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Mission TV Remote Add-on for Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote (Control your TV directly from your Amazon Fire TV remote)

We have analyzed 684 reviews from Amazon and found:

27% of users say that: Product works great, works, work, works fine. Remote works great, works flawlessly, is solidly built, works very well. Program was easy to, works as expected. Design is really nice, is brilliant, is cheaply made, are good. 7% of users noticed that: Button were non responsive, don't always work, are very small, are so small. Battery was dead, is a big pain, was no good, don't get a very good connection. Volume don't work. Tv can not be to far away, responds, doesnt go nuts.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

478 284
great, works great, works, love, excellent, work, good, like, works fine, cheap, works well, barely works, recommend, does work, works perfectly, works as promised, works just fine, is easy to program, is a great idea, works exactly as described
78 70
works great, works flawlessly, thicker, very compact, like a garage door, is solidly built, reliable, better, great, neatest, easier, works very well, will get in the way of the ir transmission, control everything, is fantastic, isn't blocked, you need your old remote, great programs, better off, works really well(for
25 5
easy to, very easy to, pretty easy, won’t, simple to use, fits right, convenient, was easy to, works as expected, convenient to use, very easy
18 7
great, nice, original, best, is really nice, is brilliant, is cheaply made, are good, seamless, looks professional, alot better, slick, brilliant, excellent
23 1
great, good, nice, is great, needs improvement, not very durable, awesome, is amazing
11 10
was easy, is simple, was straight forward, was pretty easy, is okay, was simple, worked the first time, is a snap, is easy, easy
18 3
great, works well, are accurate, with ease, is in sleep mode, super easy to program to use, little, test, are obvious, bought in hopes of being more effective, is 9.5 feet away, awesome, does exactly what it was expected to, would be great, perfect, right
10 9
swapped all new, come inside it, fresh, all remotes, have a very short life, needed new, works fine, amazingly fast, good deal, are still original
this product
10 6
highly recommend, love, feedback, would recommend, very conflicted, pass, really could use, definitely recommend, very happy
13 3
easy, simple to, easy to, was a breeze, works great easy, is extremely easy, took longer than i expected, is easy, very easy, work great, very simple
set up
15 1
easy, works great, great, fairly easy, super easy, super easy to use, was easy, easy to, compact, was super super easy, quick, took seconds
7 6
kuddos, could make their own universal remote, adapts, would remove, should take note of this, should buy these guys, should ship each fire tv
7 5
cheap, is kind of cheap, is china, not worth my time and energy to return, seems good, fit and finish
10 1
great, is good, good, easy to program
8 2
great, reasonable, cheaper, seemed good, is good, small, is ok
6 3
ok, okay, remote
this thing
6 3
is amazing, is awesome, is awesome, is really great, is fantastic, works great
much better in your hand, isn't awkward, looks like factory, is really nice, nice, is great, is excellent, tight, great
5 3
works great, rocks, is cheaply made, was too good
6 1
were quick, respectable, refunded my money quickly, conveniently, was quick to respond, who promptly returned an email to me
4 2
recommended, is for the tv, should be on original firestick remote, are perfect
is much better product, work well, is much better, responds much better, is far superior, has a few more
4 1
better, great, cheap, adds basic
add on remote
are great, hard time with, was simple, is great, super simple to add on and program
29 80
small, never became bright, almost 10 seconds, were non responsive, sucks, descended into the housing, tiny, started requiring 2 to 3 pushes to work, up/down, don't always work, stopped functioning, cheap, isn't room, are very small, are so small, are hard to push, sometimes stick inside the housing, are touchy, several times, flimsy
17 42
was dead, might be down, is a big pain, solved the problems, was no good, don't get a very good connection, didn't work, broke quickly, didnt help, changed she changes the wrong, is seated in the remote, doesn't stay in, didn't help, arrived near deathi, no dice, doesn't make good contact with the terminals, obscure round, not clicked into place, stinks, lasted less than a week
11 14
down, down stopped working, adjust, not always, can't change, stopped working, from the sound bar remote, don't work, up worked, felt like 2 steps forward one step back in terms of home entertainment, up to register, built into the remote
6 12
can not be to far away, turns on and off, without, almost every time, can't turn, not responding to its commands, responds, not perfectly centered, only one remote, not only, doesnt go nuts, doesn't even work
6 10
strong, is very weak, sucks, is blocked, incredibly weak, was weak, is even worse, is weak, block, gets blocked by the remote itself
6 7
is horrible, is awful, was bad, is limited, poor, horrible
tv remote
4 8
constantly losing, just using, don't cut the mustard, sitting out, without grabbing my, is slow, dont have to search, eliminates trying to find
3 6
were a little lacking, were not clear to program the remote, says to hold down the learn button for six seconds, missing, smashed all to hell, did slightly different
4 4
doesnt work any more, damn, doesn't fit my remote, solved all out problems
battery compartment
3 5
seems loose, needs to be reset, does not make contact with the battery, does not stay closed, stick
4 4
battery cover
2 5
seems to slide out, fell out, got lost, blends into the remote, did not stay in place
fire remote
2 4
should come with something like this out of the box, is missing the volume buttons, not all, should be compatible with universal remotes
3 3
bought two, only works a few feet, sits to the rear of the back side of the remote
volume control
2 4
manual, will not learn, is sporadic, lacks
power button
actually took to the program, multiple times, sticking, did not use, about 20 times, i got frustrated