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Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case (7th Generation, 2017 Release), Charcoal Black

We have analyzed 2004 reviews from Amazon and found:

35% of users say that: Product works, works well, is great, looks good. Case is great, works well, is nice, looks good. Tablet looks good, helps protect, is ok, is really geared for users. Cover is great, looks great, is just perfect, are durable. 2% of users noticed that: Stand is not too strong, will collapse, is not reliable, is so flimsy. Design is completely flawed. App are not available in my fire tablet, are limited, are horrible, is running in internet. Camera is not great, don't like, is not very good, is terrible.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1180 598
love, great, loves, like, good, works, works well, fits perfectly, loved, excellent, nice, is great, sturdy, really like, looks good, works fine, works great, worth, very pleased, enjoying
207 52
great, nice, good, very nice, perfect, is great, works well, nice looking, sturdy, best, better, fits well, is nice, cheaper, looks good, looks great, provides good protection, excellent, is well made, is awesome
172 54
great, nice, best, perfect, very nice, awesome, love, fit, perfectly, good, very pleased, looks good, protects my, helps protect, is ok, gets better reception, better, very impressed, spins, is really geared for users
76 29
great, nice, perfect, good, very nice, sturdy, is great, looks great, perfect fit, is just perfect, are durable, seems to close well, no problem, like, has more variations, works, does not stay up in any position very well, purchased 4, has magnetic, is good
this case
56 35
like, highly recommend, works well, love, easy to use, is okay, is bright purple, works for what i need it, will look that way in a short time, is very over priced, consider, costs way more than it seems it should, has never been dropped, is lightweight, nice looking, was very nice, is just perfect for the thing, holds up, fits the product well, fits well
80 10
love, great, favorite, like, nice, is good, loved, is fine, is nice, beautiful, fit, good, are great, matches perfectly, was more blue, i like, is exceptional, much too full, like best, do like
62 14
larger, bigger, big, large, great, clear, nice easy to read, is perfect, is nice, great for prime video, clean, no worries, is a soft velvet, protects my, more upright position, six-inch, bright, is off, is easy to read, extremely improved
33 16
great, original, was awesome, happy, loves, very much, much bigger, fits really well, enjoyed all my, 10 fit well, is sturdy, convenient to use, prefer, will crack fully covered, best buy, very well, look very sleek, can stand up on the table, are the best, looks nice
36 9
speedy shipping, come around to placing them in their app store, better, own it, called within 15 minutes, comes up with something different, stands behind its products, ingenious, durable, makes it easy to find and buy, has marked these up to increase profit margins, does have a wonderful return procedure, was better for folding, wish, worked around, would sell more product, made the process easy, makes quality stuff, support, fan
38 7
good, high, better, nice, great, very good, sturdy, was very nice, is very good, excellent, fit, made, easy to install, is nice, reliable, is super good, seems to be good, best, odd-lot, is there
love, larger, perfect, like, great, good, is great, i like, loved, enjoys, appropriate, large, ease of use, best, glad, is terrific, excellent, getting use, bigger, is awesome
33 7
great, was fair, good, is amazing, expecting more, was way too high, not what i expected, $40 alittle to expensive, was way better, is also cheap, definitly worth, much better, is to high, excellent, was excellent, can't beat, is too high, is far to expensive, difference, is great
19 13
great, good, disappeared after a few usages, is alright, is also great, was fine, reasonably, really like, are awesome, keeps cutting off, are great, nice, is fine, is good, is great, no problem
22 8
fabulous, good, is better protected, fits, compatible, great, works as expected, best, returning, very nice, nicest, works very well, holds up very well, upgraded, new, was easy, capable, very fast, needs advice, go-to
25 2
perfect, good, nice, excellent, easy to use, looks nice, adds extra protection, slim, looks really great, looks so great
21 2
great, clear, is great, are very deceiving, ease of use, 5200, is true to color, look, play games, easy to use vivid, takes clear, perfect, easy to understand tutorial, really nice, are point on, clear high quality
19 2
good, great, decent, provides good, clean looking, is very quite good, nice
13 6
clips with ease, flying, easy to use, are awesome, do have to watch, better idea, good, very surprised, perfect, stand feature, how carefully the demonstrator, great, work fine
battery life
13 6
great, is great, long, holds, very long, longer, is solid, much longer
11 7
best, lot sooner, absolutely love, is wonderful, is better on the eyes, is a good, has done more than i expected, stays securely in case, comes out of the case, is the best
12 5
are much stronger, are strong, were very strong, strong, is super strong, love, closes well, seem really strong to close, holds it secure, very strong, is nice, is extremely strong
11 5
true, going back to an, will go back, is brighter, more crisp, works just as good, guy, plays them all the time, pro 9.7, really wanted, starting with the original
12 2
okay, ok, worked great, still a second best choice, better, working great, taken some pretty good licks, still not terrible, for music, still the best case
10 5
read, similar, changed my, agree, great, honest, two star, completely, wish, will be positive
this tablet
14 1
love, enjoys, absolutely love, much more, highly recommend, loves, really love
9 3
light, fairly light, protective, simple to use stand, very well, attractive
12 1
cool, do like, very nice, with a more traditional stand, fills good, difficult to keep clean, easier to hold, extra character along with the vibrant color, allows a firm grip, is comfortable to the hand, visually pleasing, love
9 3
looks good, like, good grip, wonderful, soft, are great, feels high-end, durable, is reason enough
10 2
more, good, neat, really likes, works well, many nice, is nice, lot of nice
fire hd
7 3
absolutely love, best of all, love, outstanding, amazingly, 10 easy to read, very happy
9 1
great, beautiful, wonderful brilliant, easy to use, is very clear, readable, easy on my eyes, is amazing
8 2
is discounted on prime day, was fine, very good, beautiful, goes very well with the fire hd10, great, perfectly described, was a gift
this cover
6 4
love, won't regret, very happy, like
20 23
poor, is not too strong, will collapse, is not reliable, does not work, is so flimsy, little disappointed, not that steady, is horrible, makes ready difficult, was a little difficult, will not work on slick surface, is crap, is unacceptable in a horizontal configuration, is a little hard to use, not the worst, sits at an extremely awkward angle, flimsy, collapses, doesn't work weak
16 17
very poor, terrible, very bad, is completely flawed, not real fond, not very happy, overpriced cheap, worst, weird, spectacularly bad, very disappointed, wasn't that great, poor
5 16
are not available in my fire tablet, limited, not a lot, no access to google store, from google play, wont work, can't get i have to log onto silk, are limited, are horrible, is running in internet, are not recognized in this tablet, is not run in my tablet, don't work, bit irritating, not nearly enough, work
3 16
is not great, only allows motion pictures, don't like, hole, premade hole, isn't as high resolution, didn't upgrade, good thing, is not very good, no easy way to access, awkward trying to use, is terrible, lacks, no allowance, hole for the back camera, cannot be used
this product
9 10
very disappointed, not happy, never recommend, don't purchase, is not working, not saying don’t purchase, not recommend
5 12
are occluded, open to hear, do not have clearance, are covered, covers, no openings, are blocked, are muffled, would be facing the ground, are muted, reducing sound by half, are totally exposed
3 9
was low, drains significantly, quit working, charging less, drained, miserable, drain, will not charge, doesn't last long enough