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NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (7th and 8th Generation - 2017 and 2018 releases) (2-Pack)

We have analyzed 1129 reviews from Amazon and found:

38% of users say that: Product was easy to apply, works great, is great, was very easy to apply. Screen is protected, is protected from my toddlers, is easy to install, works very well. Screen protector was easy to apply, was very easy to apply, is easy to use, has several. Install have virtually no bubbles, are easy to clean, looks great, is two step. less than 1% of users noticed that: Cloth was missing as well. This thing is garbage, is near impossible to keep clean. Plastic is very flimsy, will not protect against anything but fingerprints. Touch sensitivity is lost.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

418 189
great, love, good, was easy to apply, works great, is great, excellent, was very easy to apply, easy to install, works, does the job, fine, fits perfectly, like, easy to clean, clean, loves, does its job, nice, smooth
94 57
protects, clear, is protected, nice, protected, very good, saver, protective, completely clean, proctector without any issues, safe from damage, entire, is protected from my toddlers, protector for anti-glare, clean your, saves, damage very well, fastest, like, protecting
screen protector
77 41
great, good, clear, nice, was easy to apply, was very easy to apply, is easy to use, excellent, has several, does its job, cheaper, tempered glass, glass, last few, was easy to put on, better, fits the screen, on many different products every month, fantastic, is a beast
47 4
easy to, easy, super easy to, very easy to, relatively easy to, almost flawlessly, have virtually no bubbles, fits well, fairly easy to, easiest to, surprisingly ready to, fairly easily, are easy to clean, hold up quite well, looks great, invisible, is two step
20 19
no, easily worked to the outside edge, literally disappeared, little, has appeared, no problem, zero, many, difficult to apply and leaves, didn’t leave any, more, causing streaks, despite clearing, left with a cover sheet full of, had dissipated, resistant
23 2
great, good, excellent, nice, like, love, needed extra, looks nice, solid, very good
16 8
perfectly, doe my last, fits, did work to protect fire, works great, is perfect, can't stop watching games, not stuck down, cheap, easy to apply, will save, drives me nuts, is christmas gift, easy to put, perfect fit
16 6
great, good, right side, fast enough, very good, was easy to put on, was easy to apply to the screen, helped keep the glare off, does scratch easier, works well, is ok, smudges easily, is hard to clean
20 2
perfect, great, was a little off, looks great, easy to apply, nice, is quite tight, isn't the real problem, is so precise
14 1
good, great, best, is high, was a bit high, well worth, is hard to beat
10 4
good, great, excellent, lowest, nice, little better, very low, low-
this product
7 5
recommend, really like, must for, did with, definitely recommend, would recommend, clear
8 4
easy to follow, was precise, very simple, very clear, very easy to follow, better, good
8 3
perfect, like, right, is different, is correct, little big, is correct for the new kindle fire
6 4
no, no more, good, much better for her eyes, anti
this protector
6 3
is so important, is not very thick, easy to apply, works as expected, is easily to get dirt, air bubbles
tempered, less expensive, looks much better, protects better, protected
6 2
were coming up, will have bubbles, is coming up, don't lay down, are coming up, very light usage
6 2
good, were clear, easy to install with clear, were well written
great, well, held up very well, good, goes on easily, goes on flawless
easy, smooth, was smooth, was straightforward, easier
5 2
good, excellent, highly recommend
air bubble
4 3
many, removed easily, didn't have any trouble, flawlessly without dust
4 2
nice, does the job, works good, very nice
5 1
no, worked fine, never had any
5 1
perfecta, during prime day, love, easy to apply, kept bubbling
4 2
ok, starting to peel off, good working
screen clean
very easy to keep, keep, keeps your, easy to see through, keeps
came with two screen protectors, only had one protector in it, came in prime day, included two protectors, no wonder
without glare for comparing, are clearer, was still crisp, is still sharp, clear
is good, nice, great, very well
4 1
awesome, protection plan, never had to do that before with any of our, always prefer anti-glare
3 2
easy to put, protects my kindle fire screen perfectly
4 1
difficult to, easy, stays in place, hard to
3 1
easy, was beneficial
screen protection
is the part i liked best, provide, no doubt be scratches, gives adequate
3 1
super easy, no cracks, no
touch screen
1 3
doesn't interfere, less sensitive, interferes
1 3
end to the bottom end, holes, holes punched in the top
2 2
bad, are annoying