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Fire TV Stick bundle with Echo Dot (2nd Gen) - Black

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31% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, was easy to set up. Fire stick works great, is great, is awesome, is amazing. Device is awesome, was easy to set up, worked great, is very easy to use. App work just fine, works great, works fine, worked fine. 3% of users noticed that: Remote has stopped working, is small, is dead, is too small. Cable got rid, will never go back, got rid of it, don't need. Fire tv work, is essentially useless, has no quality control of the apps, got confusing. Batteries have to be replaced daily, are already bad, are not bad, is impossible to do.

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3374 1220
love, great, works great, like, good, easy to use, easy, is great, excellent, awesome, works well, was easy to set up, works, loved, ’s great, amazing, is awesome, work great, worked great, works fine
fire stick
168 76
works great, is great, love, is awesome, is amazing, like, is easy to set up, enjoying, easy to install, great, was easy to install, absolutely love, really enjoy, works well, works much better, recommend, really like, is perfect, worked perfectly, is the best
178 52
great, awesome, excellent, is awesome, best, very good, good, perfect, little, wonderful, needed, nice, was easy to set up, love, worked great, is very easy to use, lots of abilities, works functionally very well, is extremely easy to use, has many top apps
131 71
great, favorite, many, easy, easy to use, work just fine, works great, how easy, lots, works fine, worked fine, i wish, are good some free, high performance, ease of use, are enough free, made sense with her kindle, worked more seamlessly, easier to add, much better
140 56
works great, is great, really like, absolutely love, is awesome, is amazing, is wonderful, like, works, best, arrived on time, is the best thing, love, would be great, was easy to install, lovee, completely serves the same purpose, is excellente, recomiendo, combines all my apps
90 57
great, works great, sticks, prime, smart, stick, stay home glued, alternative, multiple, well, plenty of movies, rid, nice, works fine, enjoy watching, ever happen to our, more, extend the value, purchased for additional, you have
109 40
thanks, prime, thank you, great, stick, has failed to provide a reliable product, does voice ai wonderfully, pro, prime movies with no commercials, just like google and samsung, wish, was great, shows on, prime shows, technical staff, works great, has series, expect better, prime w/hbo, highly recommend
set up
112 6
easy, very easy, was easy, easy to, super easy, easy to use, simple, ease, quick, was so easy, was simple, works fantastic, fast, was very easy, streaming in less than 5 minutes, fantastic, works well easy, very simple, was a cinch, darn easy
114 1
great, good, was right, is right, reasonable, is great, was great, works great, cheap, affordable, was so right, was awesome, is inexpensive, per month for one year, fantastic, stick, has jumped to $39.99, exellent, full, is better than a roku
this product
89 18
love, highly recommend, recommend, like, would recommend, really enjoy, very pleased, would buy, really like, seems to be in beta, continue to buy, able to return, absolutely love, loved, pretty much takes care of itself, don't recommend, don't buy, works well, enjoyed, enjoy
100 2
easy to, easy, very easy to, easy to use, very easy, super easy to, super easy, works great, very user friendly, easy to understand, extremely easy, work as expected, very easy to assemble, was easy, was very easy, worked as advertised, works well, simple, help me, much easier
91 4
easy, easy to, easy to use, very easy to, was a breeze, was easy, works great, simple, very easy, is easy, was simple, fast quick, is incredibly simple, great, is so easy, effortless, really easy, quick easy, took quite a while, could not be easier
60 30
better than, like, reliable, prefer, works fine, i definitely prefer, is so much better, buy, has an easy to get to option, has had no complaints, is hands down better, plays all content, waaaaaay faster, feels a little smoother to me, is super user, friendly, allows you to download apps easier, stick, is way better, plays just fine
64 12
good, able to watch, prime, great, easy to find, many, lots, i like, offers a variety, ever made, is great, convenient, choice, could get free, love picking out, aren’t most updated movies, lots of old, well as old shows, unlimited, ever again
43 14
is great, works fine, like, daily life, was slightly more accurate, is a great addition, is awesome, is a good help, does help maneuver faster, well, works great, does all the searching, helped me find the directv now app, is fine, can find everything via firestick, is a hoot to use, is #2.7, will try to answer any questions, is like a psychotic ex, was an added bonus
52 1
love, like, is fine, was fine, is perfect, seemed to work, i just perfect, is working great, is grrrreat, is easy to navigate, worked great, stick costs money, is fantastic, comes with it you need to buy monthly, is checked, dont watch prime, was working great, needs an account and password, can be controlled, was working out fine
41 7
best, great, good, very happy, decent, very good, was for my grandson, came complete with extender, greatest, happy, exellente, very nice, awesome, perfect, satisfied, new fire stick
39 9
prime, works just fine, streaming apps, right, watched, reliable, streaming, opens up a world of free, great, access prime, good, wish prime, buffers, buffered for an exceptionally long time, went through amazon prime, same results, nice quality, high quality, able to watch, well as sling
38 8
great, works great, fantastic, is great, good, was very helpful, helps to round out, has so much in it, little, is very high, agreed to replace, was very easy to install, works very well, very pleased with this fire stick, gave new life to old tv, was a great little buy, were a gift, awesome, today thank you for your services, easy to work
40 1
great, good, best, extreamly affordable, excellent, cheap, not what you want us to, nice
32 8
prime, is expected, fed up, able to access, has done their homework, still loads fast, better than, is easier to operate on the fire tv stick, works fine, perfect, favorite, ’s good, plenty to watch, was simple, favorite shows, prime all worked, is better, faster way, upgrade tvwatching, working
31 9
great, excellent, love, fast, perfect, smooth, very great, shows so easy, easy on any tv, best, has become more common, very long time, access all our, gives me access, is here to stay, very neat, excellent job, tried, works with few interruptions, is excellent
fire tv stick
32 7
is great, works great, love, is fantastic, opened up a lot of options to entertainment, better, very excited to try, absolutely love, is really easy to set up, is a wonderful gift, like, is so much better, longer, is inexpensive, simple to use, is perfect, offers a wide variety of functions, much easier, is working just fine, is easy to install and operate
29 8
easy to use, great, is awesome, is really nice, is very easy to use, is fairly intuitive, is pretty and responsive, is fast, very good, impressed, love, is ok, not great, well, excellent, is simple to use, snappy, friendly, is super smooth, is one of the best
27 10
many, favorite, really like, get all my, can purchase additional, wish, like the extra, needs more live, many more free, really explore, stop paying, decent, can watch different, alot of, lots, can watch most, better, good, free, great
voice remote
27 7
works well, is amazing, love, comes with batteries, loves, worked ok, i like, liked, is a plus, is awesome, is a definite improvement, is great, is a nice feature, makes it so much easier to watch, is very helpful, is so helpful, replies, made it easy, works as advertised, like alexa
voice control
25 9
love, is awesome, able to give demands, works great, has, best, helps in finding programs quicker, works well, i like, works flawless, does not pick up my voice very well, easy to access, worked well, responded easily to my commands, is amazingly, better, works amazing, is useful, is spectacular
25 8
best, good, great, my favorite, amazing, do wear out, work properly, coolest, is absolutely amazing, awesome, cool
23 8
great, is better, is great, is clear, bright, better, so much sharper, is beautiful, decent, are very clear, very clear, many, is crisp, steady, super sharp, beautiful, like, good, was very clear, sharp
17 14
good, fast, is all you need, really use, loads ok, very fast, strong, is plenty fast, is capable of hosting any number of streaming companies, went out, works well, is fast enough to stream videos, through the same provider, is not the problem, can see
23 8
great, good, i like, fast, is awesome, easy to, enjoy any, rather than through the individual apps, isn’t outrageous, more good, valuable, fantastic, very easy to use, plenty of great, lets me watch, nearly all, we enjoy, favorite, many different, variety
28 2
great, good, better, is good, high, excellent, very good, was great, is good to, much higher, beat, ease of use, fantastic, happy
apple tv
21 9
does everything else i need, works all the time, are the only ones i recommend, is good, easier, are great, works flawlessly, is incredibly fast, 10x better, is better, work fine, perfect hd video all day, better, work great, has no problems, looking, advanced, change our, run circles around this, lasts longer
112 230
stopped working, stop working, quit working, doesn’t work, died, has stopped working, is small, is dead, doesn't work, broke, isn't working, sucks, is too small, is defective, does not work, is dead after 11 months, is easily misplaced, has difficulty understanding commands, will not sync with the fire stick, goes through batteries weekly
67 76
stick, sticks, stick down, stick nothing works, stick overheats, stick instead, stick not working, stick was using data, stick tv, stick sucks, stick restarts, 2nd, stick solved the problem, stick won’t work, nothing bad to report, stick to set up correctly, stick back in march, sticks locked, loaded over the weekend, stick freezes a lot
24 90
cut, rid, bye, got rid, no, no more, canceled, goodbye, will never go back, haven't missed, cancelled, bye-bye, got rid of it, no longer, beats, don't need, never going back, can't get, miss not having, no desire
fire tv
36 41
stick, stick suddenly stopped working, work, is essentially useless, should have bought, haven't used, has no quality control of the apps, stick cuts out the soundbar, stick for less than a month, stick doesn't care, got confusing, does not do that, is not wireless, sticks, stick in my house, stick to be slow, stick with voice remote
16 45
replaced, mess, die on my fire stick every few days, replace, didn’t work, same problem, melted in the remote, did make it work again, nothing, out to turn off, not using cheap, every few days, dying, have to be replaced daily, removing, die faster, lot, refuse to buy anymore, under 10 times during that time frame, continually replaced
15 31
went black, freeze, just goes black, goes back to home, flat, black, go a light pink purple color, will change within seconds, goes to black, kicks u back, is nearly impossible, top right side, is totally black, no more freezing, started freezing, setup, kept zooming, lose your, main, nothing fixes
18 21
no, these days, sucks, dropped, seems to be slow, is actual garbage, is to slow, disconnects, keeps cutting out on the device, horrible, cutting in our out in your house, without the original remote, took me 30 minutes, is 100 mbps, isn't strong enough in it, blocking capabilities, disconnects a lot, cost went up, was not at the top of the available listing