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Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

We have analyzed 2190 reviews from Amazon and found:

25% of users say that: Product works great, works, was easy to install, is great. Video is clear, is very clear, works well, is great. Doorbell works great, works well, is great, works exactly as advertised. Install was easy, works great, was quick, was very easy. 2% of users noticed that: Battery drains, is low, will shut down soon, dies within a few days. Motion sensor is hard to calibrate, is flawed, is a joke, are only 30 seconds. Phone is slow to connect, has an issue with connecting to the device, was in my hand, is having trouble connecting to ring. Motion detection is ridiculous, is absolute garbage, is a little whack, will always pick up cars passing.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1743 843
great, love, works great, works, like, was easy to install, awesome, excellent, good, is great, recommend, works well, amazing, works perfectly, nice, highly recommend, was easy to set up, easy to install, very happy, works fine
149 116
great, clear, is clear, is very clear, good, excellent, works well, is great, is excellent, is good, is so clear, works department, was very clear, informative, awsome, are all 32 seconds, is instant and constant, come to my door, great clear, are crystal clear
114 74
works great, great, pro, works well, good, is great, love, works exactly as advertised, great concept, has been so good, seemed to function well, remotely useful, require huge installations, was a breeze to install and activate, costs, pro to use, is loud, highly recommend, works so great, is accurate
147 9
easy to, easy, very easy to, was easy, very easy, super easy to, easy to use, ease, works great, super easy, simple to, able to, very helpful, easy to setup, very happy - easy to, went perfectly, fast, couldn’t have been easier, simple, easy to set up
95 49
is great, is easy to use, easy to use, great, works well, works great, very user friendly, is intuitive, is very user friendly, very good, installed on my ipad, easily used adjustments, is awesome, has nice features, 👍, helps you install, configure, can open, love, works, is so easy to use
96 47
great, excellent, is great, clear, good, works just fine, love, works great, real good, worked on the same network, has incredible range, works better, is up, has a very wide lens, was easy to set up, correctly, absolutely no issues, very easy to install, go offline, are 1080p
92 51
works perfectly, works great, will be returning, works well, is great, bought, is working just fine, can change, purchasing more, is better, thanks, like, was busy today, will send you a refurbished one, is really to monitor, catches the entire property, was easy to install, is easy to work with, gives me the extra peace of mind, has a neighborhood watch
63 47
great, good, comes and goes in connectivity, good for deterring amateur robbers, really benefit, is offline, replacement, useful, quickly resolved, very good, is great, not be more disappointed, excellent, high hopes, is very attractive, recommend pairing, is amazing, nice little, is doing a good job of detecting motion, enjoying
99 12
easy, was easy, is easy, was a breeze, ease, is a breeze, was very easy, was pretty easy, was straight forward, was simple, very easy, went very smoothly, sealed the deal, very simple, really is easy, were a breeze, was surprisingly easy, was quick, painless into aluminum door molding, fairly simple
69 10
clear, great, is great, good, is clear, is better, is crystal clear, is very clear, excellent, are great, easy to install, perfect, great clear, are clear, good zoomable, clear night, better, is worth a thousand words!ring, extremely clear, comes out very clear
this product
58 18
love, highly recommend, really like, like, recommend, very pleased, would recommend, buy, really suggest, works ok, reasonable hopes, stay away, love the extra security, functional, turns, excited, definitely recommend, recommended, absolutely recommend, great
video quality
57 14
good, is excellent, great, is great, is good, is decent, excellent, improved, is clear, sucks, is fantastic, very good, liked, isn’t that great, amazing, seemed less than hd, solid, much better, is much better, ease of use of the unit
34 22
has never been wet, were in college and same thing, was smaller, was easy to install, is about thirty feet, is made pretty solid, nice, new, more responsive, works exactly as advertised, is hardwired for power, had low latency, feels well made, looks good, chime pro, works great, better made, works perfectly, tested, is really wide
43 7
easy, was easy, easy to, simple, works great, ease, was very easy, works perfectly, were a breeze, working within minutes, took a while, goes smoothly, was incredibly easy, quick easy, was super easy, is amazing, easy to install, works flawlessly, was simple, was quick
customer service
40 7
was great, excellent, best, great, good, was a pro, reps knowledgeable, pleasant, outstanding, is some of the best, professional, friendly, is of little help, is great, i called, is absolute great, is excellent, quickly, technical, are very helpful
ring doorbell
34 12
love, installed, works well, feel much safer, classic, able to use, goes off all the time, really recommend, installed along with the ring chime, mafuvtions all the time, amazing, loved, glad, is a great addition, so pleased, walking right, i like, like, does provide the security of alerting, was a godsend
battery life
26 17
is great, long, great, so far, has been great, is now at 99%, is at, will be happy, has been outstanding, excellent, would be better under normal use, awesome, extend, is approximately 3 weeks, good, is less than one month, is way less than expected, pretty good, is ok, is surprising
ring 2
24 16
is a perfect solution, does it all, couldn't be happier, is a must have in every house, can detect the motions, does a great job of operating, flood light, highly impressed, like to recommend, has an hd video stream, very impressed, is extremely power efficient, extremely happy, is excellent, so good, nice, was easy to set up, works great, would definitely buy, works perfectly
32 2
great, concise, were very easy to follow, were clear, were very clear, are clear, follow, good, are great, very easy to follow, easy, were great, intuitive, were abundantly clear, better, are well written, not time consuming, easy to understand, i followed, excellent
27 6
good, great, high, works well, worth the money, is most important, better, excellent, is nicer than i expected, less, comes with the 24/7 support, works, seems very high, high-, regressed, pretty good, is awesome, top notch, you find in the box, is great
29 2
great, excellent, promotes both, provides increased, is much better, gives me, best, makes me feel better, light system(s, wonderful addition, super simple, provides additional, you provide, very clear, best cheapest, nice, effective, extra sense, provides, cheap
29 2
is great, worked great, was sepia, easy to use, is good, was beautifully labeled, love, else remains the same, has advised, is superior, worked perfectly, easy, amazed, is going well, you need, works fine, is included except an electric drill, is ok, connected, works as predicted
set up
29 2
easy, was ridiculously easy, was a breeze, was fast, fairly easy, was easy, very easy, was okay, is spot on, was quite easy, shared users, super easy, simple easy, easy to, easy to use, works as advertised, is easy, pretty easy
25 5
easy to install, very, great, works well, love, pretty awesome, does work well over cell network, is user friendly, better job, good, was easily installed, good'open, perfect easy sucruity, should be available in the spring for $199.00, is easy, has everything needed, lot of competitive, does what it was intended, works fine, mbps
21 8
is great, loud, are great, was incredible, crisp, good, like a way to sell a booster, is like, did have issues, seems slightly better, is awesome, clear, is okay, is good, chime, enjoying, quality*good, is not muted
ring doorbell 2
27 2
is well made, looks nice, seems to work well, is easy to install and setup, so easy to install, has many pros, has some fine qualities, were within a few feet, is a nice addition, was nicely packaged, included all the tools, is an easy to set up, do like, really enjoy, like, installed, is the right one, love, received it on march 7th, is the perfect solution
21 8
was on my doorstep, was delivered, lot, nice, were much more thoughtfully sized, out yesterday, is dropped are all within the the range, very safe, nice little, contains everything a person could need to install the ring doorbell, comes with everything, are delivered, communicate with visitors, arrive, no more stolen, came with everything, comes with all the tools, were delivered in the months, comes complete with a screwdriver, able to call
25 3
great, happy, very good, advanced, best, loved, premium, real neat, must be included for motion.6, has been restored, love, without even being at home, cool, are great, very satisfied, useful, most impressed, are amazing, like, live view
17 11
great, constant, ring, quick, instant, have been adequately fast, motion, i like, work all the time, could be gone, received over 50, are very fast, every time, goes by, are much more timely, are ok
19 8
like, were easily heard, would drive you crazy, kept waking me up, love, are helpful, high, neighborhood, timely, are quick, fast, are prompt, real time, occasional delays, captures, easy to install, take a long time to load in the app, are instant
18 9
powerful, good, less than three feet, has a strong signal, initially worked, high speed, is amazing, strong, is right inside, mesh, made a difference, is about sitting on top of the darn ring, is on the other side, is excellent, nice, great
63 128
drains, operated, is low, never replaced, wouldn't charge completely, should last for 2 to 3 months, does not last 30 days, requires around 5 to 10 hours, will shut down soon, connection problems, remove, only lasts about 2-3 weeks, operated off, i would suggest you buy an extra one, dies within a few days, last about 2 weeks, doesnt take that long to charge, operated only system, charge overnight, lasted about a month
32 32
was dropping, is not strong enough, speed, chip was broken, sucks, setup all day long, extenders, is an issue, took care of the other issues, is satellite, problems, is within 20-25 ft, extenders to correct connectivity issues, problem, being slow, is not helpful, didn't work, means slower response, works with slow, guy to look at the router setup
motion sensor
24 29
hardly pick up anything, does not pick up fast, is hard to calibrate, did not work, do not, do not set off, is flawed, not tripping, picked up delivery truck pulling up, not be picked up, at least 4 to 5 times, is a joke, becomes worthless, takes time to dial in correctly, are only 30 seconds, started working, picks them up, problems, has not helped, only works sometimes
21 26
not monitor, doesn't get pinged for false positives, does not sync well, could not see anything, is slow to connect, trying to resolve the problems, all issues, fast wireless, has an issue with connecting to the device, did not open to view, not as simple, was in my hand, is having trouble connecting to ring, weren't new enough, is no longer compatible with the android app, has worse, before booting the app, issue quickly, spent hours, no thank
motion detection
9 27
is ridiculous, is absolute garbage, is a little whack, will always pick up cars passing, not being ideal, left in front of the house, is not the best, entirely, doesn't work most of the time, quits working, is either feast or famine, is inconsistent, goes out to 30 feet, is a total joke, limited, is spotty, is a bit slow, is extremely spotty, intermittent, hits th cars passing by in the street
9 26
is detected, no, isn't any better like the reviews, trouble, were times, gets to your phone, is rather blurry, keeps setting off, is triggered by flags, did not show up for 6 minutes, delay, is not consistent, big delay, is detected exactly, is going off every 5-10 minutes, subpar, disappears within the first 10 seconds, recordingdisliked:1, covers, gives off too many alerts
13 20
weak, poor, is weak, “booster, was not great, is lower, could not be better, bad, is garbage, issue all the time, stops working completely, does not pull up on your phone immediately, is reduced, delay, signal issues, was not excellent, strong, is poor, booster
9 19
lack, never been able to make, delay, is sometimes spotty, would drop, poor, worst, checked, seems to fail at times, drops, is poor, loses, is weak, bad, are the issue, painfully slow, problems, no, would be affected by signal
13 13
is poor, is getting fuzzy like static, is not really great, poor, not so much, couldn't get, is completely unintelligible, was recording delivery man scanning the box, is definitely not viable, no, did not begin, garbled, never works