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SanDisk 32 GB micro SD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire TV

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36% of users say that: Product works great, works, works well, works fine. Price was right, works great, was great, was good. Memory is good, works fine, work with my kindle, was great. Card works great, works well, is working great, works fine. 1% of users noticed that: Disk was the problem, will not stay in my amazon fire, was not in the package, is not. Instruction came up on how to find the trap door, are not exactly accurate, is no. Gb will not let me edit them, don't get 64. Data is temporarily stored on kindle's internal memory card.

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3542 1103
great, love, good, works great, works, excellent, like, works well, works fine, works perfectly, was easy to install, memory card, work great, no problems, job, worked great, worked fine, is great, worked, was great
667 5
great, good, very good, excellent, was right, works great, nice, was great, was good, reasonable, awesome, best, decent, affordable, was reasonable, is right, easy to install, works perfect, low, was very reasonable
298 53
extra, more, great, expand, good, plenty, lot, expanded, lots, enough, increased, needed more, extend, additional, perfect, increase, love, nice, more than enough, boosts
172 141
great, good, works great, memory, excellent, nice, no issues, works well, awesome, is working great, just fine, works fine, work fine, works, worked fine, necessity, safely remove, seems real nice, will work, has to be mounted with the contacts facing you
209 67
works great, perfect, great, easy to install, works well, works good, works perfect, came with the, certified to work, use, works nicely, really good, worked great, is off, ran out of space, work as good, lots of storage, no issues, works with amazon fire 7, highly recommended
181 37
extra, plenty, great, lots, more, enough, expand, lot, good, nice, expanded, much, extended, huge, perfect, is seamless, double, providing much needed, instantly, was hard to look the other way
sd card
125 88
great, works great, nice, good, micro, work fine, best, is working great, no problems, perfect, is a perfect match, freeing up space, better, very good, lot, could upgrade, can upgrade, 128gb, is so exciting, i bought from amazon for the kindle fire
103 70
great, perfect, works great, worked fine, working, fit, sent to office, work ok, worked well, came out and sweats by them, is made, works muncho good, am well satisfied, only holds 32gbs, should come with a sd memory card, automatically placed my settings, very easy to install, works much better, were treated quite well, not pleased
memory card
128 43
great, good, works great, very happy, glad, nice, bigger, larger, reliable, micro, real, exactly as advertised, surprisingly enough, most reliable, works as intended, is really good, is exactly what i needed for my kindle 10, undisputed champion, i'm enjoying, option
133 15
great, good, arrived on time, nice, is as described, arrived very quickly, came very quickly, was as described, very pleased, awesome, works fine, quality, excellent, works well, is perfect, fit the fire hd10, very reliable, was exactly as advertised, needed, got here a day sooner
103 29
is the best, never disappoints, ultra, is a great brand, great, trust, good luck, love, works, is always good, like, works perfect, was great, makes the best memory cards, works ok, is exactly as advertised, won't disappoint, is quality, contacted me to get in touch with their warranty exchange, is a preferred vendor for my chips
124 5
easy to, easy, very easy to, very easy, super easy, works great, no problems, works immediately, plenty of room, friendly to sync, inexpensive, worked automatically, super easy to, is simple, working as claimed, very effective, very user friendly, easy-to-use, simple to, was very easy
111 5
no, working fine, not had, zero, haven't experienced, worked as expected, not experienced, very helpful, works perfectly, not once, works as expected
101 13
extra, enough, more, plenty, lot, much, plenty of, tons, good, no worries, lots of, great, lots, perfect, great added, huge, always need extra, love, rest, abundant
108 2
good, great, excellent, awesome, no big, super good, nice, about nothing unordinary, super fast, super, better, fantastic, was perfect, very good
70 29
thanks, recommended, good, hope, does and outstanding job, you come to get your memory cards, sent me a replacement tablet, sent me a link to order this card for my kindle, easy to do, big fan, really great, was recommended, would work for my 7th generation fire kindle, suggested for my fire device, has been so reliable, lot, thank you, quickly refunded, best, is great
84 3
fast, was fast, good, very fast, quick, super fast, was extremely fast, well packed fast, reasonable, easy, superfast, works great in my fire, handling, was fine, very quick, great, very fas, was great, took longer, no problems
54 33
perfect, great, good, works fine, 7has, 7far much more useful, easy to insert into my, works well, has been able to put anything on the sd card, does a kindle, ought come with chip automatically installed, got for my kindle, became open, excellent, wants to check, haven't hear any complaints, was out of space, went in my, loads ok, works great
78 6
no, zero, simple, no more, works fine, haven't faced, not all previous, not had, is more with the tablets, 0, arrived promptly, works perfect, never an, works great, absolutely no problems, never had any, works well, quality, works with my kindle
82 1
great, good, excellent, very good, high, like, awesome, much nigh, ease of using, quick response to my questions, is good, affordable, excellentgood, very useful, perfect good, vs price, better, well as the price, were of lesser, was excellent
43 38
storage, easy to put, for our kids, better to choose, instantly started up, able to download, requires a fat32 format, has plenty of memory, right away, huge surprise, will use, helped free up space, amazing, always worked, works better, no problems, workes perfect, i was estatic, you were going to use it, looking
40 39
quickly, i enjoyed, are compatible, right, could be transferred to the new drive to help free up space, built right, move things to your new card, are on it, moved to the sd card without problems, with ease, wants within her age range and restrictions, large, well worth, supported, without running out of storage daily, would be compatible with the sd card, are being optimized, works with every, has plenty of space for downloads pics, love like youtube kids
64 13
ok, memory card, okay, micro sd card, micro sd, working fine, held up well, been fine, done it, adretip, san disk, working well, memory card - enuff said, doing it's job, sandisk, worked as expected, works, working for me, sandisk brand micro sd card, works with every device
kindle fire
53 22
perfect, great, works great, works fine, new, add memory, quite necessary, operate a bit smoother, running great, is an hd-8, easy to slide, no fuss, no muss, works exceptionally, is faster adding everything to the card, no errors, extend the space for my books, works perfectly, low-capacity, worked great
43 29
works great, works good, near future, bought for my, for extra storage space, works well, is pretty much my computer, maximum, without any problem, read it easily, worked perfectly, recognized, seems very fast, smart, perfect, installed in wifes, with kindle support, will repurchase, useful, keep them
65 1
great, good, best, excellent, came super fast, better luck, highly recommend, very good, came fast, nice, perfect
fast, quick, prompt, was about 4 weeks, longer, very very long, was excellent, easy to install, very quick, speedy, working properly, very fast, worked good quick, express, great, was prompt, makes for the memory card, was good, amazing fast, very stable
this card
34 21
works perfectly, works great, recommended, is working properly, works very well, tested, loves, has worked well, worked well, worked fine, is amazing, worked great, no fake capacity problems, no slowness or glitches, has been flawless, has been outstanding, is the best value, is great, has worked excellently, arrived as required in two days
micro sd card
39 11
great, works great, high quality, no issues great, worked and like other reviews, one good quality, few, did the job, working great, is working very well, 256g, is an excellent product, 16 gb, works very well, very solid experience, is perfect, was priced perfectly, best, cheap, high class rating
39 4
perfect, great, right, larger, good, is 32 gigabits, matters, same, double, biggest, recommend largest, largest, excellent, large, very pleased, recommended maximum, over months, gives us peace of mind, love, compact
27 16
great, good, minimal, was great, nice, super, better, easy to use, hassle free, save, was minimal at best, simple nice, easy open minimal, was top notch, speedy, kept the memory safe from damage, easy to install, took seconds, was different than anything
storage space
37 5
plenty, extra, needed more, more, much, great, lot, increased, extend, good, voila, is always good, adds, edition of the amazon fire, significantly increased, lots, gave plenty, most from his kindle fire, has enough, pictures and movies
this product
31 12
would recommend, highly recommend, recommend, love, i would purchase, very pleased, got, always use, happy, thrilled to find, no problems, like, definately reccommend, so happy, impressed, minus, serve me well, enjoying, works very well, does just that
38 3
great, good, happy, very good, very happy, the biggest one you can afford, strong, best, perfect - recommended, very pleased, proper, very nice, happy with, efficient, easy to insert and use, make again, pleased
good, great, work fine, decent, is great
36 4
was great, works great, was as expected, is fine, worked great, is working like it should, synced up, is ok, was done right, lined up to work correct, came out in the end, reset, i was looking, works just fine, jumped right over to it, seems pretty snappy, works wonderfully, worked as expected - fire recognized it, showed up, was perfect
30 8
good, fast, love, allows for increased, higher faster, no problems, is superb, seems okay, not problem, extend, fastest, reliable - good, were as advertised, seems great, very pleased, high, hard way, very fast, better, plenty
31 5
works fine, perfect, fit, waterproof, place, ok, would take a bigger memory card, worked as expected, works great, no issues, awesome, perfect match, works perfect, works well, big, great, looks very good, works with no problem, can store 9999 pics, before a major trip
33 1
plenty, more, tons, extra, ran out, much, no worries, lots more, plenty of, adds enough, gives me more, for everything, lots of, are sunshine and rainbows, tons more, lots, is always better, wow alot, perfect
20 25
doesn't have the full gigs, memory, was the problem, will not stay in my amazon fire, gives me the storage, not recognized, was not in the package, is not, stopped working, was no where to load, didn't work, wont read in anything, doesn't hold as much storage, just keeps popping out, installed rather than arriving in a separate container, get stuck with it, became unrecognizable, had used san, wasn't there, was defective