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Amazon Fire TV Stick (Previous Generation)

We have analyzed 3100 reviews from Amazon and found:

24% of users say that: Product works great, works, was great, worked great. Amazon has your money, keeps raising the prices, will not replace or repair the stick, is really starting to push their luck. Tv came up with tea, are both less than a year old, works fine, works just fine. Roku works just fine, is much better, is soooo much faster, is bettter. 5% of users noticed that: Remote has stopped working, has very few buttons, is not working, has a warranty. Device is slow to respond, is frustrating to use, has stopped working, is extremely slow. App can simply disappear, came back, can just disappear, have a tendency to freeze. Fire stick don't by, is garbage, made her little tv, is extremely under powered.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1450 1224
love, great, good, works great, works, like, excellent, was great, awesome, worked great, works well, worked fine, loved, is great, nice, recommend, very good, worked well, all the time, loves
72 59
love, thanks, recommend, no one acknowledged, has your money, keeps raising the prices, will not replace or repair the stick, best, gotten better with the fire stick, prime stuff, charging me $8.99, look everything, won't disappoint in the pricing, promotes videos, is really starting to push their luck, offered me a new one, has always treated me well, profit, was no solution, mighty
51 15
works just fine, is much better, is soooo much faster, easier to use, streamers, is bettter, work with perfectly with all apps, is far superior, considering, is still going strong, is better for your buck, has been much more stable, gone with, is the way to go, will on a rare occasion, get a, choice, continues to operate with youtube, does, works better
this product
31 22
love, like, highly recommend, returned,, really loved, loved, enjoyed, family to purchase, rushed, stay away, very discussed, truly enjoy, try, do not get any apps, really am enjoying
25 17
ok, easy to install, is my best friend, still works fine, won't load, prime, work regularity, able to enjoy, can be easily downloaded, do great, can watch, no brainer, want to watch, is a very old version, able to watch, able to stream, look forward to searching each one separately for a show or movie, worked well, all i do now, very well
20 11
many, classic, easy to find, great, access, easy, finish watching, tons of shows, are good, starts then less than half finish, are all of that and more, enjoy, extremely large, came out in 1989, nice, nice good, shows for days and days, are priced very well, able to find
17 13
great, doesn’t work very good, thank, solid five star, decent, can enjoy, came exactly as advertised, was well worth, does work properly, very pleased, is worth what i paid
16 13
best, greatest, is ancient, great, much easier, bought a while ago, everyday, is awesome, are great
24 4
great, is great, good, minimum, probably good, better, matches its, very manageable, per month on entertainment, can't beat, works well, was great, reduced, worth the reduced, very nice, lower
apple tv
15 10
is almost 8 years old, works like a charm, more than paid for itself, best buy, really prefer, couldn't be more wrong, better off getting, got the, chrome, will go to, work without a problem, favor, love, is better, good
14 11
good, high, best, excellent, is far lower, very good, great, is the same, comparable, cheaper, is good
21 3
was great, worked, worked fast, was fine, was working well, else will be connected to the network, will come up seemingly like it should, is upsampled to 60fps, ok, is easy to use, works great, no delays, is on-line, can connect, amazed, is pretty uniform, cut and dry, was just as expected, worked fine, works fine
16 8
upgraded, connects, works well, works better, is working as it should, works on all other devices, never drops, excellent, pretty good, really fast, speed, is working, fast, is not down, rocks!p.s.fy, is great
14 7
best, great, good, easy, better, favorite
12 8
good, would improve, ease of use, superior, is good, is decent inside apps, won't have to suffer, powerful, almost flawless, solid, issues
12 6
going back to, had no problems, works in hotels, is definitely easier, more flexible, still allows youtube, better, works perfectly, like with google, very well need to return the firestick, is still alive, for my mom
easy to, easy to use, super easy to, dependable, super easy, easy, works great
12 6
no, not had, is not resolved, didn't have, works well, zero
31 138
stopped working, quit working, doesn't work, stick, die, has stopped working, stops working, sucks, not working, lost, only problem, has very few buttons, does not need to have a keyboard, doesn’t function properly, very basic, is not working, go bad, doesn’t want to respond, stopped working very, stopped recognizing the fire stick
71 76
worst, horrible, failed, not working after overheating, stop working, no reasoncant trouble shoot, doesn't use alexa, doesn't have the capability, never met the standards, consistently struggled with connectivity issues, comparable to the second generation roku, doesn't even have a voice remote, may catch on fire, loses power, very unsatisfied, is slow to respond, is frustrating to use, often were glitchy, has stopped working, most frustrating
56 66
slow, like reuters tv crash, can simply disappear, came back, can just disappear, have a tendency to freeze, run like crap, is a pain, doesn't always show, is not search there, freezes up trying to load, reboot issue, are have been terrible, horrible, frequently break, is clunky, don't run properly, few, don't start sticking, do not work
fire stick
52 54
disappointed, couldve caught my television on fire, don't by, is garbage, made her little tv, would freeze all the time, does not work well, is extremely under powered, frustrating to use, is hard to use, won't work well with chromecast, not able to use, is less than 5 ft from the router, gets hung up all the time, not use, has stopped working, very disappointed, is dropping youtube, issues, did not work
38 51
problem, reset, just lays idly by on the shelf, not impressed, lags at times, not recommend, gets used a lot, began showing odd, was under warranty, is going into the trash, is the most problem ridden, problems, has audio issues, always stops, cant access, mostly to watch youtube, had actually melted, started bugging out, not with the, very disappointed
42 42
don't watch, nothing, you cannot pause, worse, will not work, bad, pretty much makes my dumb, off, turns an average, non-smart, not-smart, will not need this thing, stick went out, hardly watch anything, never moved - always connected to, turns any, doesn't fit into all, is not reading, do crazy things, problems
25 57
stick, sticks, stick stopped working, stick died, stick useless, stick overheats, stick constantly, sticks live up to par, stick constantly pauses, sticks are almost useless, stick very little, stick overheated, burned up, stick attempts to install updates, stick for long, stick restarting, sticks kick ass, stick offers, heat up, shut down
fire tv
18 27
stick, stopped working, was replaced, stick cancelled youtube, stick obsolete, not real impressed, stick on amazon, not working, is entirely geared towards amazon's media content, common problem, stick cool, bought, slowness, had nothing but problems, stick works on any tv, stick on sale
16 18
not a netflix/hulu problem, stopped working, called planned obsolescence, getting to be very laggy, just missing some features, been more frustrating, extremely slow, now nearly unusable, become difficult to navigate, always glitching, been very frustrating, buggy, lags, glitches out frequently, skips while watching movies, already defected no more working properly, useless, terrible
11 21
is terrible, makes me literally yell at the tv, is confusing, is not optimized for remote control, terrible, worst, can be slow, clunky, difficult, didn't like, is a little slow working, is awful, lags, idiosyncratic, is a little slow, is also useless, is clunky, is so slow, clunky and slow, too slow
9 23
canceled, no longer, ditch, replace, haven't missed, will never pay, no longer need, cut my, dropped, work with the tv inputs, never going back, ditching, just watch my shoes the day after, replaced, regular, bye, cancelled, do away, ditched
8 19
dark grey, grey, up, is just blank, telling me to turn it off, goes back to the home, freezes, goes black, showing loading, no, flat, blank, goes black with, remains black, goes blank randomly, stutters switching between, turns off, would flash to black every 15-30 seconds, issue
9 21
glitch, would loose connection, stumbles and lagged from day, stable, are lockups, streaming cuts out, is jerky from time to time, not watch, is constantly losing sound, prime, stutter, will be paused, stick's problem, just shuts off, will catch up, stutter issue, is not quite as sharp, will appear to buffer very frequently, do not have this trouble, not lining up
8 20
disruptions, disconnected constantly, would stop disconnecting, cant stay connected, has been checked out, install, stopped working, would start working intermittently, is not fast, cant seem to access, connection problems, extenders, high speed, stopped picking up, is horrible, access point, doesn't have, not my, i have no issues with my computer, problem on the stick
4 23
no, don't get a fire stick, not being able to show anymore, is pulled off, was eliminated from the fire stick line up, removed, is not available in january, no more, will no longer be available on device, will not work, will be eliminated on jan. 1, will be gone from the fire tv, is not blocked immediately on the fire tv, will no longer work, will no longer be supported, our most used app on the fire stick, will no longer be available, doesn't support, can't watch, not supported starting jan
10 14
broke months, becomes useless, will restart, went to crap, don't have to go out, will occasionally buffer, be slow to respond, is not very powerful, is very buggy, is so messed up, not a problem, gets stuck, will not work, has kicked out all tv data
6 17
problem, issues, drops once, were some issues, mess, intermittently drops in and out, is loose, keeps resetting, poor, looking, awful, is very poor, always freezes, is too slow, not only
this thing
4 16
has always been laggy, is constantly buffering, hated, totally sucks, is horribly unreliable, is miles behind, won't bother, sucks, is a joke, is very slow, full of errors, glitches, doesn't support google play, doesn't connect with netflix, freezes almost every other episode it plays, is garbage
3 15
dead, ran out in less than a week, keep exploding, is not the issue, tried new, tried more new, twice, every couple days, will sometimes help it re-connect, tried different, ran other tests​, no luck, are really bad, gave out, tried several tv's
5 11
overheating, stop working, plugged, failed, itself burned out, worthless, are slow at best, failed completely, is just defective, not the fastest, little
6 10
is awful, stops, never, problems, handles only basic, constant problems, is not smooth, seamless, skipping, not thrilled
5 11
couldn't ask for help, moving too slow, is a bit cumbersome to navigate, lags, freezes, don't show populate, got major changes, are not user-friendly, are very laggy, clunky and slow, are also super slow