6 1
is absolutely great, much better, is impressive, is loud, clear, is clear
6 1
is just as fast, dramatic, most, large 5.5 screen, great, more
5 2
were all positive, is primarily for the tracfone service, lots, will update, helped me so much
5 2
modern, outstanding, is a welcome no contract purchase, better, awesome
5 2
lots of minutes, very well, was able to transfer my minutes, easy to, really pop
4 2
unlimited, promised, transferred perfectly, access long
screen size
very happy, nice, dramatic, is a nice upgrade, bigger, is great
5 1
plenty, enough, can upgrade, is a big plus for me
picture quality
4 1
great, could definitely be better, was a bit better, is good
4 1
is much more responsive, accurate, fast, prefers
great, clear, reasonably fast, size
this phone
4 1
opened for, reasonably high, are outstanding, just seemed better
3 2
always had, served me well, better
3 2
is great, good, is excellent
work well, can still use, good, stronger
good size, much more, more, much
smart phone
cheap, very nice, nice thing, fine entry level
very pleased, is unsurpassed, amazing, is less
galaxy j7 sky pro
is a great value for the money, is the first use smartphones with tracfone
2 1
are good, is super quiet
6 8
tracks balance, you won't use, garbage, stop, wouldn't come up, i got rid of, hasnt even activated it, like the wunderground local weather
4 4
did not compromise that much, informed of my mistake, could not have been easier, has never let me down
customer service
1 7
is no, was truly a painful, unnecessarily lengthy process, trying to get it to work, had no answers, do not speak good english, are no help either
2 3
cut off, terminated, about 47 minutes
sim card
without, problem, did not work, was incompatible