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Echo Show - 1st Generation Black

We have analyzed 16040 reviews from Amazon and found:

32% of users say that: Product works great, is great, can do, is amazing. Screen is nice, is great, is clear, is awesome. Device is great, works well, works great, is wonderful. Echo show is great, is amazing, is awesome, works great. 1% of users noticed that: Youtube is not supported, is no longer supported, is gone, is not available on echo. Google will tell us, has blocked youtube, will blow the echo show away, has spoiled us. Microphone is not as good, is terrible, is far worse, are not as sensitive. Youtube video can not play, are being banned, can not access, got.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

11684 3872
love, great, like, works great, awesome, is great, good, loves, can do, excellent, is amazing, works well, amazing, nice, loved, is awesome, fun, really like, does everything, ’s great
1043 680
love, bigger, nice, echo, is nice, larger, clear, great, like, is great, is clear, i like, big, beautiful, really like, large, bright, is awesome, touch, works great
994 295
great, echo, amazing, nice, awesome, good, love, excellent, cool, fun, useful, wonderful, is great, best, pretty cool, very happy, decent, very useful, works well, perfect
echo show
876 186
love, is great, like, is amazing, really like, is awesome, absolutely love, works great, really enjoy, really enjoying, very happy, can do, is the best, is perfect, really love, is wonderful, is fun, works, was easy to set up, prime day
923 126
great, good, is great, is good, better, is amazing, love, is very good, nice, excellent, is awesome, very good, clear, amazing, awesome, is better, is pretty good, is excellent, is incredible, quality
619 249
love, is great, is amazing, is awesome, is the best, is fun, is my new best friend, thanks, loves, like, best, does so much, does everything, knows everything, is brilliant, rocks, really love, lot of fun, works great, gets better and better
502 257
thanks, love, great, thank you, echo, prime movies, prime, prime day, awesome, like, nice, great job, will not replace, amazing, really, work, thank, well done, help, good job
445 136
echo, is the best, love, really like, enjoying my echo, is awesome, is my favorite, like, is excellent, was easy to set up, is ok, is great, is pretty cool, is amazing, is a great addition, works really well, enjoying our echo, enjoying the echo, is nice, is by far the best
402 123
great, are great, good, nice, better, is great, are amazing, sounds great, are excellent, are good, are very good, decent, amazing, loud, love, excellent, are wonderful, quality, much better, is better
392 131
prime, great, love, can watch, like, good, well, is good, enjoy, is clear, is awesome, works great, able to watch, see, really like, short, excellent, awesome, works well, is great
390 109
love, best, regular, great, really like, original, is great, absolutely love, like, really love, really enjoy, good, does everything, works great, better, highly recommend, stick, is so much better, enjoying, show - black
426 59
great, favorite, love, prime, unlimited, like, is great, sounds great, is awesome, enjoy, variety, i like, plays, news, can listen to, can listen, able to play, especially, he likes, is loud
sound quality
285 59
is great, great, is good, is amazing, is very good, is excellent, good, better, excellent, very good, is pretty good, is better, is decent, love, like, awesome, is surprisingly good, is acceptable, is much better, is ok
286 39
great, nice, favorite, best, many, more, cool, awesome, excellent, really like, love, is great, good, are nice, neat, are great, my favorite, extra, coolest, lot
151 98
great, well, is great, echo, enter the to and from addresses, are number of options, can do video to video, always check, has changed, make her give briefs, is awesome, needs considerable work, echo spot, does need more, no matter, cleared, handy, links up, very few, lot
145 85
works great, pro, echo, lights, love, fantastic, works well, can view, view, is the best, feeds anytime, easy to install less than 15 minutes up and running, wonderful, is good, really cool, is fantastic, view the exterior of our home, can level out, love being able to see, is the best feature
this product
194 35
love, like, highly recommend, recommend, really like, loved, enjoy, definitely recommend, absolutely love, really love, buy, really enjoying, returning, very pleased, great, enjoying, liked, works great, is just okay, very happy
121 87
smart, works great, convenient, without, great, close to bed easier, is a huge benefit, much nicer, work great, would be beyond her capabilities, connect no problem, perfered, no one ever, attach it to, perfect, synced, able to connect, i'm computer, can do that with my, must be a 5.0
160 43
love, nice, great, is great, like, good, smart, really like, excellent, large, crisp, useful, clear, temp, are good, do like, is awesome, was large enough, size reduced, nice clear
169 25
great, clear, is great, nice, is clear, good, beautiful, is crisp, very clear, love, is sharp, like, is outstanding, is super clear, very good, are great, favorite, would be clearer than it it, serves better, is so clear
110 67
nice, great, awesome, very nice, is easy to use, works, will return, good, perfect, well designed, like, very handy, is great, well thought out, very user friendly, is angled upwards, is by her bed in the bedroom, was purchased to use at the bedside, echo, versatile
124 38
great, good, full, was right, high, would pay full, nice, best, point, is good, work perfectly, excellent, hesitant, is considerably more than the echo dot, is not bad, big difference, was great, worth, beat, is north of $200
134 13
easy, easy to, very easy, was easy, very easy to, is a breeze, was a breeze, easy to use, works great, was simple, ease, super easy, is easy, surprised, ease of use, can check on my ailing mother, was extremely easy, quick, gets better every month, was complete guess work
set up
135 8
easy, easy to use, very easy, super easy, was easy, easy to, was super easy, simple, was very easy, ease, easily, was a breeze, easy initial, extremely easy, works good, needs a boatload of work, took me about 1.5 minutes, quite simple, show to be able to drop, easy to check orders and browse
106 34
good, best, great, cool, favorite, useful, are amazing, wonderful, fun, neat, will be added as the product develops, was amazing, was able to get away, is does very easy to use, is cool, is great, loved to do, is pretty fun, is just plain cool by itself, is a lot cooler
this thing
104 33
love, is awesome, is amazing, is so cool, is great, started off to be ok, is so much fun, is absolutely amazing, without, works, is fun, is okay, work, great, sounds great, fills the room, is cool, is aweseom, is bangin, cant do any of that with
99 19
great, amazing, awesome, best, works great, fun, during prime day, working as advertised, really cool, are addicting, wonderful, coolest, very much, excellent, very pleased, incredible, is a great addition to my home, useful, is great, received as advertised
76 35
all the time, great, echo show, makes, wants to, loved ones, technical assistance, out to see, without stopping what i’m doing, without needing to bug mom, me on my alexa app, almost every day, amazing, peace of mind, makes my life, have to be made through the app, numerous, do quick, downstairs alexa, make a hands free
echo dot
86 24
echo, several, echo spot, better, were a better purchase, no issues, have enjoyed using them, understands less, full, does all the controls, few, superior, rated, are linked together, keep our whole house connected, wanted to upgrade, perfect, performs way better, regular, are much better value
video call
83 25
great, love, can, can make, able to make, easy, simple, took place a while ago, have been very good, top of your head, more, liked the ability, are great, regular calls, will become a big use, better, purchased mainly for, like, able to do, work very well
77 18
great, best, good, very happy, favorite, very good, more of an impulse, enjoyable, very cool, most favorite, well as allowing, delighted, quite enjoying our, long, coolest, prime day, so happy, fairly satisfied, glad, wonderful
73 19
ok, okay, been very helpful, worked fine, already getting a fair amount of use, used by everyone in the household, rating could imporve, will worth 129, possible it could be corrected, working ok, going to do suggestions, hard to navigate, been a handy addition to our lifestyle, rumored to be released around september, web info type search, is part of the family, listening, really a nice machine, not bad, works as advertised
85 7
news, like, is like, so much more, nice, love, is great, good, even sport up dates, traffic info, is a plus too, is available at a quick glance, up, keeps me updated, is one of the things, quick, last orders, kind of clothes, play games, are cool
65 27
good, great, excellent, is great, decent, is terrific, improved, books check weather, isn’t great, is great quality, worked fine, range while cooking, is excellent, much better, was decent, awesome, would be great, is soothing, wish, only for the echo or echo dot
87 4
love, is great, like, works as advertised, works great, was great, see, runs smoothly, is fine, would be fine, is so easy to use, you can afford, is voice controlled, reset, is extremely nice, busy professional, is awesome, is working with it, must be controlled through app, comes back up in the mornings
74 13
echo, few, connect correctly, is awesome, works as well, want another show to replace, started with the, spot, are amazing, well with an echo, has better range for listening to commands, very pleased, would respond to alexa feom farther away, owned 2 echo, have less issues, has no problem understanding, looking forward to add echo, are great, can interact with echo, neglect
54 32
clear, was clear, groggiest, can hear, clearer, activated calculator, bass levels, is the future, hear, sound, able to use, is wonderful, shortest, using smart plugs light, learning thousands of things along the way, control, very responsive to, really raise, learn, perfect
video chat
76 12
love, can, great, likes, ease, with her many children, can even, intention of using them in our home together, able to enjoy, is one of the better quality, with grandkids loads of fun, with our parents, able, easy way, echo spot, do quite often, reminders, asking alexa to call, has one, echo show
67 246
no, is not supported, is no longer supported, lack, doesn't work, is gone, no more, can't watch, is not available on echo, can't use, issue, no longer works, cannot access, does not work, removed, has been disabled, was no longer available, is not available, is blocked, is horrible
57 59
no, not as knowledgeable, will tell us, pulled youtube, has blocked youtube, will blow the echo show away, aint no, jerks, has spoiled us, worked out, got upset, is a disservice to the customer, not very knowledgeable, not like, will lose them the home automation war, has blocked their service, want to square off, ok, dispute, fought back by removing youtube from amazon devices