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Certified Refurbished Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Black - with Special Offers (Previous Generation - 7th)

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33% of users say that: Product works great, works well, worked great, was refurbished. Tablet works great, is great, works like new, looked brand new in my opinion. Price was right, is right for this tablet, was less than $60, works just fine. Amazon has accomplished it, will not let you down, is becoming a self-serving ad machine, has been great. 3% of users noticed that: Screen was only 5 characters, will randomly adjust the visual settings, has advertisements, was jumpy. App is extremely slow, are frustratingly poor, will crash, are so limited. Speaker are starting to crackle the sound. Ad are really not a problem, are super annoying, were intrusive.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

575 239
love, great, works great, good, works well, like, loves, fast, worked great, was refurbished, was great, works fine, perfect, works perfectly, worked fine, worked well, awesome, excellent, fine, all the time
151 27
great, nice, good, cheap, best, great little, works great, nice little, very nice, perfect, inexpensive, amazing, is great, awesome, relatively inexpensive, works like new, looked brand new in my opinion, another for my toddler, very good, for 4 months
great, good, was right, ok, best part, worth, is right for this tablet, full, awesome, was less than $60, works just fine, was excellent, was much lower, can't go wrong, greater flexibility, i'm not disappointed, causal usages, is the high point, astonishing, i would give it a try
20 9
has accomplished it, makes you pay to remove ads, great, will not let you down, about warranty, without even testing, is becoming a self-serving ad machine, better, arrange a return, thanks, job well done, step your game up, has been great, shoved the 5gb of free storage, can add more apps and games, thank, was worth a shot, is absolutely perfect, is able to cut costs, is the only tablet
15 11
great, is far from full, like fire, inexpensive, preferred, is sub par, gives 2 solid hours, ever, exceeded my expectations, love, n’t available
14 8
lasts exceptionally long, light, is pretty good, very long lasting, lasts for days, runs out really fast, last long, dropped 13-15%, is really good, lasts all day, lasts for days with moderate use, is ok, is great, lasts long
15 6
good, is exceptional, keeps going very soft, loud, better, is acceptable, is great, is good, is great.-, great, is amazing, okay, awesome
18 1
perfect, love, nice, is perfect, like, is nice, very easy to set up right out of the box, good, is nice for carrying around, larger, right
15 4
is awesome, i would buy, runs as if brand new, is allowing lengthier sessions, arrived quickly, looks to be in excellent shape, larger, works perfectly fine, very glad, works, bigger, allows you to load kindle books, refurbished, feels much sturdier, higher quality
good, great, awesome, decent, 👌, incredible, super, best, wonderful
battery life
13 4
great, is good, is great, amazing, is better than expected, long, is very nice, is acceptable, super long
perfect, great, good, worked as expected, runs flawlessly, works very well, new, great working
this product
7 5
love, highly recommend, so happy, i would buy
great, was as new, not a nick or a scratch, works 100% of the time, came as if it were brand new, is exactly like the new, was probably more popular than anticipated, is a good product, is definitely tailored toward prime users, excellent, was packaged nicely
11 1
good, great, is fine, should be 5 stars, is far superior, is acceptable, solid, love
9 3
no, do not get worse
6 5
was designed for teen agers, arrived on time, looked and felt brand new, refurbished, arrived set up, returned
nice, not very sensitive, is ok, sharp, is good, higher resolution, beautiful, is adequate, fine for reading or watching videos, vivid
8 3
great, easy to set up, takes decent, is very clear, sharp, looks great sounds, are clear
9 2
no, very clean, nice, didn't notice
9 1
works as well, is the way to buy, was more expenisve, like, don't be afraid to be certified, has been checked out better, certified, performs like a new amazon fire, well worth price
this tablet
7 1
love, operates like new
5 3
7 inch, newer, just updated, already recommending, is perfect
5 3
ok, been an awesome upgrade, worked like it should, looks new
4 3
very economical, good, best, is replacing my kindle fire 7 inch tablet
great, good, works well, greta
4 2
pleased, is great, impressive, works perfect
4 2
aren't too bad, better, plays back flawlessly, work around
works great, works fine, will work, working well, was fairly easy to set up
5 1
fast, veryyyyyyy fast, paid $40 plus 2day free
this thing
3 2
is made well by all appearances, works even better, was new
31 32
cracked, was only 5 characters, page lags, turned black, gray, tiny, will randomly adjust the visual settings, goes away after about 2 seconds, has advertisements, stays black sucks, shattered, across, scratches super easily, was jumpy, skipping, was broken, seems not to be calibrated correctly, very sensitive, cracked in the first week from normal use, never had his fire 7
15 16
is extremely slow, could not load, are frustratingly poor, wasn't on the amazon appstore, will crash, can't be completely stored on it, are so limited, are getting very scarce, not installing in sd card, cannot get, like google books, closing, causing it, do not work correctly, not to be available on the tablet, is only available on google play or itunes
5 8
aren't great, started messing up, are starting to crackle the sound, blown out, blown, not working, do not work correctly, fade out with white noise
3 4
had been run over by my son, broke, do not compare to, rid
3 4
pops up, are really not a problem, are super annoying, were intrusive
app store
3 3
is extremely frustrating, is very limited, is barebones
fire tablet
2 4
won't buy, real downside, will never by an amazon, can't get enough
customer service
2 4
very disappointed, wouldn't let me replace it, no, rep messed up
refurbished tablet
1 4
do not recommend, suffers from the same problem, stopped working, bad