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Echo Connect - requires compatible Alexa-enabled device and home phone service

We have analyzed 1478 reviews from Amazon and found:

24% of users say that: Product works great, works, works well, was easy to set up. Device work great, has great promise, works, has propelled me into the future. Echo connect works well, works great, is a good concept, working with my two echos. Amazon will improve, has just reduced the price, was kind enough to replace, is the best company. 5% of users noticed that: Phone has trouble, is not able to use, is not already connected to another amazon account, don't remember. Call is annoying, came in, is not on your contact list, is broadcast via echo connect. Connect has issues, will hang up, is not nearly close to the quality, is unreliable. Instruction are poor, are really poor, were somewhat vague, are only valid.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1253 816
love, great, works great, works, works well, like, was easy to set up, good, is great, works fine, works as advertised, up, work, works very well, would be nice, worked fine, does work, worked, working, will work
197 107
echo, great, wonderful, decent, useful, up, work great, has great promise, good, works, helpful, all echo, only works in usa, allows alexa to call 911, talk loudly, would catch up, insists on delivering all ten digits of a phone number, like all echo, inexpensive, allows me to call anyone with or without an echo
echo connect
84 67
works well, works great, love, like, is a good concept, working with my two echos, absolutely requires, echo, is a terrific, was quick, worked immediately, requires a newer version of android, should be able to be done, really like, has been pretty reliable, needs some additional features, needs a smart phone, can be plugged into any of those phone, adds the ability to answer, is return eligible through mar
101 48
thanks, will improve, has just reduced the price, wanting to use, echos at the same time, takes your number, needs to give people the option, sees these complaints, makes changes, alexa without any issues, was kind enough to replace, is the best company, were great, echo connect representative, refund, echo, work globally before competitors acquire the global market, has plenty of support, has been outstanding, reminds you with every email and text update for shipping
68 30
easy, easy to, was a breeze, was easy, was simple, was very easy, never finishes, was really easy, should be capable of doing from a home computer, was fairly easy, same as any other echo device, extremely easy, has performed beautifully, same easy, work well, works as described, is a breeze, no luck, was a snap, works great
31 25
follow the instructions, setup, handy, has been such a help, really like, was able to provide the address and phone number, knows exactly who is calling, thanks, asks a lot of questions, like, can place calls, announces your calls, says mom, has a tough time with telephone numbers, continues to announce who is calling for a while, challenging, no knows, able to say, thanks for using, keeps informing me that the line is busy
29 26
beautifully, is a good product, can already do that using your cellphone service, was really handy, very good, highest volume, really funky, will continue to announce the caller's name/number, has been great, worked, is well worth the money, much of an, had better talking ability, continues to announce the call, starts ringing, even more versatile, will alert you with the announcement, speaks, would have to yell, really like
31 24
downloaded, voila, got better, says everything is fine, look for a way to force an update, look for the, opened, find the alexa, is beyond me, will make your installation a breeze, includes a function to remove the 1 plus area code, only loads your contacts, on my smart phone, just my cell, work both, still took the contacts, updated the day, gets much, work was easy, can upload
set up
37 11
easy, very easy, was simple, very simple, easy to, is easy, easy enough, was pretty quick, was easy, works well, nothing, is so easy, was a breeze, works great, works smooth, fast, very straight forward, went well, quick, works ok
phone call
23 16
asks for, easy to make, easily answer, can answer, vs. normal alexa usage, without picking up the phone, is easy, want to display, unaided, verbal confirmation, so easy, with out help, allows me to answer, quickly said, able to make, receive, does connect, makes, much easier, more easily
20 16
update, original, negative, two stars, low, willing to change, very lengthy, will update, become 5 star reviews, are better, wow lots of negative, were right, helped with the installation, updated, was helpful, none of the problems, quick
20 14
returning, made it possible, works as advertised, absolutely loves, works well, love, was in front of me, very nice, has potential, go off, is nice, compact, announced, allows you to send out caller id, connects to a land line, works great, basically attach a home phone line, add a 1, will be returning, great
sound quality
19 13
good, is good, is superb, great, is just outstanding!!highly recommended, sceptical, needs improvement, is fantastic, clear, isn’t great, was fine, has better, you get with this, very good, works fine, no complaints, is terrific
16 11
very loud, loud, allows me to use, answer his phone very easily, does all computing, clear, make appointments, good strong, enjoy using only, is too soft, ability, works very well, very pleasant, fine, few seconds
echo device
15 11
able to use, is true to its name, has been good, could hear, always me to use, is answering, are on different access points, would maintain the call, multiple, so many, fully embraced, love, can be easily updated, are wireless
this product
13 12
love, looking forward to using, need, recommend, works ok, iteration, behind, very happy, sucks, complicates your life, high hopes, really excited
13 10
surprisingly good, is great, has an echo, ok, was priceless, like i am in a tunnel, is decent, is much better, like a run can, is surprisingly good, was so good, far away, very far away
16 2
great, good, is wonderful, awesome
10 7
great, is great, an additional star, were gifts, very nice, has great potential, was released, does require a smartphone
12 3
great, intelligent, good, for my home office, pretty good, has excellent quality, very nice, free, perfect, controlled, works with land lines, able to retire my elderly
speaker phone
11 4
high quality, sounds like, makes alexa a voice command, better off, like, every echo, best, terrific, sounds like you are in a tunnel, always having to use, better
call quality
11 6
is good, was good, was very good, wasn't the best, provides clear, is exceptional, is quite good, pretty impressed, issues
14 2
easy to, easy, easy to use, simple to, works great, simple, do a new, clean, was about 5 mins
9 7
echo, will speak, positioned throughout the home, were so good, love, bunch of echo
10 5
handy, great, are enabled over time, best, more, few, basic, very nice, discover, really useful
110 124
problem, not a smart, has trouble, not our home, bob, unused, does not just firestick, is not able to use, is not already connected to another amazon account, don't remember, can't get, without having to pick upreceiver, very big pain, wouldn't botch things up again, unusable, love not looking, keeping line open, have spent hours, conflicts, doesn't like using alexa to answer
97 122
is annoying, came in, useless, goes to voicemail, with out much problem, somewhat serious, is not on your contact list, doesn't go through, thru the echo, stayed connected with most, havent gotten, you may miss due to a bathroom break, refuses to answer, immediately disconnected, few, failed the message, nothing for unrecognized, butt dials, is broadcast via echo connect, echo then says
48 53
sits beside my wifi access point, has issues, did not work correctly, i have returned echo, useless, returned the echo, will hang up, does not work, remains unconnected in my home, is not nearly close to the quality, highly not recommend, is unreliable, can dial, had a troublesome imtact, is supported per household.- text part of caller id, remains unplugged, can be connected to only one line at a time, receives incoming calls, will not connect, will not include it when dialing.3
11 32
no, are poor, poor, limited, short, are really poor, not intuitive enough, were somewhat vague, not what, are only valid, is abysmal, terrible, were of limited help, are very poor, do not inform you of that, nowhere, not too bad, are terrible, were terrible, not find
15 17
does not, won't work, do not have, isn't compatible with the alexa app, could never get my, not specific instructions, does not have, unnecessary, could be used to manage contacts, doesn't have, useless, has had a kindle fire, temporarily for setup, does not require, finds contacts, had not been linked, was required for setup
15 19
can't hear me, hangs up, is not in my contacts, dosen’t have to hear, can not hear you, can barely hear me, is worthless, are not so good, can't hear me answering the phone, is not in my contact list, would not be echoing, can barely hear, have problems, doesn't have caller id, doesn't pass, had a difficult time understanding the conversation, couldn't hear me, horrible
incoming call
14 18
are annoying, problems, does not respond, barking out, quits barking out, can't answer, are not so good, weren't announced, is no, echo would recognize, don’t want, not only easy to set up, not simultaneously, are picked up, is a problem in answering, can’t get, announces the number not the name, are no
13 16
no way to manage, don't need to use that cell phone, cannot limit, looks up, sometimes by mistake, does not id who is calling, did not transfer, not even in my, has few, doesnt know her, is no way to filter, prevent my grandmother, don't load, does not play nice, doesn't have it
smart phone
7 20
does not have, no, don't have, quite possibly never will, didn't have, incongruous to need, doesn't and never will use, really dumb, have not one, expensive, did not have, some users, do not have, does not work, doesn't have, were blindsided
11 14
light, connect was made, goes out, will not stay conneted, has, did not connect, reset, is horrible, issues, would connect, just increases latency, cant, complete the setup
7 13
bad, problem, is iffy, bad , is fuzzy, not get good, lasted about a day, didn't sound great, was continually lost, goes down for a moment, was terrible
7 11
minor, lies with contacts, with not hanging up, main, no help from amazon, several of, annoying, many, trouble, resolved
7 10
hooked up.3, are a dying breed, is not as slick, didn't realize, haven't had, make the calls, hardly use, not a standard, doesn't go anywhere often, connected/reconnected the device 6 times
cell phone
4 11
doesnt work up, doesn't use, could be the area, does not have, no, don't have, doesnt have, doesn't have, do not have, not just use, should not require
6 9
weird, frustrating, borderline unusable, actually quite impractical, also useless for dialing in to conference call bridges, not a total failure, not working, still impossible to hang up, still very disruptive