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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, Onyx Black - fits all Paperwhite generations prior to 2018 (Will not fit All-new Paperwhite 10th generation)

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46% of users say that: Product looks great, looks good, works great, is perfect. Cover is great, is perfect, looks great, is attractive. Color is great, is beautiful, is perfect, is nice. Kindle is well protected, is protected, is off, helps protect. less than 1% of users noticed that: Magnetic latch keeps the case closed, is loose, is very weak, keeps it shut. Button don't have to fumble. Lid is bent, has a magnetic closure, will turn my kindle off, is warping. Touch screen is frustrating, is not responsive, is very sensitive, is difficult to control.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

10712 2071
love, great, fits perfectly, like, looks great, excellent, looks good, works great, good, sturdy, protects my kindle, perfect, light, lightweight, loves, highly recommend, recommend, is perfect, works well, fits well
2119 309
great, nice, is great, perfect, very nice, excellent, fits perfectly, best, is perfect, beautiful, sturdy, good, awesome, lightweight, close, looks great, wonderful, is attractive, durable, really nice
1382 112
love, great, beautiful, bright, nice, favorite, is great, is beautiful, like, pretty, purple, is perfect, good, different, very nice, really like, perfect, loved, is nice, i like
941 382
protects, perfect, best, is well protected, fits perfectly, great, white perfectly, paperwhite perfectly, fits snugly, safe, snug, is protected, love, goes to sleep, easy to hold, nice, very well, fits perfectly in it, new, is off
1130 76
great, nice, perfect, very nice, good, sturdy, best, excellent, beautiful, fits perfectly, durable, is great, awesome, very good, attractive, looks good, solid, wonderful, slim, is slim
695 23
good, great, excellent, high, very good, nice, very nice, very high, is great, is excellent, love, very happy, is very good, is good, really nice, best, sturdy, very pleased, better, is nice
438 79
perfect, love, perfectly, fits perfectly, protects, fits perfect, fits, works great, best, looks great, gift, works well, great, snug, is protected, is perfect, really like, fits into it perfectly, very pleased, like
478 2
perfect, great, is perfect, good, snug, excellent, nice, very good, tight, looks great, are perfect, works well, perfectly, easy to hold, nice tight, stylish, protective, nice snug, looks good, beautiful
this cover
392 20
love, highly recommend, recommend, really like, fits perfectly, absolutely love, is great, like, is very well made, fits great, very pleased, looks good, definitely recommend, looks great, really love, works great, is very nice, fits my kindle paperwhite perfectly, definately recommend, fits
this case
379 15
love, is great, is perfect, really like, highly recommend, absolutely love, is amazing, fits perfectly, is awesome, really love, recommend, looks nice, is excellent, looks great, works great, is exactly what i was looking, is the best, fits the kindle perfectly, loves, much better
362 4
great, good, excellent, perfect, nice, provides good, very good, is great, solid, offers good, adequate, provides, like, easy to hold, provides very good, provides great, very convenient, lightweight, attractive, gives good
270 32
nice, real, soft, beautiful, is soft, genuine, very nice, feels nice, good quality, quality, love, great, is good quality, looks nice, is nice, feels cheap, smooth, feels very nice, is so soft, lovely
253 13
light, very light, attractive, perfect, love, durable, great, nice, right, good, much, thin, adds little, extremely light, small, light-, are perfect, slim, is perfect, protective cover
158 70
great, protects, fits, very nice, excellent, perfect, protect, perfectly, handy, very good, light, really protects, fits in it perfectly, quite well, lightweight, allows, wakes, feels secure inside, changed my life, wonderful
111 107
protects, lighted, great, larger, protect, good, bright, is clear, protects your, protecting, clarity, keeps, clean and safe, love, is easy on your eyes, no glare, is soft to the touch, new, opens a feature, saves
144 33
great, good, is a bit high, very good, fair, reasonable, worth, is a little high, is high, was right, better, are great, was great, very well worth, high, is too high, was a little lower, is good, is the absolute max, serious $40
142 9
perfect, right, love, great, smaller, nice, compact, are perfect, like, small, is perfect, is great, i like, good, same, add much, easy to pack along in a bag or a cargo pocket, is right, changed, sturdy
136 12
great, slim, sleek, simple, love, nice, good, clean, perfect, excellent, elegant, stylish, very pleased, classic, attractive, clever, like, is nice, elegant look, not a good
109 30
thanks, good job, thank you, bravo, well done, great, has devoted significant software, unimposing, fine job, great job, expects me to pay for the shipping, result, does'nt seem to carry the camel color, thanks again, really appreciate, was great, love, transferred all my books, has shown me, better - especially
magnetic closure
111 26
love, like, works well, i like, works great, is great, is a nice touch, nice, is strong enough, handy, is firm, works quickly, working well, looks nice, is well constructed, is very sharp, keeps the screen protected, saves your place, is closed really well, really does work
leather cover
118 12
love, nice, fits perfectly, is perfect, very good, classy, beautiful, great, fits the kindle paperwhite perfectly, wonderful soft, good, smooth, nice real, is probably the best, was way better, wipes off easily, black, likes, purchased, is nice
kindle paperwhite
110 16
perfectly, fits perfectly, very well, new, safe, clean, small, fits very tightly, fits perfectly inside, fits, fits in it perfectly, love, couple of different, must have to accompany, is everything, fits perfect, fits snugly into it for ultimate protection, has really helped me, has some positive, negative affect
115 8
great, best, nice, wonderful, really like, love, cool, very nice, excellent, helpful, good, nicest, close, perfect, new, enable me to use, many nice, new great, lighter, close the case to wake
109 8
nice, like, great, love, is nice, is good, good, soft, is great, really like, is also very nice, conducive to holding the kindle, is important, durable, protective, beautiful, keeps the kindle easy to hold, doesn't noticeably change the size of the kindle itself, nice leathery, lovely
106 4
great, beautiful, nice, lovely, love, is great, bright, fabulous, elegant, seemed a bit bright, love the orange, choice, are exactly what i want, is quite different, incredible, feels great, is very rich, understated, vibrant, wonderful
64 47
works great, strong, works well, is strong, is strong enough, works fine, works very well, for closing works, is effective, is a lot stronger, keeps it securely fastened, has done a good job, held cover flat, tight, keeps the case closed.j, is kind of sharp, is just enough strength, keeps the cover closed, feels secure, holds well
great, good, works great, very nice, feels great, classy, sleek, durable, love, like, elegant, fits great, is great, protects well, is very sharp, amazing, really really good, liked, feel, turns kindle on
88 7
great, best, excellent, very good, good, very satisfying, very pleased, happy, solid, very happy, better, recommend, gift, really enjoying, no regret, 10 stars, nice, worthy, no regrets, favorite
this product
82 6
highly recommend, love, recommend, would recommend, definitely recommend, very pleased, pleased, like, no problems, really like, returning, enough, glad i purchased, strongly recommend, can't go wrong, so happy, satisfied, buy, highly recomment, suggest
77 11
great, quality, good, excellent, very good, came in perfect condition, nice quality, cost, nice, best, fits the paperwhite perfectly, arrived on time, was as described, very nice, is leather, very pleased, sent as return, does everything, will be ok, is light weight
73 14
easy, great, love, easy to hold, easier, comfortable, start, perfect, better, helps keep my kindle clean, scratch free, enjoy the light, in low light easier, easy to clean and comfortable to hold, continued, not be a problem, bright sunlight, opens to book, no difficulty, convenient
80 3
great, nice, excellent, good, is nice, durable, are excellent, constructed of high quality, made from good, flexible, look and feel good, really nice, is good built, sticks to the skin, are noticeable at times, feels good, are high grade, super cheap, look, is excellent
46 36
lasts a long time, saves, long lasting, lasts for a long time, lasts longer, is long lasting, last a long time between charges, need bigger, quickly, improve, lasts forever, run for months, long life, actually lasted for weeks, will last for weeks, lasts for ages, holds charge for days, lasts for weeks, really well, lasts a much shorter time
76 3
nice, good, great, love, is great, very nice, sturdy, quality, absolutely love, pleasing, very durable, beautiful, has good, solid, are worth the investment, lovely, doesn't slip easily from my hands, is important for something, really like, durable
50 20
real, gives the feeling, like the feel, still ordering, lightweight, better than a paper, compact, read a thousand, is pretty short, started reading my 8th, no more heavy, are more affordible, would go to the end, easier than reading, best, is amazing, fully met our expectations, turns on automatically, available a click away, glad to be reading
49 10
ok, okay, done a great job, still a great cover, bookcover, constructed of one big piece, worth $40, still holding up, been very good, held up very well, holding up well, still a very good case, feels nice in your hands, still open on the book, folded back, not a bulky case, any better, got a great texture, held up to daily use, 5 stars2
kindle cover
52 6
best, great, automatically opens, closes the kindle, works great, looks awesome, is nice leather, keeps the kindle clean, very good, nice sturdy, is so well made, nice feel, is great, is fine, love, nice, very pleased, are excellent, enjoying my purple, wonderful
magnetic clasp
44 10
works well, love, like, is perfect, works perfectly, works nicely, is nice to ensure, great, successfully puts my kindle to sleep, is a big improvement, is just the right strength, is a nice metal accent, is great, works, really like, works beautifully, keeps the reader safe, clean, is very nice, i like
battery life
41 12
long, great, helps save, is phenomenal, much longer, saves, very compact, is forever, will last for weeks, is good, shorter, is exceptional, longer, expected, is stellar, lasts well, is awesome, helps prolong, is wonderful, is also an excellent feature
50 1
great, good, best, very good, at your own risk, really good, better, excellent, solid, superb