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Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices

We have analyzed 2203 reviews from Amazon and found:

24% of users say that: Product works, works great, works well, works fine. Device works great, worked as described, was simple to use - plug-in-play, is already working via wi-fi. Amazon keeps them in limited stock, works fine, has 0 tech support. Speed is now 70mbps, is 48/18, is unbelievable, are better with wireless. 5% of users noticed that: Wifi is weak, is terrible, is weak or intermittent.2, is poor. Adapter can illuminate the buffering, is no longer visible, is going back to amazon for a refund, can not use. Buffering is no, was so bad, get. Fire tv is off, is pretty much unwatchable, keeps dropping the internet numerous times, can not find your wifi.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

779 433
great, love, works, works great, good, works well, works fine, works perfectly, like, worked perfectly, helps, excellent, work, works very well, is great, worked great, very happy, is supposed to do, works as advertised, is awesome
33 24
works great, great, wonderful, worked as described, was simple to use - plug-in-play, serves two purposes:1, cheap, is already working via wi-fi, will always plug it, capable, instead of giving it to you with your purchase, hard wired, prime, works well, great little, will promt you to put them in, really works, does exactly what it is supposed to do, simple, were turned off of the wi-fi
41 14
faster, increases, higher, high, stable, very acceptable, is now 70mbps, helped, optimum, perfect, great, dedicated 100mb, is 48/18, is unbelievable, 150, prettty good, greater, tested higher with my wireless connection, did help, better
28 11
reliable, more stable, reliable fast, better, 100 percent better, consistent, good, was easy, much improved, is faster, faster, helps give me lightning fast, big difference, solid, is seamless, stable, speed up, faster more stable, greatly improve, is good
27 11
great, good, works perfectly, excellent, you need, very good, was returned in sept. 2018, may be helpful, is pure greed, was arrived quickly, received well packaged, works just as described, perfectly for the firetv, nice, was included with my purchase, is great, very happy, hustled, works great
19 14
works for hooking up, actually performs better on wireless, faster, is close enough to the router, glad, work so much better, moves faster, streams much better, all the time, good, power up, great, continuously rebooted, very good, is like taking a final exam, blue ray, would be much faster, working fine, came in and nowhere does it say what gen
16 15
worksa lot less buffering, better, is convenient, works fine, high speed, much better than, produces far better results, same speeds, better than, works better, is a very packed frequency of noise, great strong, working better, great, better speed, is built into the fire tv
fire stick
16 12
works great, has been running much smoother, worked just as well, is running fast, worked better, like an improvement, is already fast, upgraded, able to hardwire, essential, is faster on blue tooth, works much better, recommend, is a lot faster, needs to be redesigned
23 3
better, great, big difference, solid, is less congested, super, stable, consistent, is working smoothly, expecting uninterrupted, is better with it, is 10x better, steady, experience more enjoyable, uninterrupted, is more steady than wifi, much better, perfect, smooth, is much more reliable
easy to, easy, works great, does great, was pretty painless, works far better, worked immediately, very easy, boosted the speed, very easy to, simple and easy to, quick simple
22 3
better, great, improved, improves, much better, huge difference, faster, improving, improve, sticks, perfect, runs circles, less lag, helps
great, good, like, amazing, is too high, being nice, was reasonable, reasonable, low, ease of use, is good, decent, was a little high, fair
13 9
fast, works perfectly, is connected to my device, faster everything, prefer, allows you to connect to, much more stable, hooked up, has its place, built in gb, no more lag, cord and boom
10 9
performs better, is less congested, decent, so fast, works better, works faster, is faster, happy, works much better, good
11 9
smaller, is right next to my router, easy to hook up, grateful for the access, only works on wifi, is better for reception, helped me add my firestick, wish all fire, sticks, should come with fire, working great
wired connection
11 9
is a dedicated, would be the best streaming, should be amazing, more consistent and stable, reliable, free up my wifi bandwidth, strong, solid, nice, is necessary to stream full hd video, great
19 1
works flawless, is set up, is so much easier and faster, was great, worked great, loads instantly no lag, was as described, works great, easy to set up, seems to load a lot quicker, was working fine, works better, streams great, matched up perfectly, works as well, goes back to normal, worked perfectly, is super fast, ran perfect
this product
14 6
highly recommend, love, recommend, like, recommend buying, really works, buy, waited, too high
13 5
play, enjoy, play with my fire 64, gives it an ip, simple, works great, play installation, go!literally, real, in simple, easy, in everything
ethernet connection
9 7
works fine, does with every internet device, is more reliable than wifi, delivers, are always best, just works, good solid, nice
11 4
great, totally worth, very good, nice, pleased, no issues, very glad, was great
10 3
great, is very clear, excellent, outstanding, better, improved, better quality, is amazing
8 5
is more reliable, worth the extra, gives it an ip, is right next to tv, is 80ft, good, is not far away, better investment
great, good, is very good, low, was nice, superior, improved, works great, is great
9 2
ok, working fine, makes the firestick load faster, pretty much right away, working great, okay
70 79
is weak, issues, slower, slow, stick to, is terrible, isn’t even far, might be overloaded, throughput anomalies, is weak or intermittent.2, is poor, poor, is unrealiable with video-friednly speeds, signal too low, is spotty better to use a ethernet cable to your network, kicked this azz, connectivity issues, doesnt cut it, stick, access point
49 52
does not work, can illuminate the buffering, improve very poor wi fi connections, back in july 2018 for a fire stick, overheat bad, is no longer visible, is going back to amazon for a refund, not upset, stopped working, can not use, immediately fixed my buffering problem, doesn't come with one, disconnected, firetv slowed down to 21 mbps, is not configured for high speed internet traffic, haven't needed, do nothing, will be bestfit for the household without wifi router, not a gigabit, only allows 60 mbs
13 44
no more, no, eliminated, very little, is no, was so bad, horrendous, did not stop, eliminates, constant, reduced, stopped, had zero, increased with many disconnected messages, like i used to, problem, get, issues, stops just to start talking about sports, can't recall
27 27
was nothing, would not replace a 4k new device, disappointed, is replacing the original adapter, never sent me return information, can't hate, can keep their garbage, would have installed the port on the fire tv, does not clearly state this, needs to fix this, doesn't just include the ethernet option, not cool, does not dropout, bummer, truly messed up, ridiculous decision, works out the bugs, should have a built-in ethernet port, didn't design the regular fire sticks, pretty lame
fire tv
20 23
stick, didn't work, does not show any info, neither my, does not improve, slow to play movies, stick getting up to 135f, is off, haven't watched, getting at least 75, without, is pretty much unwatchable, didn’t work, crashed, keeps dropping the internet numerous times, only works, having problems, can not find your wifi, turns off or disconnects while using, shuts off
ethernet adapter
14 22
stopped all the buffering, stick, hard wire my fire stick, is a must for the fire stick, doesn't work well with wi-fi connections, has not made any difference, worked only once, is not a good buy, try an alternative, would be as frequent, is a piece of junk, instead of relying on wifi, dont work, recommended to make fire stick work, was not compatible, lack, you should not have to pay extra, easy to setup, disconnecting, went away
12 23
stick, sticks, stick was lan connected, stick to switch, stick shuts down, stick load quicker, stick together, stick into a beast, stick on wifi, doesn't work on my 2017 fire tv, sticks would pop up errors
9 11
barely ever buffer, pretty pissed, became unwatchable, played without issue, average bit rate of 12mbps w/ occasional peaks at 18mbps, more random dropouts, stream buffering during playback of hd content, frequently skips, can lead to buffering issues, lag intervals, worst
7 11
stick, does not automatically switch between wired, only come wifi, stick would reboot quite often, stick reboots, rips, after a couple days of use, ethernet, not the, doesn’t have cable connection automatically
wifi connection
4 14
is spotty, can go even faster, roughly 60 mbps, more, pos, dropped, losing, waste of 15 bucks, slower, poor, speed, don't have to use, caused the fire tv
ethernet cable
4 11
might work for you, should be at least cat5/5e, running to the room, stick adapter, hard wire, connected to firestick, did not snap, plugged, no configurations, doesn't it come, restore network connectivity
5 9
weak, glitches out poor, still dropping, does not seem to improve, was week bought the converter and a cable, get, poor, no more dropping
4 9
fiber connection, up hughesnet modem to firestick, hard time getting, bad, cutting network, are an annoyance, will never go back to, missing, a few times
internet speed
5 7
dropped, very slow, can't get 1000m, slowing down, is must faster, was actually slower, doesn't help
4 7
no, very vague, are lacking