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Moto G5 Plus Case, Cimo [Matte] Premium Slim Protective Cover for Motorola Moto G5 Plus (2017) - Blue

We have analyzed 835 reviews from Amazon and found:

42% of users say that: Product works fine, arrived quickly, works great, is thin. Case looks great, arrived quickly, is nice, is slim. Phone is actually way better to use, worked great, works as expected, looks great. Fit is perfect, was very good, is very good, arrived quickly. 2% of users noticed that: Camera was damaged, is bit protruding. Volume button is hard to push, are a little weird, are wonky, get stuck. Volume can only be changed from these buttons. Volume and power buttons are way too stiff, are a bit stiff.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

456 96
great, love, good, fits well, fits perfectly, like, excellent, durable, works fine, not bulky, fits, feels good in my hand, arrived quickly, slim, flexible enough, bulky, works great, is thin, has protected my phone, very good
187 21
great, nice, good, fits well, very nice, perfect, excellent, slim, black, looks great, pretty good, nice looking, arrived quickly, ok, is nice, flexible, awesome, fits right, really good, fantastic
102 55
fits, great, perfectly, love, absolutely love, from bumps and bruises, compatible, fits the case just right, loved, in great shape, sturdy, priced, protects edges, finger, bounced right on a corner, is actually way better to use, favorite, easy to put, like a perfect glove, feel much more secure
76 2
perfect, good, nice, great, slim, is perfect, excellent, right, good tight, very good, sleek, well made, plenty of protection, tighter, exact, was very good, is very good, not too thick, fine, arrived quickly
25 19
were easier to press/access, work alright, work great, push more easily, are good, fit perfectly, stiffer, are protected, prefer firmer, power, work through the flexible material of the case, covers work fine, do not have problems, a bit easier to operate, are functional, all fine, work for me, work fine, adds just enough firmness, remain usable
this case
37 4
is awesome, really like, is great, fits well, love, isn't that soft, works great, is inexpensive, feels alright to the touch, no damage, fits snuggly to the phone, really easy to put on, was very easy to snap on, looked great, fits perfectly, fit my needs quite well, is easy to install, not been disappointed, definitely recommend, will last for quite awhile
39 1
nice, is beautiful, subtle, frosty blue, translucent, is true in photo, how lightweight, smooth silver, good, is great, love the purple, favorite, is translucent, is lavender, looks very sharp, vsry nice, like, is textured transparency, is pleasing, distinctive
25 6
good, great, nice slim, provides, unobtrusive, minimalist, nice, clean, provides shock, good minimal, excellent, simple, pretty decent, looks good
great, good, excellent, was great, right, decent, pretty good, is low, reasonable, small, very reasonable, is great
25 1
good, great, high, goo, looks higher, surprisingly high, is decent, fits perfect, very good, is ok, nice, very lightweight, very pleased, excellent
good, nice, comfortable, decent, safe in my hand, better, is solid and firm, has good, provides a good, excellent, had no issues, great, greatly improves, has great, is just right
12 7
protects, best, hope, is bright, brilliant, 5.2, works with, bigger, protector, good, are well-protected by the small lip
12 2
nice, nice grippy, bit more, positive, grip, feels really premium, clean, is super, like
13 1
great, fits very easily, heavy duty clear, works better for my needs, very happy, fits, gives as much protection, has protection around the camera, thicker, fits tight, adds a much needed grip, combines nicely
10 3
sleek, slim, glossy look, graspy surface and small enough, simple, very thin, clean, very basic, doesn't add any bulk to the phone
10 2
are rounded, are shiny, are glossy, super smooth, slick, no sharp, very grippy, clear, were sharp, no rough
9 3
flexible to protect, is matte, is completely solid, has a matte finish, is very stylish, feels good in my hand, doesn't smudge with fingerprints, is a rough matte, is matte enough
9 2
right, provide enough clearance for headphone jacks, are well placed, are properly located, adequately sized, are well sized, are perfectly aligned, good, are nicely done
perfect, plus perfectly, perfectly, pretty thin, muy grande.para, great
power button
5 4
easy to strike, could have made better, operate easily, work just fine, is actually an improvement
screen protector
8 2
tempered glass, need to add, works well, good, fits well with, will be satisfied, friendly
7 2
is excellent, really should be thinner, is easy to hold, feels cheap, protective enough for low-level, is smooth, comfortable
nice surface, great, is nice, nice thin, nice, love, good, looks much more expensive, more premium
great, sturdy, very protective, good fit, protects the phone well, excellent, attractive
fits great, good, translucent, feel, great, super slick, is absolutely high valuable
good, real good, awesome, was excellent
4 2
ok, just a plastic case, not slippery
light, simple and light, very light, easy to put on and off moto g5 plus, reasonably priced
very prompt, fast, great, super fast
3 2
are grippy, smooth, are glossy
4 1
light, thin-, finish, great
camera lens
4 1
is much less obtrusive, around, sit flush with the phone, smooths out the feel of the phone
2 1
not as smooth, like
2 1
enough, still protects it
7 15
never touches the surface, was damaged, surface from scratches, allows small debris into the back, ugly, bump flush with the case, sticks out quite a bit, doesn't protrude at all, tiny raised ring, is bit protruding, does not protect it well, bump, significantly protruding, cut outs, small raised edge
volume button
3 11
is hard to push, sometimes registered incorrectly, are a little weird, functioning improperly, having trouble, are wonky, may take a little getting used to, get stuck, on the side, don't work properly, don't work well
4 9
very difficult, power buttons, maxed out from a room away, harder to operate, ends up turning it up, can only be changed from these buttons, difficult to change, goes up, annoyingly hard to press
volume and power buttons
2 3
weren't so stiff, are way too stiff, are a bit stiff
moto g5
2 2
does not fit, very slippery
matte finish
2 2
less slippery, little slippery