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Nokia 6-32 GB - Unlocked (AT&T/T-Mobile) - Black - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads

We have analyzed 540 reviews from Amazon and found:

26% of users say that: Product works great, is fast, looks like, works. Phone is great, is good, works well, is solid. Camera is adequate, works, is ok, can take great shots. Nokia is back, has essentially created a brick smartphone, is aware of it, is a trusted. 2% of users noticed that: App is loaded in chinese lenguage, can not remove, have stopped working. Wifi works, will only work on a 5mgz band, is still not showing, is awful. Ad are not anywhere as annoying, are more annoying, are too annoying, are annoying. Call don't respond, don't get some, don't come in, has somehow eased the problem.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

443 309
love, like, good, works great, great, is fast, best, nice, looks like, really like, works, simple, recommend, 5 stars, fine, got better, is good, hard to do fun things, has never been dropped, works nicely
430 247
great, nice, good, is great, amazing, love, best, is good, very good, beautiful, excellent, very nice, decent, really like, awesome, like, works well, durable, is solid, perfect
64 33
better, good, is adequate, works, great, is ok, can take great shots, nice, is acceptable, takes nice photos, very clear, like, remains very good, bright light, should be improved for low light use, greatest, could be better, is very good, is 8 mp, appealed to me
42 36
is back, great, has essentially created a brick smartphone, would bring back the old quality, long back to capture the market, thanks, makes good products, is aware of it, fixes, is a trusted, started off cool, always had, love, committed to their products, promising two years of software upgrades, help with, see, was always known for quality, try, has proven to be a test of patience
41 24
beautiful, clear, is nice, crisp, is vibrant, is 1080p, is sharp, bright, is fantastic, no scrath, excellent, is pretty decent, is brilliant, large size, very good color, is certainly large enough, fast wide, is nice clean, 5.5 inch, is very sharp
build quality
36 1
great, excellent, is excellent, is exceptional, good, called, is pretty good, feels solid, is good, is just amazing, is fantastic, decent zippy finger scanner, is absolutely amazing, seems superb!speed / performance, is better on the nokia, seems top notch- nice, is unmatched, solid, is great, is top notch
nokia 6
22 9
very happy, bye bye, best mid-range phones, i gave up, upgrade, usa version, was delivered aug 2, pleasantly surprised, do with the, is so much better, feels great in the hand, checked all the boxes in my needs, is a 8 for me, looks way better, is a gorgeous budget smartphone, for rabout two weeks, is even more sleek, durable, long, received it on us launch day
28 3
good, great, decent, features, fantastic, very nice, you really can't complain, is extremely reasonable, is right, is unbelievable, lots of nit-picking, more than compensates, great prime, best, better, is right on this phone, friendly, perfect, you get for the price
13 12
runs out of charge too easily, is great, seems to discharge more or less at the same pace, does last a long time, easily lasts all day, is consuming a lot with amazon ads, lasts all day, is awesome, lasts morning to evening, most efficient, 3,000 mah, good, better
battery life
20 4
is great, is aceptable, best, decent, is excellent, is fairly long, is super, great, is very good, perform admirably, is average with heavy use, is fantastic, has good, is good, very good, better, works well-, getting shorter, is doing
15 4
good, great, better, improve, been satisfied, expecting something similar, is very surprising, marginal, fantastic, was nice, overall, is great, surprised
12 6
placed lockscreen ads, thx, made things right, love, has great customer support, was good, gave me a full refund, has to certify it, awesome, thank you, is working out wonderfully, is integrated into the phone
16 1
can't have, has been fine, is perfect, is good enough, works perfectly, is working, is else is good, works, works intuitively, is fine, was fine, works just fine, is great, works flawless, is excellent, awesome
14 2
nice, simple, do like, beautiful, great, love, good, decent zippy finger scanner, is as standard, attractive, practical, great legend nokia, is simply gorgeous
12 3
good, great, very good, is very good, easy to use, nice low-light, very responsive, excellent, can be felt at first touch, matches
13 1
nice, way better, is bright enough, clear, amazing, decent, curved, looks gorgeous, is bright, real estate, is bit wide, very good
8 6
great, good, very good, not had any issues
8 6
is great, good, great, is loud, more fingerprint-resistant backside, are marvelous
9 5
will be a little more of a retrospective, had decent, helps you in your phone shopping, great, real, swayed me to purchase on us launch, quick, update, glowing
10 3
longstanding, good, good quality, with no issues, handy red-light, really like, would like to return, offer every kind of useful connectivity, excellent, great
8 5
great, is good, is so crisp, no issue, is great
8 5
takes great, nice, came out clear, look fantastic, good, offers a very sharp, very decent, great
amazon ads
8 3
are not annoying, are not anymore annoying, barely noticeable, aren't too bad, do not bother me, not intrusive, are minimal
6 5
is very good, pure android, is latest from google, updated, is clean, fast
9 1
great, crucial, nice, you really can't beat it, lots, really nice, has nice, coolest
sim card
5 3
gave me a new, put in a new, now for 24 hours, activated my new, restarted
sturdy, was nice, nice solid, doesn't feel cheap, quality, amazing, strong, solid feeling
6 2
gives good feel, happy, is surprisingly fast, good, kudos to nokia forregularly, are gone
4 2
finally get an, straightforward, used to work without any issues, compares visually to
nice, is right, huge, is just right for me, is perfect, loved, relative
12 16
corrected, is loaded in chinese lenguage, can not remove, blaming, have stopped working, stops running in the background, without a slow up, crashing, freezes, open significantly slower, hang a lot of times, there gone, maximize volume, deleted, bad, no
5 21
issues, works, hot spot, shuts off randomly, stopped working, problem, would go in and out, never stayed connected for over 10 minutes, will only work on a 5mgz band, wouldn't pick up, channel issue, issue was fixed, problems, is still not showing, can't connect, couldn't make it work, does not connect after trying mutiple time, would not work, is awful
11 12
slow, do miss, are not anywhere as annoying, are more annoying, not worth it, are too annoying, are annoying, no, beware, are not personalized, removed
8 14
dropped, don't respond, don't get some, randomly dropped, don't come in, has somehow eased the problem, not great, no dropped, will fail to connect, don't always go through on the 4g lte network, drop, is showing no service, keep dropping
8 12
little bit slower, low-range, slower, lags a bit, worked fine, is inadequate, is mid gradehowever slow, clunky, not has fast, little slower, slow, bottlenecks the phone
2 16
never go off, not working, not going off, does not work, was supposed to go offer, won't go off, doesnt work reliably, has to be reset every night, is not working properly, not functioning, working properly, doesn't work, does not go, don't work, won't work
2 16
is always turning on by itself, shutting itself off at random, needs to be connected manually, is now dropping, shuts off randomly, just turns off, not go through turning, constantly turns itself off, is horrid, constantly drops, reconnects stopping whatever, shoddy, would connect sometimes, just stops working, isn't connecting properly, haven't used
5 5
smudgy, look very pixelated, was choppy, poor, poor quality
3 6
do not come through overnight, work, don't get, are very inconsistent.- tech support, no, sporadically
alarm clock
stopped working, trouble, fails about 60%, introduced bugs, quit working, does not work, does not trigger the alarm