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All-New Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8 (Compatible with 7th and 8th Generation Tablets - 2017 and 2018 Releases)

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30% of users say that: Product works great, works well, works, is great. Dock is nice, work fine, is cool, is working fine. Tablet arrived yesterday, is worth, keeps me, is nice. Amazon can do is pair with registered phone, was amazing, have never been happier, was terrific. 2% of users noticed that: Kindle can heat up, is always very hot, will not simply play the music, got very loose. Show mode is hit or miss, will not always be available, has limited value at present, is very limited. Sound is inferior, is even worse than the dot. This product is not needed, is very misleading.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

415 209
love, great, works great, good, works well, works, like, is great, is perfect, sturdy, would be great, works okay, perfect, works as advertised, is a great idea, loved, worth, for a couple weeks, up, solid
47 25
love, charging, nice, like, takes the amazon fire, is nice, work fine, is cool, few ideas became numerous, is working fine, worked great, much more than the tablet, will have its new home on the counter, has a nice back cover, is good, works good, really worth, is useful, enhances the tablet, prime day
28 5
did good, can do is pair with registered phone, was amazing, owes me, have never been happier, cool inexpensive, thanks, thank you, pretty much like all kindle fire, great toy, doesn’t disappoint, very clear, was terrific, makes good on their advertising, added some of the show functionality, you know i will upgrade, great, built these tablets, was planning on adding these features, has linked the show mode charging dock
16 13
larger, stays on, very clear, good size, will stay on, is bigger, do like, smaller, shows an icon of it charging in the bottom right corner, large, easier to see, only looks great, beautiful hd, on full time, have to touch
15 6
great, very nice, really nice, more, is pretty good, very handy, works beautifully, is a very slight addition to the tablet, will let amazon, can communicate with each other through the alexa app, well familiar, new, happy for the most part, nifty
charging dock
16 3
love, work well, has been just fine, seven inch, really do like, enjoy, absolutely enjoying, off the fire, provides ease of charging, is a great alternative, clock on my desk, pitched, is brilliant, nice, makes the usefulness of my fire hd10
10 7
feels cheap, fits perfectly to the tablet, regular, is very slick, were easier to hold, safe, doesn’t feel cheap, great, rugged, is easy to slip on
docking station
15 3
like, is like a stand, is a very convenient, is your new best, love, is very easy, is better, is cool, total of $144.98, same great features, new release device, effectively, handsome, work once you upgrade, was strong
11 4
much easier, easy, works great, very easy, really like, fast, is great, ease, is a bonus
8 3
great, adjusts to whatever angle you want, works, adds too much weight to device, substantial, works well, is a lot less expensive
7 3
love, came with the stand, great, is easy to install, works vary well, no issues, is handy
8 1
works fine, is outstanding, is now horizontal rather than vertical, real large, excellent, is higher quality, good morning, good angle for viewing
echo show
6 2
has a 7 inch display, does work better, fully functioning, was just dominant in most innings, nicest sounding, works anywhere
7 1
expecting much more, is amazing, is good, seemed a bit high, lowest, is right, original
5 3
tells great jokes, will make your grocery list, memos, reminders, works well, perfect, can be controlled hands free
6 1
easy, works great, was simple, quick, really love, easy to
great, works great, clever, awesome
5 2
better, could be much more functional, simple, compact, cover to protect the screen of the tablet
5 2
good, turns your tablet, big echo, bought the echo, bigger echo
this stand
5 1
like, is so handy, accomplishes what is promised, fit, love
4 2
5 star, positive, has cleared up some of the confusion, was helpful
fire hd
4 2
is a mystery, very happy, fits newest, love
3 2
prime, like, is good
didn't address this issue, adds some neat, ton, updated, best
3 2
significant, wouldn't be terrible, good
31 31
on flights, cannot put another case, very hot, hold up my fire, crappy, falls down, delay, cannot get it, did not have, a bit chunky feeling, broke for unknown reasons, would not charge, does not seem to replicate, will fall off, slips off the stand, can't just open, cannot use, isn't exactly aligned with those charge contacts, did switch over to show mode, careful
8 9
exits show mode, can heat up, didn't really charge when docked, bit personality, is always very hot, without the dock, will not simply play the music, got very loose, hard to charge
show mode
5 11
won't work with the parental controls turn on, stopped working, is hit or miss, will not always be available, has limited value at present, is very limited, is very disappointing, unreadable, no, isn't quite as good, does not provide complete show capabilities
6 8
horrible, is inferior, no, effect, garbled, is even worse than the dot, problem
this product
6 8
very disappointed, dislike, didn't love, problem, is not needed, is very misleading, would not have purchased
7 7
are simply not adequate in the fire hd, bad, aren't that great, crumby, are cringy, awful, suck
4 4
can't put, removing, inside your house, is by my bed
2 4
is up-to-date, is terrible, locks the tablet, is extremely buggy
2 3
avoiding having to constantly, sticks out a bit, fully engage the jack on the kindle
fire hd 8
1 3
failing, could charge, would not automatically install this update
echo devices
1 3
don't either, can't see, cannot see or interact with it
respond to a request, sideways, is to swipe from top, does not recognize the fire tablet
2 2
kick the kindle out of show mode, works without an internet connection
2 2
are not a secure enough system, correct position for charging.-
1 3
no, doesn't offer any protection for the fire, takes a tiny bit away from the movie