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Kindle Oasis E-reader - Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 8 GB, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

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29% of users say that: Product is waterproof, is the best, is the best kindle, is great. Screen is great, is beautiful, is bigger, is perfect. Kindle works fine, are great, is great, keep getting better. Device is amazing, is waterproof, is very light, is light. 4% of users noticed that: Battery life is terrible, is horrible, is abysmal, is not very good. Battery is dead, drains, is terrible, drains a lot faster. Cover is a little stiff, was unwieldy, working, keeps falling off. Page keep flipping, is weird, are not easily navigated, is constantly changing.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

4827 2136
love, great, like, waterproof, is waterproof, easy to hold, light, is the best, lightweight, is the best kindle, ’s waterproof, loved, worth, is great, works great, good, works well, is light, is my first kindle, absolutely love
944 235
larger, bigger, great, is great, beautiful, is beautiful, clear, love, nice, is bigger, good, slightly larger, is perfect, large, is easy to read, is larger, big, wider, is wonderful, is clear
497 156
best, oasis, love, favorite, waterproof, perfect, great, like, very pleased, original, awesome, really enjoying, easy to hold, loved, absolutely love, works fine, cheaper, very nice, greatest, bigger
390 165
great, perfect, excellent, wonderful, favorite, best, beautiful, nice, amazing, good, fantastic, better, is amazing, thin, love, very good, is waterproof, is very light, dedicated, is light
386 24
larger, perfect, love, like, is perfect, right, nice, great, smaller, is great, good, really like, i like, small, increased, compact, bigger, are perfect, extra, convenient
263 86
was waterproof, like, is perfect, is light, is a good reader, is the best, is advertised, does not, comfortable, is amazing, is waterproof, is light weight, is much lighter, easy to read, is pretty much, is truly meant for serious readers, absolutely worth of premium price, was less comfortable to hold, is a breeze to turn off, received the new
201 66
oasis, new, upgraded, good, now the oasis, is waterproof, is a much better deal, loved, is fine, better, upgrade, better comes along, recommend, was still going strong, is amazing, feels very different, even better for night reading, comes out, would be true, is snappy
157 86
like, love, are great, really like, are intuitive, are more convenient, are awesome, are perfect, are much better, favorite feature, option, easier to press, is really an improvement, minimal, like to turn pages, real, wide, have a lovely click, well positioned, can be adjusted
150 76
thanks, glad, better, fan, well done, great job, made a very good call, worthy, was changing the features on the paperwhite, make me feel better with their response, has folded many lesions, did offer a payment plan, were nice, understands, is able to manage call centers, is stretching the truth, made me pay for return shipping, without a thought, behind your product, checked all the boxes
190 20
light, very light, like, lighter, love, perfect, ease of use, right, lite, easy to hold, good, are good, extra, increased, was perfect, is near perfect, is less than most of the average sized paperbacks, are perfect, snappy response, reduced
133 17
larger, clear, is great, crisp, high-resolution, bigger, great, easy to read, is wonderful, love, is bright, is crisp, is sharp, bright, is excellent, good, nice, able to, is great-, really like
103 32
is perfect, is even, good, is great, is good, perfect, great, is better, is uniform, is very even, excellent, better, is much more, came out to dive into the e-reader world, is sharp, is comfortable and white, is really nice to look, comfortable to hold, nice, is perfectly
121 13
great, best, nice, like, waterproof, many, favorite, good, wonderful, light, really like, resistant, neat, few, outstanding, fave, available on your next kindle, came out, wise, more
kindle oasis
114 18
love, upgraded, is everything, full year, cons, is still a wonderful device, smaller, goes everywhere with me in my purse, could be better, looks good, is darn, is by far the best designed to date, for a little more than a month, trying to order, absolutely love, is the best kindle, changed my mind, is gone, is the best reader, is the best choice
90 22
ergonomic, sleek, asymmetrical, waterproof, is great, great, like, elegant, absolutely love, classy, really is easier to hold, makes the larger device feel light, liked, best, very comfortable, really comfortable, with the wide bevel, incredibly sleek, are perfect, decent case
screen size
104 2
larger, increased, bigger, love, like, perfect, extra, is nice, is great, loved, great, is better, light weight are great, fit, new, best, greatest factor, option, difference, good
91 17
great, avid, excellent, nice, favorite, voracious, best, awesome, bit of money, pleased, was slimmer, better balance, glad, gives u the ability to adjust the print and font, long time, replaces my rectangular, greatest, works great, was a big draw, is fine
83 21
oasis, is nice, now the oasis, new oasis, white, ’s, waterproof, i ended up returning, has a 1320, my experience, easily, had a great system, choice, being the best, much better-, enough, is best, upgraded, was too highly priced, is still the better device
71 31
high, is too high, is high, worth, is hefty, good, hefty, should be included.3, is way too high, better, i paid, worth the big, is steep, put me off, down considerably - worth exploring, enough to justify the difference, easier to shell out, premium, can't give 5 stars, nearly 3x
81 20
love, great, like, good, prefer, fantastic, more regularly, casual, really enjoy, really enjoyed, clear, is easy, so much better, really enjoying, is fun, perfect, lot easier on eyes, better, easy, light
76 19
is crisp, crisp, clear, is clear, is easy to read, is good, is super crisp, sharp, highlight, is crystal clear, easy on the eyes, looks sharper, is gorgeous, is a little larger, black background, shows quite clearly, is so much easier to read, is so clear, seems clearer, fits lots more
page turn button
66 27
love, like, are great, are nice, i like, really like, very easy, are very nice, are also super convenient, are ok, separates the oasis, is super convenient, really love, are handy, really enjoy, really help with turning pages, easy, work exactly, very convenient, greatest
52 27
waterproof, decent, last one is of the kindle, has solid, wide, rounded edges, colorful, perfect match for the oasis, is very attractive, fit well, is comfortable to use, checking, ultra-thin, are cheap looking, not very colorful, is a big strike, textured, is warmer, super slim, is very nice
51 22
update, thanks for reading my, original, pretty in-depth, is after experiencing kindle oasis, is 4 stars, bashing the oasis, posted some pics, read, called expert reviewers, very particular, gives me concern, seemingly mixed on the value/quality, covers every part of the kindle, after a little more time, glowing, thought ok, good, i hesitated to buy the oasis, impression
new oasis
54 14
is great, was my choice, simply doesn't 'fit' anywhere, is too big to carry around, has several advantages, is since two weeks in my possession, tried, is the best e, was better, easier, lighter, feels better in the hand, is perfect, has a variety of covers, barely lasts a day, is very light, is solid, feels good in the hand, is a quality ereader, is no exception
33 27
full, quickly, will last as long, going strong a week, well, no cracks or scratches, maintain, lasts about 15 days, long time, good solid, once a week, lasts much longer, better, do last weeks, lasts, doesn't last noticeably longer, lasted six hours, recharges quickly, was still intact, stays forever
44 16
good, like, love, is one huge advantage, lot, show up alphabetized, are easy to read, are heavier, on the oasis, can listen to audible, helps remember, audible, many, wonderful, is next, real, complete, easily, able to get new, happen next
52 7
nice, great, worth, excellent, major, amazing, really needed, very nice upscale, pretty nice, looking to, all new, well worth the cost, warrant, huge, is more of a luxury, got the oasis, worthwhile, enhanced, from one oasis to the newer, worthy
45 12
is great, is excellent, more efficient, smoother, run time, much brighter led, can significantly reduce that, love, light adjustment, great asset, adjustable, works great, is nice, is amazing, is phenomenal, adjusts to atmosphere, seems better than previous models, was fabulous, like, has a broad range of adjustable brightness
46 11
new, much newer, primary feature, well pleased, very first, five, dedicated device, had many different, was very lightweight, support immersion reading, kept the previous, was right for me, come out, is good, expensive, last years, will be better, work out these kinks, for another generation or two, has some really good featureslike
39 15
no, adjustable, low, is awesome, is great, easy to read, is quite sufficient, light to hold, all the way down, adaptive, are super uniform, adjusts very well, darker hallways, zero, nicer, is perfect, work well, is impeccable, is nice, bright
46 7
great, best, waterproof, dedicated, excellent, favorite, good, nice, are slower, like, think like i did, is supposed to be, most comfortable, really want, was going to play ads, great little, lower priced, is of course waterproof, without, can easily read in a dark room
46 6
great, best, good, perfect, excellent, outstanding, beautiful, ultimate, awesome, very nice, decent, nice looking, truly great, nice light, amazing, serviceable, can go weeks without a charge, fits my hands better, easily the best, oasis
battery life
357 444
poor, is terrible, terrible, short, very disappointed, is horrible, bad, worst, sucks, is abysmal, is not very good, is poor, is awful, is no better, is not as good, abysmal, is very short, horrible, is not good, lousy
238 416
does not last as long, low, is dead, doesn't last as long, problem, does not last long, does not seem to last as long, doesn't seem to last as long, runs down, drains, is terrible, only lasts a week, drains a lot faster, defective, faulty, poor, oasis, is so bad, was defective, drains quickly
60 65
did not sound, heats up unbearably, is a little stiff, doesn't sit flush across the back, hated the detachable, gets heavier, was unwieldy, easily fell off, working, cheap, cannot find, makes the back flat, doesn't plug into the oasis, terrible, doesn't reliably turn off kindle, keeps falling off, kept falling off, is needed to be bale to hold onto the kindle, does not stand upright well, awkward
60 62
turns, constantly turning, no more double swipes, more frequently, keep flipping, flips constantly, is weird, frequently water drops will change, turning, are not easily navigated, is constantly changing, turn unexpectedly, not turning, flashes black sometimes, too many, doesn't change, would not advance, turns lag, wrong, turns are faster
33 44
turned off, off, without having to charge it, will only for a few days, disappointed me, only spun up, didn't need anything, i am constantly emailing things to my device, don't have, temporarily, stopped working, may not reflect normal usage, suddenly quit, disconnected randomly, lasts about 4-5 days, is slow, will not work at times, turned off most of the time, gets empty fast, w/o cellular data
touch screen
22 32
disable, no, more sensitive, can't use, could be disabled, is dismissed, is somewhat confusing, sensitive area, occasionally inadvertently, isn't, no back light, completely, touchiness to an end, is faulty, in favor of the buttons, is a little slow to input, little slow, page turner, does not provide consistent page, is awful
24 25
defective, bad, was defective, was doa, for three days, is water resistant, are expensive, pretty much shuts down, feels out of balance, too tightly, without the bulky edge, will not lay flat, momentarily shifting, completely power off, shuts down, doesn't reflect the quality of other kindle oasis e-readers, was too heavy, turns, serious issues, isn't properly