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Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (1st Gen)

We have analyzed 1827 reviews from Amazon and found:

21% of users say that: Product works great, works, works perfectly, worked. Amazon was helpful, can blow me, is 5 star, has amazing customer service. Replacement came in 2 days, was delivered, is fantastic.10/10, will work better. App works great, work perfectly, works when the remote doesn’t, works just fine. 13% of users noticed that: Remote is terrible, are junk, are poorly made, came with the fire stick. Batteries were dead, were changed, were dying, don't last as long. Device is an epic failure, will attempt to pair with an base-stations, is out of warranty, works sporadically. This remote don't like.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

718 668
love, great, works great, works, like, good, easy to use, works perfectly, worked, is a replacement, worked fine, excellent, works just fine, nice, was great, works fine, lasts longer, is great, works good, was perfect
97 59
was helpful, right away, can blow me, produced product, benefit of the doubt, you need to correct this, nice job, is 5 star, expects you to pay nearly $30.00, should be better, paid for it, has amazing customer service, reached out to me, recommendation, sells the remote, needs to rethink their design, did give us half off, cheaper than, pretty quickly, responded quickly
30 21
great, perfect, good, excellent, came in 2 days, need new batteries every week, no hassle, fast, was delivered, none available, is fantastic.10/10, affordable, will work better, quick and easy, any better
27 21
works great, lots, work perfectly, i don't want to have to do this, go to settings, for free, works when the remote doesn’t, stick, works just fine, sure i can use, is less convenient, works, is ok, is free, works way better, free, i like very much, will allow it to work with my hd tv, recommend, allows you to use the iphone
fire tv
24 23
love, with a new remote, need, loved, $70, stick, pretty essential, works fine, is over 3 years old, works great, is a great service, is much more attractive, was a gift, really liked, is awesome, love out, worked great, control, great service, connected immediately
voice remote
16 11
is compatible with fire tv, stick, well, lasted a year, purchased the firestick, compliments of amazon, no trouble, is great, love, is the most awesome, is very useful, came with this, very happy, is the perfect, is relatively new, gave out nearly a year after i purchased
22 5
great, good, is almost as much as a new fire stick with the remote, is to high, awesome, is pretty steep, reasonable, makes me consider my streaming player options, affordable, low, is way too high, was good, is a direct reflection of its quality, is included with the fire stick, durable, is ridiculously high, is 30$, highly, is way to high for prime
customer service
13 11
best, awesome, very happy, great, sent me a new one, can never go wrong, help and two chats, came through again, was incredibly helpful, generous, helped me out, excellent, easy to configure
13 11
stick, sticks, stick supports, gift from my children
replacement remote
15 9
great, works, easy to program, came with instructions, now costs more than i paid, ridiculously priced, love, work well, works great, is working fine, linked up effortlessly, works as well
14 7
update, original, updated, last, real, 1star, i had to buy a new one at all, last ill, is for the remote, will enlighten you, few, began reading, good
14 5
is amazing, meets all expextation, has a hard time with my southern drawl, no need, is a good bit of software, takes all the searching, love, is a good friend, is also very polite, simply responded, is nice, works, is easy, convenient to use
10 8
easy to sync, last christmas, is what i like, worked very well right away, need, no problems, full, was bought mid october, used it sparingly, has pandora
fire stick
10 8
easy to set up, easy to sync, great, recommend, enjoying my, 5-star rating, works, works just fine, are quick, works fine
set up
14 1
easy, super easy, works well, complete new, easy to pair, very easy, was easy, very easy to order, are happy
8 6
only to love, was pricey, great, awesome, just as described, is as described, delivered on time, no longer works
this one
7 6
has quit as well, works great, replaces that perfectly, works better, is a good, is my moms, like better quality
amazon fire tv
10 1
love, lovin, considering returning all of the remotes, super easy, 89.00 april 27/2016, works great
7 2
nice, shows on my tv, works perfect, has amazon prime, not had any problems, fight for control, my last fire
5 4
214 417
stopped working, lost, did not work, stops working, is terrible, faulty, does not work, are junk, worst, bad, died, quit working, stop working, defective, broke, not working, are poorly made, replaced, just stopped working, freezes
30 90
replaced, changed, were dead, corroded, dead, drained, couldn't open, replacing, went bad, kept having to put, did indeed have a charge, every two days, spew acid, blew up in my hand, same problem, die within days, doesn't work, leaked all over remote, died on the remote, tested at 75% to 80% charge
11 19
stopped working, glitching, didn't work, is an epic failure, fairly costly, crashes, no, only has 3 mos warranty, will attempt to pair with an base-stations, trouble staying synched up, chews through so many batteries, ended up leaking, is out of warranty, to be very difficult, works sporadically, is now entirely dead, dosnt have a remote finder, dosnt support vudu wtf
this remote
10 15
hate, lost, absolutely hate, can't even find, cannot work, could not get, open, trouble, don't like, joke, died, do not order, need
6 13
started falling out after a week, sticks, keep getting permanently stuck down, stop working easily, stick, dumb circle control, works about 75%, start to not work correctly, are hard to push, get a reaction, smooth plastic to rubber buttons, hard, don't react right away all the time
4 12
poor, extremely low, bad, terrible, very disappointing poor, very bad, awful, poorest, is very poor
voice command
6 9
doesn’t sometimes, doesn't work, don't really use, doesn't ship for 1 to 4 months, can't use, wont work, has not misunderstood me once, only work for amazon, takes a minute to figure out
2 13
kept dying, hog to boot, drops much in charge, keeps running down quickly, every week, issue, is very low, leaking bands ruining the remote, frequent, blew up, monster, short life span, was out of sync
4 10
didn't last long, did not work, chewed, only lasted 3 months and 2 weeks, is lost, failed, lost, died, ate, stopped working far
6 8
is horrible, unlucky, has expired, no, replaced, expired my firestick would not power on, expired, is expired
4 9
stupid, loses, fixed, don't last long, wasn't the most reliable from the start, does not operate correctly straight out of the box, died, bad
5 8
not the batteries, still not working, been 15 minutes, 4 days out of warranty, obviously a defective product, not real user friendly, stopped working
remote control
2 10
didn't work, substandard, problem, went through batteries every month, worst, don't wanna go through return, hate, worst designed, ruins, lost
original remote
1 10
lost, died, replaced, malfunctioned, drained the batteries every 2 weeks for 4 months, just die, could not be opened to add batteries, is hiding somewhere in the house
remote app
4 8
is really inconvenient, bugged, be cumbersome, has been working on my phone, not a fan, not convenient, lasted around 4 months, workaround
5 6
could work, over 20 minutes, restarted everything, with customer service several times for hours at a time, wants to use the fire stick, is no
5 5
stops working, worst, don't regret, would reimburse, stopped working 3 months
this product
4 6
never buying, attempt, disappointed, certainly not recommending, frustrated, not recommend
phone app
4 6
failed, couldn't use, shouldn’t have to use, work the stick, should not have to rely, are some situations
3 5
does not work, would work, is the only issue, just to watch tv, insignificant quality