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All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet | Hands-Free with Alexa | 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Marine Blue - with Special Offers

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27% of users say that: Product works great, is easy to use, is great, works well. Tablet is great, is exactly what i hoped, is very easy, is ready to use right out of the box. Thi is my 3rd kindle, is for you, was no problem, has alexa on it. Screen is clear, is ok, is much brighter, is pleasing graphically at 8 inches. 2% of users noticed that: App can be downloaded agai, were no longer supported, come hard coded, is far too proprietary. Battery will last only one day, is getting weak, is already at 70%, drains faster. Ads don't want to close, are awful, have trouble, were horrendous. Volume is non-existent, doesnt stay on, is not loud enough, is low.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

698 414
love, great, like, works great, good, is easy to use, nice, awesome, is great, fast, enjoying, really like, returned, works well, is fast, is good, excellent, easy to use, perfect, light
203 48
great, love, very nice, nice, really like, is great, good, awesome, best, very good, real, nice size, loving, ok, enjoying, smaller, decent, go to fire, is exactly what i hoped, gets better
90 41
love, like, is my 3rd kindle, is for you, one last longer, was no problem, gift from a client, has alexa on it, is perfect, will take all day, is my 3rd fire, would be the one, may be great, is an amazing value for the price, is my fourth fire, is actually my fifth kindlr, works perfectly, should be better, connected super fast, is easy to hang onto
67 43
bigger, larger, is clear, is ok, big, clear, large, better, is much brighter, clearer, bit larger, is pleasing graphically at 8 inches, for audible, was also very dark, bright, is larger, 10 inch, is very sharp, easy to see, would have been helpful
76 1
perfect, like, great, love, right, good, liked, nice, is great, larger, easy to use, is convenient, very comfortable, different, are perfect, really happy, powerful, is very nice, really like, relatively fast
45 28
excellent, great, nice, connects easily with wifi, more useful, truly enjoying, is good, is a sales pipeline, little, great nice, gen 7, nearly a year (black friday deal, unlock, keeps pushing selections, echo, do everything, could have alexa access on long trips, is great, absolutely thrilled, blue tooth
37 23
love, good job, wants to promote its music offerings through its devices, does care about their product, thank, thanks, has made my life easier, big fan, has amazing customer service, has taken another positive feature, has become far too proprietary, were not helpful, worth of solder, i was available for a representative to talk with me, cannot fix the problem, would incorporate a way to archive, runs ads, added a reboot button, too focused, will track
27 19
very easy to setup, is good, faster than the rest, replace an older version, would be improved, lot, unlimited account, is fast, seems much more pokey, much faster, is ok, like, is all that i expect from this device, really covered, are great to work with, is exactly what i wanted, was six years old, has replaced an older version of the nook, fires, far superior
36 3
great, good, very good, is right, low, was awesome, same, is great, dropped significantly, was more than fair for the device, was very good, was very reasonable, saw very good, is wonderful, is good, will drop, had come down, was right, was lower than expected, can't beat
battery life
21 12
longer, is very good, is amazing, very long, long, lasts a long time, great, is better, love, is great, my biggest surprise, improved, longer lasting, is decent
22 4
great, nice, like, best, impressed, exploring, very satisfied, liked, terrific, is nice, many good, really like, has alexa, good, are amazing, modern, newer, really great, blue light
17 9
is great, is neat, is my new best friend, was a plus, will be a great assist, is wonderful, is the coolest, is a nice feature, was easy, convenience, has promise, is more easy to use, able to talk to, shows as being sideloaded, big fan, already got in a argument
18 5
clear, great, have been improved, counter, is crisp, is more complex, offers to much advertisement, are superb, larger, crisper, excellent, is great, is large, beautiful, good, full
11 9
great, is good, is alot better, high, love the alex a feature, good, 3.5mm headphone, are great, improved, decent
16 2
like, liked, working , able to use, is different, love, is fine, is tap to highlight, is great, will move fast, works good, works great, is better, was going good
15 3
great, love, brilliant, easy to navigate, pretty fast, is fast, amazing, are great, is brilliant, nice, fav, favorite, is not bright
14 4
negative, solid, fair, updating my initial, last time, are important, leave, 4 star, nice, measured hers out at 6.75, like, posted an earlier, updated
11 6
is decent, haven't even messed, my granddaughter loves, great, work well, reversible, love, is much improved, takes very good pictures, like used to come with all fire tablets, better
fire hd 8
15 1
good buy, is a very capable tablet, is hands down faster, is a bargain, replace a fire hdx, best bet, is great quality, comes with an ample amount of storage, is hd, is very good, keeping, is even more convenient, provides easy use of features, works just fine, is meeting my needs very well
this tablet
13 2
love, will be returning, no problems, like, would recommend, loves, keeping, loving
7 6
favorite, is more like an amazon media consumption device, kind of hard, can see it, regular tablet stuff, easier and enjoyable, really love
11 2
can see, clarity, is good , clearer, really clear, nice, is sharper, show, great, is a lot sharper, all
11 1
light, perfect, easy to carry, are perfect, was fine, very light, is very nice, like
7 5
wise, improve, great, is fair, high, no problems, overall
customer service
11 1
numerous times over that time, was great, most enjoyable, loved, fantastic, i'm calling, reached out to me, is excellent, provide, clearly led me through the process, is already sending me a replacement
fire hd 8 tablet
love, is great, highly recommend, very impressed, really like, so much bigger, all-new
kindle fire
6 4
is about me, two of these, very perfect, 11th, can't be beat, is easy to navigate
fire tablet
7 3
love, new, is very light weight, has been a god send to me, better, works as well
great, work great, look pretty when doing simple tasks, a little brighter, easy, no over complications, are wonderful
29 41
limited, had to be downloaded manually, couldn’t get on this tablet, useless, can be downloaded agai, you cannot deleted, i can't delete them, were no longer supported, come hard coded, now down loads, had to be modified to accommodate the 8th generation fire hd 8, lack, blocked, is far too proprietary, i required was not available, i tried to download, are only available from google play, cannot be downloaded on the fire, take forever to launch, is not many
15 19
bad, doesn't die suddenly, went from 99% to less than 40%, nearly every day, takes hours and hours, will last only one day, declines faster, started to go on my 2013 fire hd 7, died, doesn't last nearly as long, lasts only about 4 hours, charged dropped 6%, is getting weak, does not last any longer, started going down, wouldnt hold a charge, is already at 70%, doesn't seem to last as long, drains faster
6 14
annoying, rid, don't want to close, hate, sick, stop getting, are awful, have trouble, were horrendous, absolutely inappropriate, too many, was not prepared for the excessive, excessive, popping up unexpectedly
6 10
stays the same this puppy is going back, completely down, so awful, fix, is non-existent, doesnt stay on, could be better, is not loud enough, is low, very very low
3 8
are uneven, worked, is not loud enough, are blown, have died, are poor, are extremely bad, my other complaint
this one
4 6
is awkward to use, is not great, is not as good, does not fit the cover, is awful, not
4 6
not sure i like, avoid the unnecessary advertisements, died, does not happen, run to nearest store, were a no go for me
5 5
will not load on this tablet, can't, had issues, will not download, unable
sd card
5 5
haven’t even purchased, get incompatible error message, issue, was “unexpectedly removed, were all deleted off my sd card
this product
4 5
not happy, really disappointed, not that impressed, do not buy, disappointed
4 5
bad, doesn't come with a built-in dictionary, identical, might get 4 hrs of battery life, is by far the worst