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BLU LIFE ONE X2-4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone - 64GB+4GB RAM - Grey

We have analyzed 1610 reviews from Amazon and found:

27% of users say that: Product works great, worked fine, works well, is fast. Phone is great, works great, is fast, is good. Camera is ok, is great, is good, is amazing. Battery life is good, is awesome, is great, is amazing. 4% of users noticed that: Screen keep darkening, will flicker, is pausing and having difficulty, is getting bad. Blu has gotten in hot water, will never buy, has done nothing about it, has screwed customers by "updating" the software. Battery is unremovable, is not removable, will not charge well, is a bit small. App was also clunky, are not real, will frequently freeze or become unresponsive, will not track movement in navigation.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1015 809
love, like, great, good, fast, excellent, works great, worked fine, works well, loved, is fast, amazing, works fine, works perfectly, very good, very fast, works, cheap, does everything, loves
1152 607
great, good, nice, best, excellent, is great, awesome, amazing, decent, works great, love, very good, better, very nice, is fast, really liked, really like, is good, is amazing, like
136 74
great, is ok, is great, is good, better, nice, is amazing, is better, good, is okay, takes nice pictures, is sharp, takes great pictures, awesome, excellent, decent, is fantastic, takes very good pictures, very impressed, is nice
battery life
68 22
good, long, great, is good, is awesome, is great, quick charge, is amazing, has been great, is excellent, is very good, is fine, bright.-, is way better, will shorten, runs smoothly, is okay, is short lived, would need some minor upgrades, has great
74 4
great, good, low, cheap, awesome, excellent, fantastic, is reasonable, very good, nice, was so attractive, is low, full, very good value, best thing, seem great, reasonably, best balance, excelent, impressive
50 26
great, good enough, budget, clean, favorite, more expensive, high quality, much more expensive, no problem, was working fairly well, power off, powered off, new, could be entertainment 2to complete up with there innovation and functionality, is pretty awesome, updated, performed fairly well, was promised, highly functional, seem nice
28 9
good, decent, excellent, great, is good, high, best balance, rugged dependability, impressed, quarter, excelent, higher, no better, is great, blown away, almost same, extremely happy, is wonderful, better, very impressed
27 11
good, goes thanksgiving, clear, great, very clear, good quality, were backed up on google, takes great, are perfect, decent quality, come alive with the depth of light, come out flawless, takes a nice, looks cute too, crisp, excellent, decent, come out nicely, beautiful, look great
25 11
fast, quick, ordered new, is awesome, is amazing, are quite nice, low profile case, is very quick, is a wonderful feature, is really fast, works great, quick charger, is lightning fast, has quick charge
31 3
great, nice, love, incredible, were compelling, are very user friendly, amazing, are practical, many nice, missing a lot of needed, very happy, very handy, high, high grade, is excellent in quality, many, almost same, without agreeing to sign up for a warranty, all as described, are great
27 4
very good, is excellent, is good, much better, snappier, very happy, impressive, overall, extremely happy, is supurb, doesn't interfere, solid, still good, pleasantly impressed, will update, high, snappy, quick, love, is very good
26 3
great, looks good, is more than decent, reasonable, looks great, is good, brilliant, has formed a white line, is beautiful, very snappy, 1920 x 1080, nice, sharp, are thumbs way up, is as big, is very sharp, nice big, is bright, crisp, good
22 6
unlocked, great, my 6th blu, best, quality, nice, good cheap, more convenient, better, still recommend, pretty good, wonderful, is very convenient, perfect budget, very nice, very good, fully recommend, great cheap
16 12
thanks, was good, should reconsider doing business with this company, act more engagingly, was stellar, reffered me to blu, replacement on june 8, technical team to investigate, is great, right after a week with blu customer run around, carries fits very tight, quickly replaced, about 1/3 the cost, amazing return policy, rocks
20 6
good, original, similar issues, blu!end, keep reading, is for the 4/64gb version, saw, valuable, negative, lowest, was helpful, were really good, complete, lot, feel free, mixed, is from a user standpoint
18 5
decent, better, good, awesome fitting soft, clear, protection, fits snug, is nice, grippy, thin silicone, is decent, really nice rubbery, nice, no hard, solid
screen protector
21 3
clear, as well, thin, adds even more value to the purchase, come with, comes with it, is of low quality, is good, quality, impossible to get on without dust, included, fast charger, shock absorbing case, comes with ear phones, came with, fit right, works great!update, are cheap, clear case in the box, was tempered glass
this phone
13 9
love, like, worked good
13 8
good, d'excellente, great, thousands, priceless, look a little better, are decent, disable amazon ads, takes really nice, 20% power, great quality, low light
19 3
works great, ok, works, is fine, worked perfectly, backed up, worked except for the blue tooth, was great, seamed fine, has been great, was working including wi-fi, looka good, seems great, works as advertised
15 6
easily with so much space, are ok, works great, takes great, costing us an extra $45, come alive with the depth of light, usable, flawlessly, does the job, excellent, is very well done, lot, great job, are sharp, nice looking
blu life one x2
17 3
is one of those phones, same issue, has more memory, is a good, i wanted to love, vs asus zenfone 2, loving, is amazing, is a lot of telephone for the money, very impressed, is a good price, is the best midrange smartphone, is a great phone, does not suffer from bloatware, i would take the time, all of its features, are manageable
17 3
is good.-, good, best thing, decent, very pleased, sealed the deal, are quick enough, high, like, respond well to the apps, is light speed, nearly twice, better, impressed, fast, very fast, are great
17 3
is great, incredible, is pretty good, good, is good, is very good, works great, quality, is excellent, best, wise, strikingly beautiful, is amazing, with some nice, performs well
105 118
cracked, shattered, broke, turns off, cracks, flickers, cannot add anything back, glitches out ocassionally, keep darkening, went across my entire, totally black out, failure, will flicker, is pausing and having difficulty, similar issues, is getting bad, still shattered at the top, goes off, slowly moving, replaced
74 86
very disappointed, has gotten in hot water, bad, will never buy, does not offer repair parts, refused to acknowledge the situation, dont buy anything, forced out a wireless update containing malware, never, sent out, has done nothing about it, extremely disappointed, shame, never buy, has screwed customers by updating the software, has yet to provide a fix, did not make any attempt to warn users, were working to address the problem, sent out an update for the phone titled 'security update, is remaining silent
56 65
is unremovable, is not removable, does not hold a charge, cannot remove, doesn't stay charged for very long, had puffed up, died in 12 months, doesn't hold a charge, imposible to find, crapped out 7 months, died 7 months, died, will not charge well, is a bit small, is down to about 70-75%, would hold its charge much, drains with minimal usage, swelled up, totally broken, is not removable or replaceable
36 45
freeze all the time, pushes ads, would slow down randomly, constantly, says its not supported in the country, had to reinstall, freaking, not working properly, won't load half the time, was also clunky, are not real, will frequently freeze or become unresponsive, no one uses, frequently use, will not track movement in navigation, are not available for it, wouldn't recommend it, were not there upon receipt, start downloading, would not follow where i was going
18 26
they just released, wiped out the passwords, prevents user's from unlocking their phone, does not appear to have been tested, locked users, did not notify people not to complete, was broke 3 days, completely botched up the phone, locked me out, would not go away, was pushed, deletes your log in code, will brick the phone, not worth it, was no option, locked me out of my own phone, recent, locked out of their phones, brick!. lost, beware of trying to use unlocked phones
20 21
loud, isn't the best speaker, doesn't go loud, quite, is not that great, not dual, is only 1, no longer work for the ringer or apps, does not work at all, are extremely low, are pretty horrible, broke within a week, are very-very low quality, problem, only downside, does not produce sound, aren't great, was at the bottom, few seconds, failing
blu phone
17 21
would not buy, never be buying, tainted my experience, will never buy another, do not buy, never buying, no longer recommend, not buying, will not be purchasing, never buy, won't recommend, are a piece of crap, don't buy, i might stick, very disappointed!this, not wanting to spend alot i looked, did not come with ads, did not like, will never consider, not saying
customer service
4 31
terrible, is terrible, no, worst, poor, dismal, zero, experienced, is not good, slow to answer, not helpful, just stopped taking calls, absolutel joke, lack, is poor, is non-existent support, is nothing to be amazed by, is unhelpful, is absolutely horrible, awful
blu product
11 19
will never purchase, never buy, avoid, never, are very sorry for the inconvenience, will not be buying, do not mess, won’t be buying anymore, will not purchase, will not be purchasing, no more, not buying, will never buy, would not recommend, do not plan, cannot recommend
14 16
is terrible, poor, is too low, is just too low, advised a hard reset, no, stops, horrible screeching, suddenly increases to max volume, is a bit muffled, very low, is not really good, is crap, will not play out of either of the speakers, is very bad, is barely listenable
7 21
started to malfunction, fix on my own, issue back in july blu forced a update out, should be avoided like the plague, wouldn't click, update problems, update locked, horrible, problem, update, is bloated, something wrong with it, incorrect, horribly buggy, my issue, bloatware, is awkward, illogical, no, is somewhat very hard to use
8 20
isn't spying on me with such shady practices, crashed my phone with a update they issued, very disappointed, hasn't publicly addressed the issue, careful, didn't even make an announcement of this issue, is not offering other solution, has not posted information on their web site, wasn't hiding from their mistakes, horrible, will erase all your data, is amateurish, doesnt seem to bother, makes crap, refuses to answer their phones or respond to emails, isn't even making a recall on these batteries, invests little to nothing, is awful, complaint, has horrible customer service
10 11
have a lot less errors2, forget, turns out, still be paying off, don't need, will eventually return to, expensive, is no need to spend that kind of money, pretty stupid, are not good products, tops out around 500 mbps
reset, reset their phone, resets, ugly head, reset fails, loose everything, fix, reset your phone, reset multiple times, wipe
3 18
lost, backed up, corrupted, without loosing, is lost, locked out, losing all my important, lose all our, completely destroy, lost heaps, lose all my, didn't lose, i lose all my, is not unlimited, was erased, cannot lose
6 14
very low, i've found:1, many, has been at large, has gone on for about two days, huge, minor, have been escalated to our software team, is not present in messaging other android users, are impossible to uninstall or clean, is fixed, small, overheating, no acceptable