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Melitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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33% of users say that: Product works great, works well, is easy to use, is the best coffee maker. Coffee is hot, is great, is good, is delicious. Coffee maker is great, works great, looks great, looks nice. Carafe keeps coffee hot, keeps the coffee hot, keeps the coffee warm, keeps the coffee hot for hours. 1% of users noticed that: Water was hot, is no longer working, is filtered through the grounds slower, was pouring. Lid has to be completely taken off to fill with water, was not turned to the lock position, has started to warp a little from the steam, has a hole in it that the coffee drips through. Glass carafe is not a thin glass, is cracked, was broke. Button are quite unfortunate.

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2638 1356
love, great, makes great coffee, clean, easy to use, like, works great, works well, makes good coffee, makes a good cup of coffee, is easy to use, good, is the best coffee maker, looks nice, worked great, loved, stays hot, works, makes the best coffee, easy to clean
690 269
great, good, stays hot, strong, tastes great, hot, excellent, stays warm, is hot, is great, stays hot for hours, warm, really good, makes great, decent, easy to use, tastes better, robust, is good, makes good
coffee maker
435 96
great, best, good, excellent, nice, is great, fantastic, better, very good, works great, perfect, looks great, very pleased, 12-cup, love, really good, like, nice looking, wonderful, looks nice
220 184
keeps coffee hot, keeps the coffee hot, pours well, keeps the coffee warm, does not drip, great, pours nicely, keeps the coffee hot for hours, is nice, stainless, insulated, pours without dripping, keeps the coffee, unbreakable, is stainless steel, easy to clean, keeps coffee warm for hours, keeps the coffee nice, keeps coffee hot for hours, does not spill
139 52
great, excellent, nice, very good, high quality, makes a great pot of coffee, makes good coffee, makes a good pot of coffee, decent, good coffee, very nice, wonderful, is reliable, attractive on the counter, programable, is great, keeps coffee hot for several hours, like, lets you adjust your brew, is nice
118 27
great, best, good, very happy, very good, really nice, happy, nice coffee, very nice, wonderful, best coffee, excellent coffee, exactly what this coffee, is great, pretty good, highly recommend, was a different brand, gave out after 7 years, produces a good cup of coffee, few
72 51
great, works well, nice looking, pretty good, keeps the coffee fresh, warm for hours, prevents any over-brewed/burnt taste, almost working, brews your coffee quickly, works very well, has held up fine, makes excellent coffee, is so consistent, long enough, liked, is fine, works great, sent our brewmaster to the rental, is cleaned inside this way, has three settings
104 3
great, good, was great, was right, reasonable, was reasonable, is right, excellent, lowest, should make better coffee, liked, right, made it a fantastic value, you can't beat this, really can't argue, decent, you can't get a better deal, has been reduced, cheap, too soon
64 38
great, full, nice, brews quickly, pours pretty nicely, maintains the right temp, hitting, keeps it hot without scorching, regular size, doesn't even fill four mugs, is totally drip free, very smooth pour, wonderful, keeps it hot, is fantastic, keeps coffee warm for hrs, does stay warm, better, fantastic, 12-cup
coffee pot
70 32
great, good, best, is great, nice, love, wonderful, very excellent, is sturdy, last way longer, after much searching, clean, extremely happy, work fine, made a very good cup of coffee, perfect, can't go without, pretty, was great, better
this coffee maker
82 15
love, highly recommend, really like, loved, recommend, absolutely love, really liked, like, loves, really enjoy, would buy, really loving, impressed, ended up returning, liked, returned, strong, definately recommed, really enjoyed
71 23
nice, great, good, love, sleek, very sleek, sturdy, like, stylish, i like, nicole, clean, on top for how coffee, nice compact, very attractive, modern somewhat artistic, look very nice, similar, is better, is just right
thermal carafe
51 42
love, is great, keeps the coffee hot, does a great job, best, never burns, keeps coffee hot for hours, is made of stainless steel, best feature, nice, i would like it, is the best, really like, keeps coffee from burning or evaporating, stainless, has the advantage, works fine, is easy to clean, doesn't become bitter by sitting on a warmer, liked
84 2
robust, bold, bold and robust, regular, warm, three, strength, short, are on top, three different, difference, adjust, strongest, best results, has 3 brew, has bold, are legitimate, stronger, are a nice feature, work well
cup of coffee
80 4
great, good, perfect, decent, strong, excellent, really good, flavorful, held up very well, delicious, full bodied, warm, looks cheap, pretty good, grat, delicious and hot, wonderful, nice, fantastic, best
60 8
is as good, is great, makes good coffee daily, has mastered that, has delivered, is so much better, makes a decent cup of coffee, is designed with this in mind, carry me through, keeps the coffee hotter, gives any other brand a run for their money, is hot, fast, very basic, is a much better design, thoughtfully made, completely satisfied, is good, was my second interview, arrived today
58 11
good, great, awesome, is far larger, backup, nice, perfect, works fine, just about one year, did not disappoint, makes great coffee, just over 2 years, would have lasted longer, inexpensive, fairly expensive, attractive, is a match made in heaven, favorite, has a setting for regular, bold
45 14
good, positive, great, read, ton, based, rare non-positive, was extremely helpful, will help others to not waste their money, accurate, most positive, answered my question, carafe model, favorable, really appreciate, lot, raving, countless, researched, combine the glass carafe
49 10
fast, great, robust, good, excellent, strength, strong, faster, light, decent, full, is a lot stronger, flavorful, easy to program automatic, quickly, quick, easy to use, supreme, tasted very similar in a comparison test, yummy coffee
45 12
great, good, no bitter, better, very good, burn, pleased to notice, keeps coffee warm, run to the simpler ones, is awesome to the taste, appreciate, fuller, no funny, plastic, fresh brewed, was great, robust, drink the coffee, no coffee, lacks
47 5
great, nice, favorite, good, easy to use, neat, has all, like, are good, just brewed as normal, desired, very nice, robust, are enough, several, perform perfectly, best, easy-to-use, strength, extra
45 7
good, high, great, real, is very good, serious, pleased, is excellent, fine, typical high, is just not there, same, more, really liked the carafe, seems good, very happy, excellent, fresh ground beans, better, pleasure
this machine
28 17
really like, love, you buy, pleased, good, absolutely love, may be quite nice, 6 stars, loving, brews quickly, fits my needs, needs to be pulled in and out from the counter, great, would be a contender for best, really glad, like about, takes quite a while to brew, uses far less coffee, very pleased, highly recommend
27 16
is sending us another one, is cross-posting reviews, accepted return~, i contacted, is a hassle, easy return set up, thank you, was great, raised the price, replaced it quickly, painlessly, few bucks, easy to add to order, rocks, should pay me for these reviews, totally on your own, will let me return it, was prompt, helpful, quick return and refund
26 16
is possessed, your oven, is backlit in blue, like, work great, lighted, is backlit with blue light, easy to read, shines at night light quality, is illuminated, is just a blue glow, is simple to operate, works, is very easy to set up, is up high, puts out a lot of light, emits a soft blue light, work ok, is too bright, nice feature
this product
24 18
highly recommend, recommend, love, bought, very pleased, many pros, very happy, pass, would buy, liked, definitely recommend, ordered, still return
tasting coffee
35 4
great, good, best, simple, makes good, can be cleaned easily, stays warm in carafe, smooth, easy to use, produces great, starts before anything with clean equipment, better, wonderful
30 8
is so bright, is bright, can read, working great, good, bright, was far too bright for my taste, is very bright, like, is way too bright, is really very bright, easy to read, brightness, is easy for a tall user, bright little, doubled as a kitchen nightlight, easy to open thermal pot, is extremely bright, can light up my kitchen, is simple to operate
29 5
permanent, good, natural, fit perfectly, makes good, is still full of water, superior, gold, hoping that would help, proper fit, round, i was done, cone, prefer a swing out, like, perfectly, works great, are designed, does not collapse in on itself, gold mesh
35 2
easy to, easy to use, very easy to, fairly easy to, simple, breeze to use, start at pre-programmed time, intuitive, very simple, nice modern looks, easy to set up, very easy, operates quietly, love, not an issue
24 12
like, is easy to use, works perfectly, works, are nice features, works effectively, works great, is a nice feature, is great, is fine, uses, works well, worked, is simple to use, looks good, really like, regular, strong, is very easy to set, is easy to set
22 13
ok, out of stock, basically a stream of coffee, must be clogged with residue, holding up very well, not a one size, been a good coffeemaker, worked well, good coffee maker, still acceptably hot, supp to pause, still making perfect coffee, already out of warranty, still works in 6 months, okay, working well, been a few hours, working good, cone filter type coffee maker, working like a champ(as expected
30 4
is great, robust, really enjoy, great, good, full, optimal, out of less grounds, is just as good, really is better, is excellent, is much smoother, excellent, insuring maximum, went from great to passable, taste, to be better, is superior, fresh, is worth it
22 8
perfect, perfectly hot, grinds, ideal, ~188 deg f., right, is ok, drinkable, moderate, great, pleasant drinking, not so much, was in the 175-176 range, decent, is perfect, was around 165, was always right, reasonable, optimal, is fine
21 8
great, very happy, good, happy, very pleased, quite satisfied, excellent, has gone downhill, solid, pretty satisfying, definitely recommend, very very pleased
this coffeemaker
20 7
love, recommend, does seem to pull those more complex flavors out, does that, met, exceeded my expectations, just does that, i was looking, is well designed, worked fine, looks very good, really like, very happy
46 78
was hot, is no longer working, not with soap, leaks steadily, very sad, extremely hard, would end up as steam, goes all over the place, is filtered through the grounds slower, was pouring, have never seen rust, hard to fill, breaks the seal, leaking from unit, is passing through the hopper through the coffee grounds, has been poured through the hopper, drips on floor, drips too fast, awkward, huge puddle
24 34
hollow, has to be completely taken off to fill with water, flimsy, was not turned to the lock position, runs down onto the burner, has started to warp a little from the steam, warped from the steam, has a hole in it that the coffee drips through, feels like it's going to break each time, has a tendency to warp, broke off first, drips coffee, lead to more frustration, was shown to flip up, empty/fill your filter, problem, start pouring in the water, is annoying to open, a tiny bit, down
glass carafe
13 18
broke, gets so hot, break, broke sudden this morning, not worrying, pour-over, miss, is not a thin glass, is cracked, cracked, should have gotten, would have ordered, had some sort of melted plastic, was broke, leaks, cracked within one month of using it, plain
12 13
tiny, stopped working, turned off, are quite unfortunate, had worn off, push in combination, aren't fitted into the maker well, cased to function, opens the spout for pouring would not function, did not work, useless, quit working, hard to see