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Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers (Previous Generation - 5th)

We have analyzed 670 reviews from Amazon and found:

29% of users say that: Product works well, worked great, works fine, works great. Tablet works great, is worth the price, works good, is easy to carry. Price was great, works great, was perfect, was affordable. Amazon can you do better, made absolute no mention of this. 5% of users noticed that: Screen has bad yellow tint, is fragile, is not responsive to touch, keep touching. Battery dies on both of them within 24 hours, dies extremely quickly, has goten weaker over time, got low. Charging port has come loose, keeps breaking, has ceased to work after less than two years, is loose. Kindle will stop, was so sloooow, are not sturdy.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

308 275
love, great, good, loves, works well, worked great, works fine, works great, was a gift, loved, liked, lasted, does the job, like, for my daughter, very nice, is a tablet, still works, still great, amazing
98 36
great, nice, works great, excellent, cheap, very good, inexpensive, good, love, decent, very happy, should look like and function, is worth the price, like, works good, is easy to carry, for a beginner user, gave them both as gifts, able to use, lowest level
24 1
good, great, awesome, was great, works great, low, was perfect, was affordable, was good, is great, amazing low, outweighs that advantage, half as good, is good
12 10
help up and down, can you do better, like, needs to step up, just updated the whole operating system, won't replace, prime, wants to control what apps, should update their silk browser, understands the quality of their product, made absolute no mention of this, would give me my warranty
battery life
10 7
good, longer, is really good, is great, works so well, easy to use, outlasts many others, excellent, lasts so long
9 7
is easier to understand, are widely used, still use on my phone, was fine, works for this tablet, transfer any normal, required school work, i wish to use, are easy to use
7 1
perfect, right, great, i like
5 2
worked perfect, had fun out, is only good for 90 days, doesn’t mean anything, recommend
customer service
5 2
is a great help, two hour standoff, wow, was treated fairly, promptly
6 1
was perfect, high color, vibrant, very user friendly, crisp, is very clear
great, best, happy, awesome, good, my first amazon
great, best, very good, safe, perfect, really great
easy searching, is stellar, nice, great, really love, are amazing
were ok, solid, love, nice orange, cute pink, is vibrant
love, does very well, has come up with and make corrections, upgraded, works in a platform of itself
good, great, shipped quick, very good
this product
5 1
love, replace, absolutely love, very affordable
4 1
is perfect, was good, is fun
this tablet
3 2
definitely reccomend, highly recommend, like
kindle fire
3 2
absolutely love, better, backup to my paperwhite
3 2
very basic, best, no longer
3 1
is perfect, easy to maneuver, is great
7 21
cracked, broke am, just went half black, prevents, red to reduce eye strain, has bad yellow tint, went out on it, not sensitive to touch, wasn't turning on, never leaves, goes black for a second, is fragile, broken, scrambled, no longer works, is not responsive to touch, keep touching, shattered, or broken
7 16
dies on both of them within 24 hours, does not last at all, then died, dies extremely quickly, would no longer hold a charge very long, has goten weaker over time, same problem, stopped holding a charge, doesn't last long enough to enjoy the features on the tablet, continues to die from one evening to the next, dead, die, got low, keeps depleting, gave out be day after warranty ended, doesn't hold a charge
charging port
completely stopped working, has come loose, keeps breaking, go bad, has ceased to work after less than two years, went bad, no longer works, is loose, loose, an issue, are poorly made, is weak, stopped working, wrong, goes bad, makes them unusable, are not made very well, wore out too quickly, only lasted for about 20 charges, loosens
8 11
will stop, in the trash, doesn't charge, was so sloooow, does not charge properly, ’s not from overuse, enjoyed, disappointment, ongoing issue, are not sturdy, never
8 10
should show all the content, worse, swipe to open, very slow, has library syncing issues, difficult to navigate, horrible, inoperable, most annoying, isn't powerful enough to smoothly run the card game
1 9
stop, stopped, quit, stops, in slow, finicky, easily malfunction
fire tablet
3 7
never ordering, is older, is practically worthless, no more, nearly worthless, does not move from one screen, not really happy
5 5
poor, not good, has gone way down, very poor
broke, no longer, will not take, doesn't hold a good, consistently, takes forever, laggy
2 5
could not connect older, broke, can't even type, no direction, without resetting
2 5
isn’t functioning, becomes loose, is deformed, doesn't hold a charging cable, got extremely hot
sound quality
2 4
was terrible, thin, not very loud, lacks
2 3
is gone, low def, are fuzzy
1 4
wifi router, stopped working, thing ue waste of money, quit working
has already stopped working, not so much, thing broke, is not working long time
very limited, not enough, problems, not as much
touch screen
2 2
became unresponsive, was not magenta
2 2
huge, same