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All-new Echo Show (2nd Gen) - Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1" HD screen - Sandstone

We have analyzed 183 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works great, is better, are perfect, is ok. Screen is great, is better, has very limited use, is good. Sound is amazing, is great, is awesome, is pretty good. Device were updated constantly in the background, work very well, looks better on the counter, come into existence. 2% of users noticed that: Alexa have a delay on responding. Volume was turned down. Clock is too small. Alarm is too easy to turn off.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

164 80
love, great, works great, sounds great, is better, are perfect, took a picture, ’s fantastic, turns on my philps hue lights on slightly faster, ’s pretty great, ran through lights and webcams, full potential, very much, is ok, is not going bad, will be a reason, is a great start, sit for a while before exploring the features, good job, matter
71 12
bigger, larger, is great, clear, big, is better, clearer, great, has very limited use, improvements, helpful for displaying flash briefing video content, is good, is a great help, has light bleed issues, are nice, love, is as well, huge, is nice, extra large quality
64 9
great, better, is amazing, is great, is awesome, much better, crisp, is pretty good, love, improved, is incredible, is much better screen, is loud enough, beautiful, is so much better, amazing deep, big, in tremendous, is much better, wonderful
23 15
great, spot, awesome, were updated constantly in the background, wonderful, better review, work very well, looks better on the counter, handles light level detection, recommend, i like, come into existence, competitive, listen to your request, really expensive reminder, is larger and heavier, well, interesting, best, excellent
sound quality
is great, is a tad better, is much proved, is greatly improved, is fairly loud, is better, is much better in my opinion, will blow you away, great, improved, was enough to buy, is far better, is definitely better
10 3
continues to push updates, echo, work on letting us pick a name of our own choosing, was good, were ready for prime time, is working on some software updates, needs to give it the flexibility to be customize-able, wants you to purchase their ring doorbell, will be fixing these soon, did a great job
8 4
is phenomenal, has a richer sound, incredible, better, awesome, good, are a lot better, loud
10 2
great, nice large, are very good, beautiful, would just show the clock, bigger, like, is good, is edge lit, perfect heads up
echo show
love, very impressed, is for me, was so easy to setup, delighted, same large space, really useful, is a good addition to my echo ecosystem, has sat dormant
7 2
is there, demonstrate the behavior, interesting, better quality, is worth watching, very good, quickly
7 1
much better, great, awesome, large enough to view movies, is great, is clear, will come up
works quite well, spot, would load a bit faster, is the best, enjoying, access my local pbs tv station, is very useful
5 1
thumping, is good, very good, lot, adjusted
5 1
second gen, is better for video chat, very impressed, shows daily, very happy
4 2
echo, not impressed, better about echo, new
screen size
bigger, is much better, larger, best
huge, great, big
3 2
like newer, great, nicest
3 1
is ok, seems like a workaround, sounded fantastic
3 1
has a lot of new tweeks, hidden features, great
different, blows it away, much better, new
3 1
sounds great, sounds more crisp, keep me company all day
2 1
has lot's to watch, sounds great
2 1
controlled speaker, is two or three times louder
better, are five-star, is very clear
2 1
consistently issues, is very visible
original, great, simple
wonderful, perfect, larger
software update
2 1
adds to the new look, changes
brilliant, good, vibrant
smart display
best, is really slick
able to watch, is a nice start, lifesaver
this one
2 1
is probably going back with the price it commands, is by far my favorite
3 7
tries to make me watch psych, have a delay on responding, couldn't try asking, couldn't find purchased music in my library, doesn't understand what i want to watch, does not recognize most movie names by voice command, doesn't understand five or ten times
2 4
problem, set fairly low, set very low, was turned down
2 3
cannot get ring spot lite, doesn't bother me, disabled
2 3
is too small, tiny, can't change
1 2
pushed out, i can't recommend
user interface
1 2
seems rudimentary, let me down
1 2
is too easy to turn off, turns off