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Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa

We have analyzed 457 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works great, works, works perfectly, work great. Plug works great, was super easy to install, works just fine, was so easy to setup. Setup was easy, was very easy, is fairly easy, is somewhat easier than with a wemo plug. App is plugged into the smart plug, is way preferable, works flawlessly, is updated. 1% of users noticed that: Phone is plugged in, is not in low power mode. Connection can only be 2.4 ghz. Instructions was impossible, are not helpful. Unit has become unresponsive, is overpriced.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

338 154
great, works great, works, works perfectly, love, work great, was easy to set up, would be good, perfect, on and off, does, is great, works flawlessly, is super simple to set up, easy, works very well, worked immediately, great little, just works, runs my living room lights on a routine
63 36
smart, works great, needed another home automation, was super easy to install, works just fine, was so easy to setup, does generally work, show up as black friday deals, paired up to the device, would be great, being too big, is perfect, works fine, does as it should, worked great, don't give me issues, has performed flawlessly, were so easy to use, need a software update, work very well
56 4
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, was very easy, is fairly easy, would be easy, took far longer, is somewhat easier than with a wemo plug, was simple, quick, extremely easy to, works great with alexa, was like an apple product, compact, simplier, was close to painless, was supposed to easy with my echo, excellent, works flawlessly
24 14
i'm old, is plugged into the smart plug, installed the alexa, more user friendly, handling all the heavy lifting, in less than a minute you're done, scanned barcode, done, tells me to enable a smart home skill, updated, is way preferable, works flawlessly, easy to set up, immediately popped up, check your alexa, no matter where i am, is updated, does the rest, has the ability to program the plugs based on a timer, is smart enough to figure
24 14
works as advertised, nice, fabulous, echo show, is easy to setup, nice little, great, innovative, is awesome, highly recommended, been working great, best, connected to wifi with no problem, easily controlled, now works, much better, work better, replacement, painless, super easy
30 6
echo, has branded it, was terrific, thank, smart plug, kudos to, would hit a home run in the home automation space, getting it right, was coming out, was expanding their smart devices, works great, had great customer service, couple hours of my original posting, smart plug for testing, great, outstanding support, coming out, nice work, easier on their customers, decent
set up
23 4
easy, very easy, super easy, very simple, no time, work every time, easy to, easy to use, super simple, went smoothly, was simple, was easier, was really easy, easiest, works wonderfully, was painless
smart plug
22 4
works great, works, right from the start, are easy to set up, much easier way to make a schedule, works with alexa, love, needs to communicate with alexa, differentiate the commands given to alexa, work with my alexa, cheaper, non-responsive, ” from different brands, worked for two days, easiest, great, priced at $25, with alexa integration, is easy, awesome
amazon smart plug
11 3
has by far the easiest setup, very happy, really like, was recognized, will fare a little better with power loss, able to turn them on remotely, were simple to set up, work flawlessly, lot of other options, was incredibly easy to set up, love
10 3
has never failed me, works well, will recognized that plug as my light stand, remembers the time settings, without a doubt, works flawlessly, works perfectly, found them immediately, love, can now do for me
this plug
9 3
love, recommend, very happy, easy, make
7 2
pays attention, revise, easy to set up, was helpful, always check, are always my honest opinion, has helped you in any way
6 2
no more lighting issues, get an answer, easily turn, plugged into it, was working through alexa in minutes, tall
easy, easy to, easy to set up with alexa, very easy to, worked well, work great
6 2
’s the, will come down soon, lower, were always the best, wise, would be good
7 1
easy, was quick, paired seamlessly with alexa, is easy, works flawlessly, smooth
alexa app
7 1
open, updated, deleted, pull up
6 1
walking over to control, looking forward, are turned on/off, cute little, can control, are off
amazon plug
6 1
i might return, 18recieved 2nd, sits wider than the outlet plate, was easy to setup, was working great, was very easy to set up
5 1
is really good, up fine, would be awesome, is fine, activated to use
4 1
just works, works fine, like, was 100% fine
4 1
is sturdy, simple, sleek, really like
wemo plug
3 2
works, smart plug, average cost of $30 each and $210
easy to set, easy to step, easy to use, effective
these plugs
love, dozen, reset them selves, really like
voice command
3 1
simple, turns on and off with, very flexible
2 1
lots, very nice
2 1
easy to setup right, is a card with a qr code
bedroom light
works great, able to turn, work perfectly each time
2 8
lose connection, is plugged in, had to be on the same wifi setting, wouldn't connect, had a notification to set up the switch, couldn't find the plug, fould the plug, is not in low power mode
5 5
switches between either 5.0 or 2.4, find my, issues, will not connect, did not immediately
4 5
easily, no, can only be 2.4 ghz, process every morning, even monitored
2 5
feature not on the new alexa app, was impossible, lack, are not helpful, hard copy and online
1 4
problem was my issue, loses, losing, lost
2 3
has become unresponsive, is overpriced, problem
plug it
1 4
suddenly just stopped working, back to get it restarted, in and 15 seconds, into an outlet on your network
1 3
dark, was haunted
wifi network
1 3
were useless, wrong, visible 2.3ghz
barcode setup
1 3
doesn't work, never work, not working
this product
2 2
is not innovative, useless