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Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV Streaming Player

We have analyzed 1456 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, works, works well, is great. Remote works great, is awesome, is great, working. Program works great, works well, work flawlessly, work great. Button were really easy to program, are very close, are easy to reach, is set as the 'enter' button on the tv. 2% of users noticed that: Volume was no way to control, will only change by one level, was too low. Tv remote work in order to set up the sideclick remote, was only for turning it on, is on its way out, is only needed to powered on an off the tv. Batteries were dead, don't fit snugly. Amazon remote can slide back and forth, was lacking, can slide up.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1283 442
great, love, works great, like, awesome, works, works well, excellent, easy to program, is great, easy, works perfectly, easy to set up, was easy to program, good, worked, work great, is awesome, amazing, works flawlessly
226 138
works great, nice, great, is awesome, easy to program, is great, convenient, like, very pleased, awesome, working, works good, is amazing, great little, is easy to program, original, comfortable, was very easy to program, fits well, you want this remote to operate in order to program
159 7
easy to, super easy to, works great, super easy, very easy to, easy to use, really easy to, very easy, easily, simple, super simple, very simple, works well, simple to, very handy, easy, easy as pie to, easy to set up, work flawlessly, unobtrusive
57 41
enough, more, right, couple more, how i wanted it, do regardless of the image on the button, tested out, pretty much done, had enough, were really easy to program, are very close, would be closer, trying to control separate devices, fires tv remote, are easy to reach, light-up, is set as the 'enter' button on the tv, feel sturdy, do many things, are enough buttons
61 12
great, simple, awesome, great little, works great, works perfectly, very clever, convenient, extremely easy pairing process, works exactly as advertised, decided to go with one of the others, useful, unbelievably convenient little, best, easy, able to control, more, should be priced around 15 to 20 bucks, was simple to setup, handy
67 1
easy, easy to, was easy, super easy, simple, very easy, was very easy, works good easy, very simple, nice, quick, was fast, super easy to use, breeze to, works like a charm, incredibly easy to, easy to use, looks good with the fire remote, able to complete, took all of 60 seconds
40 8
easy, was a breeze, was easy, is easy, was simple, quick, is super simple, worked, very convenient, even more simple, is beyond easy, no codes or relearning needed, was really easy, was a snap, could not be any easier, super easy, was pressing a couple of buttons, went okay, is fairly easy, works like a charm
29 11
can control, best, able to program, perfect way to make cutting the cable, pairs perfectly, is setup, get another for the other, has a remote, is too new to use, can use ir to program, sound and firetv, watching easier, works great, cheap, big help, off better, no luck, able to control, works with the amazon fire, serves the same purpose of the sidekick attached to the fire remote
29 10
love, fits very well, works great, helps cutdown on remotes, works as advertised, was very easy to program, is an innovative, keeps my thumb in control, takes care, is easy to install, works perfectly, works just fine, changed everything, is amazing, has worked flawlessly, is awesome, has already paid for itself, was easy to program, works flawlessly, is a must
this thing
34 1
love, is awesome, is amazing, is great, works great, is perfect, is incredible, is cool as a cucumber, is brilliant, has been wonderful, is way better than it looks, is genius, works extremely well, ok - love, is fricken awesome, want
great, good, awesome, amazing, wonderfully easy to use, neat, wonderful, works great, easy to program, brilliant, very innovative, practical, nice, works perfectly, works well
this product
26 6
love, very pleased, really like, recommended, like, recommend, super excited to use, happy, absolutely love, glad, highly recommend, wow, could improve, so happy, keeping, will return, def recommend, really loved, does not have that problem, most likely purchase
set up
29 1
easy, very easy, was a breeze, super easy, simple, took less than 5 minutes, was really easy, is very easy, was super easy, super fast, is kindergarten easy, was a snap, is working perfectly, was very simple, works great, awesome
24 6
sleek, very simple, great, very convenient, goal, compact, feels good to hold, is easy to operate both the sideclick and fire tv controls, handy, fantastic, nice, brilliant, would be so much more secure, comfortable, very happy, very solid, simple sleek, is well thought out, would be better, worth it
19 7
is too high, is high, is a bit high, worth, was a little more, increased, very impressed, is high or low for a device, is definitely worth the quality and function, priced, was a lot easier to deal with, good, point way too high, is a littler higher, i really appreciated the ingenuity, high, effectively
14 8
you would need to purchase, should've included the buttons, should start to include these with fire devices, multiple times, needs to buy these, wish, really should look into incorporating this into their firetv remote, make a universal remote, stick, should offer a remote with source, was fantastic, fixed my issue very fast, already with extra buttons, will start offering tv programming
sound bar
11 9
well, synced to it, down arrows, need to use, be able to control the volume, controls, firetv, all in one, nothing, electric fireplace tv mantle, on/off
universal remote
11 9
perfect, cheap, cheap $4, works great, very basic, awesome, best, very functional, sophisticated
13 7
are simple, easy, were clear, concise, didn’t have any success, easy to follow, were very easy to understand, were easy to follow, was done within minutes, easy to set up, are very easy to follow
great, great little, little, awesome little, love, simply works, greatest little, effective little, handy, super cool, best, nifty little
15 2
great, very pleased, super happy, honestly best, is my 2nd, best, very satisfies, good, perfect, absolutely recommend, very happy, worth thit
13 2
works as expected, great, is a true cord cutter's dream, well made, very compact, really solid, was rather impressive, nice, /worked great, goes above, was okay, performs its intended purpose, directly from sideclick
fire tv
9 5
3rd gen, sticks, love, able to control, work great, were backlit, needs one, much easier to use, is so great
11 2
basic, easily, able to adapt, beautifully, you want, great, enough, easier, worth it, available eight sideclick
10 2
great, perfect, decent, longer voice enabled remote, good, easy to use, easy to pop off and on
8 3
best, good, was up, works 20% of the time, are amazing, handy, is almost flawless, convenient
tutorial, shows how simple, on how to program it again, are easy to follow, was ready to go in less than thirty seconds, source and select, source input buttons, was able to program easy, was at least clear, help
great, perfect, nifty, is perfectly integrated with my tv, favorite, very useful, great little
assembled alright, great, works perfectly, is just like i wanted it, was going well, light blinked 3 times, was set up, went really smooth, is now all on one remote, is together now
sideclick remote
6 4
is a simple solution, was exactly what, is more of a convenience item, love, was exactly what i needed, is great
8 2
handy, simple, easy to program, is everything the amazon remote, was a little sturdier, need, excellent, works great
larger, small, compact, good, without changing, are good, right, is good
20 23
up/down, change, up, goes-up-and-down, easily with one small remote, was no way to control, will only change by one level, was too low, neither, u hardly change, yet another to change cable channels, pause, mute, you have to click the button 60 times to get it to 80, down, tired, without using two or three remotes
tv remote
9 28
lost, sick, dont have, work in order to set up the sideclick remote, always lose, was only for turning it on, i have no other way to link it, totally replaced, is on its way out, dying, is only needed to powered on an off the tv, had over 20 buttons, clunky, don't have to seek, not having to search down, eliminates the extra, has a black ir panel on the head, no more looking, within a half hour, was able to emulate most of the fire stick remote functions
8 12
change, were dead, like crazy, do not work, died, tried, don't fit snugly, die, lasted only two months, same problem, still the issue persists, requires separate
fire tv remote
9 9
works only through wifi, does not have a power, couldn't do it all, uses a radio signal, too bulky, doesn't fall off, lacks you gain back with the sideclick, was not able to control the volume on my sound bar, problem
amazon remote
3 9
only controls the fire stick, no, flaw, can slide back and forth, without sliding, was lacking, too clumsy, aiming, can slide up
power button
4 8
could not program the volume, chanel up and down, did not work, were unable to be programmed, is still rf, works on the tv, could simultaneously turn on a tv and sound bar, stopped working
5 7
broke, not going to pay another 10 for a replacement, wrong, are hard to remove, damaged
fire remote
5 6
is faaaaaaaaaaaar too thin, slides up, will freeze up randomly, clicked in while trying to program, was garbage, tiny