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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black

We have analyzed 18490 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, was a gift. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is fine. Screen is clear, is very clear, is bright, is nice. Price was great, was right, is great, is right. 2% of users noticed that: Battery will not charge, is dead, dies fast, drains. Charging port is loose, has become loose, will not charge, is only designed to last an average of less. Camera don't like, is awful, is horrible, is so bad. Ad are annoying, don't like, are a pain, are very annoying.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

10265 5439
love, great, loves, like, works great, good, loved, easy to use, is great, works well, was a gift, easy, excellent, awesome, gift, perfect, really like, nice, is perfect, works fine
2613 869
great, good, love, nice, great little, awesome, is great, best, excellent, loves, perfect, very nice, works great, nice little, better, cheap, decent, very good, really like, like
394 380
larger, bigger, clear, lock, bright, nice, is clear, great, is very clear, easy to read, is bright, large, big, crisp, is nice, nice clear, large enough, is smaller, good, sharp
666 33
great, good, was great, was right, excellent, is great, very good, decent, perfect, is right, low, awesome, is good, cheap, was good, nice, can't beat, was amazing, reasonable, was perfect
610 12
perfect, right, like, great, nice, love, good, is perfect, i like, is great, easy to use, small, liked, convenient, really like, compact, smaller, is good, works great, larger
375 241
thanks, love, thank you, was great, like, best, great, come on, contacted me, is amazing, was kind enough, better, great job, prime videos, good job, acted quick, got it handled, valuable, thank u, forces all kindle fires
330 223
great, good, nice, excellent, awesome, inexpensive, great little, very good, works well, very nice, is great, amazing, decent, works fine, replacement, faster, portable, really good, is good, affordable
267 184
love, is great, like, great, works great, best, absolutely love, much better, awesome, unlimited, improved, runs great, excellent, long, very happy, new, is perfect, was awesome, huge fan, basic
battery life
228 151
good, great, is great, long, is good, decent, better, longer, is pretty good, is decent, is very good, is excellent, is better, is amazing, amazing, like, seems shorter, awesome, is also good, has good
fire 7
149 45
love, like, is great, prime day, is a great, highly recommend, worked great, very happy, really like, deserves at least 4 stars, has become my favorite travel tablet, better, par replacement, is a budget line model, was advertised, was coming out, is truly worthy, great, chose the kindle, little gem
this tablet
165 27
love, loves, like, recommend, absolutely love, really love, definitely recommend, loved, highly recommend, really loved, really like, do like, highly recommended, enjoying, try, built strong, works fast, recommended, sucks, no problems
116 72
love, is great, like, is awesome, is cool, is good, is fantastic, easy to set up, is nice, is amazing, is wonderful, worked great, takes a long time, works fairly well, well, works well, is so fun, is much better, helps to set up the alarms, is surprisingly responsive
152 33
great, good, better, very good, excellent, decent, love, is awesome, is excellent, nice, is great, very pleased, amazing, is very good, very happy, works greatpicture, very cheap, beat, has tanked in recent years, surprisingly decent
166 14
love, great, like, good, favorite, is great, beautiful, are vibrant, bright yellow, bright, easy to use, loved, blue, red, different, nice, vibrant, cool, cute, vivid
88 87
extended, is great, 90 day, great, was up, limited, returned under, no one can help, expires, wish i had purchased, went to claim, worked great, was another huge factor, glad, has paid for 4 of them, works as advertised, always purchase, expired best, due to the 90 day, was done
105 58
ok, okay, working great, super easy to use, okay to use, your only tablet, still a noticeable downgrade, still a lot cheaper, worked out pretty well, been easy for him to use, still working in the morning, worked great, used, thick, heavy, do its job great, safe to say, been difficult for me to load apps, been great, probablly triple the speed
95 62
love, is great, like, very pleased, absolutely love, loving, was perfect, remains my favorite, is lighter, is perfect for travel, six-inch, is an easy to setup, was so reasonable, very good, has always been fine, going strong, not nearly as good, came already set up, is not heavy, i gotta say wow
fire tablet
105 49
love, very impressed, like, i like, original, absolutely love, is great, is as inexpensive, nothing beats, are so popular, gone through a lot, are always great, is really a pretty good product, glad to purchase, really like, keep getting better, multiple, was easy to set up, really likes, amazing
133 19
love, is great, was great, works great, like, is good, was fine, was perfect, works fine, is as expected, liked, is ok, was smooth, easy to use, was good, working fine, seemed fine, in a very timely manner, was going great, erasing
120 10
great, best, good, favorite, very nice, love, has great, advantage, fantastic, new, all, extra, neat, has all, feel comfortable with, you love, work properly, are many, are excellent, more expensive tab
90 38
great, good, nice, came on time, works instantly, was designated as new, was working fine, replaced its under the 90 days, is great, 4 months ago, currently in good working order, was a replacement, last christmas, totally gets the job done, was a big hit during summer camp tech time, fabulous, is small, compact, was very well expected, is superb
108 16
clear, great, nice, crisp, large, is great, easy to use, is good, love, like, bigger, is nice, is awesome, are great, bright, is very good, good, very easy to read, is lovely, sharp
96 28
great, clear, good, is great, easy to use, is clear, nice, takes good, great clear, is awesome, excellent, very clear, is amazing, is brilliant, bright, looks well made sturdy, is crisp, we treasure, is beautiful, good quality
65 54
more, gets things done easier, big time, more things, can compute circles, were compatible, is louder, without overloading, well as my reading, bring fire, do anything, everyday, is a better option, works fin, would work fine, express my ideas, start enjoying my fire, oldest grandkid, case, flip
77 40
great, few, good, favorite, love, can play, can transfer my, very few, much fun, lots of free, sees available, safe, better, run smoothly, doesn't let her out, minus the money, can't play their favorite, like my son, she likes, will install
111 3
light, very light, lighter, nice, like, is good, good, love, easy to use, easy to handle, solid, is perfect in my hands, comfortable in your hands, powerful enough to do almost anything, much lighter, has everything i need, makes holding it for longer periods more difficult, small light, easy to transport, is not burdensome
kindle fire
70 41
love, just fine, like, never had this experience, dependable, good compromise, doesn’t hold a charge long, great, always use, are great, listen up, is great for kids, all 5 of my kids, is much more complicated to use, experiencing, reasonable sale price, takes long to start up, is very fast, works great, daily deal sale
86 25
great, best, good, very pleased, decent, excellent, let down, showed up earlier than expected, solid, fantastic, strongly recommend, large, continues to earn my high praise, favorite, couldn't be happier, pleased, whopping 20% off, better, suited to my needs, was my fourth
67 44
switching, better than, extra money, good, is 4 years old, replaces my, outperforms this brand new fire, keep my grandson, enough is enough, proper, has been through 7, refurbished, cheap, were shattered, are more reliable, close to, should of bought them, much better, liked, works for days
105 4
great, good, best, very good, excellent, better, cheap, decent, nice, amazing, don't, best bet, perfect, no my best, fantastic, no longer, nice easy, exceptional, something more advanced, unbelievable
303 303
no, are limited, limited, crash, useless, lack, are horrible, don't work, do not work, work, very limited, run slow, is not available on the amazon store, randomly closes, don’t open, cannot be stored on the micro sd, outdated, would just freeze up, not many good, you may have been running on your phone
116 351
died, does not last long, will not charge, sucks, stopped charging, is dead, dies fast, doesn’t last long, drain, faulty, doesn't last long, doesn't last, drains, is awful, doesn’t hold a charge, dies quickly, was dead, runs down fast, stays charged, drains pretty quickly
charging port
14 241
stopped working, broke, went bad, loose, is loose, broken, problem, became loose, no longer works, bad, quit working, faulty, problems, has become loose, issue, fails, stopped charging, stop working, isn't working, needs to be replaced
67 102
don't like, is awful, sucks, isn't the best, poor, is horrible, bad, is so bad, isn't great, is too tricky, starts, every time, is also subpar, leaves something to be desired, suddenly quit working, pretty grainy, is a pos, is horrible quality, is junk, is pretty bad, is garbage town
44 125
are annoying, annoying, don't like, hate, do not like, too many, are a pain, unwanted, dislike, did not like, constantly bombarded, removed, spam, are very annoying, downside, avoid, are obnoxious, slow, bloat, riddled with
4 151
stopped, stop, quit, completely stopped, problem, not, stops, issues, trouble, problems, has been hit and miss, will not charge very disappointed, concurrent issue, difficulties, problems began, breaks, was in charge, is useless, can cause tje micro port, was supposed to come with it
70 71
is too low, is awful, no, is tinny, is bad, is terrible, poor, is not that great, can not listen, does not seem to be very loud, bad choice, is not loud enough, becomes very muted, disappointing, works back to video, isn’t very loud, is lousy, is really bad, showed up, didnt work
this product
69 72
very disappointed, not recommend, disappointed, do not buy, really disappointed, do not purchase, don't recommend, dissapointed, major problem, did not order, not a fan, run from, truly dislike, would not recommend, is very bad, not crazy, does not work, nt recommend, annoyed, behind
27 99
stopped working, no, will not work, was faulty, doesn't last long, does stop working, was bad, is plugged in, constantly dings, would stop working, tried changing, damning, does not even charge sometimes, damn, still nothing, plugs, is already broken, sent with the tablet, didnt last long, stopped working right away
38 76
no longer, wont, will not hold, stopped taking, stopped accepting, does not hold, neither will, no, will no longer, fails to, is interrupted and reestablished, freezes doesnt hold, never, will not take, doesn’t, low, barely holds, doesn’t hold, worthless, doesn't last very long