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Amazon Echo Dot Case (fits Echo Dot 2nd Generation only) - Sandstone Fabric

We have analyzed 1903 reviews from Amazon and found:

41% of users say that: Product looks nice, looks great, works great, looks good. Case looks great, is nice, is very nice, is attractively color coordinated. Echo dot looks much nicer, looks great, looks good, is less responsive to voice commands. Fit looks great, is perfect, looks kinda nice, is great. less than 1% of users noticed that: Sound quality is poor, is not the best. Thing work better, is just an annoyance. Unit is elevated a tiny bit more. Speaker quality is horrible, is mediocre.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

927 262
love, great, like, looks nice, good, nice, fits perfectly, looks great, loves, works great, awesome, look nice, looks good, really like, fits great, is great, loved, was perfect, looks really good, perfect
130 24
nice, great, beautiful, fits perfect, looks great, fits perfectly, very nice looking, is nice, very cute, sturdy, is very nice, clean, good, fit perfectly, echo dot, perfect, is attractively color coordinated, are a perfect match to the echo dot, works fine, are nice
echo dot
50 29
look much higher quality, fit in with any decore, looks much nicer, loved, looks great, love out, extra beautiful, love, cheap looking, definite must own, look nicer, looks good, look very different, is less responsive to voice commands, are nicely made, polished look, really like, look more sophisticated, flew right out, much prettier
64 10
perfect, great, good, nice, looks great, snug, is perfect, perfec, looks kinda nice, is great, very good, works great, looks good, tight, dot perfectly, very nicely, just fine, looks less than stellar, cannot and should not be tight, would be great
70 2
great, love, like, is nice, nice, different, favorite, lighter, nice neutral, was exactly as described, several, attractive, is beautiful, perfect, works beautifully, was perfect match, go nicely in the room, easy to use, subdued, helps match the decor
54 2
great, good, nice, excellent, high, is good, very good, is amazing, is definitely there, really good, very nice, like, could be better, better, looks good, are good
37 14
echo, protects the echo, match my decor, loves, love, look so classy, just look extra fancy, look a little more stylish, needs to be portable, fits perfectly in it, ’s, is amazing, fit right, look better, look less cheap, could not be removed, still works, performs somewhat better, easily turn within the case, must have with an echo
22 16
dot perfectly, like your drink, regular, little, great, looks so cute, looks so much nicer, like a ninja on my counter, will go out of the case, can start, is very useful, prefer, can move around easily, look so chic, fit inside it, look quite a bit nicer, is wonderful, gets smarter, is much better, looks better
31 5
great, nice, like, comfortable feeling, black, is perfect for surroundings, is very nice, very nice, cute, gives some additional character, is made well, looks nice over alexa dot, is too good, hides the eco in a perfect way in my kitchen, looks cool, avoids scratches, good, does stain easily, best to spray, beautiful
30 4
love, is great, is awesome, is my new bff, is a great buddy, is wearing denim, is no longer naked, is my new friend, makes me laugh, loves her new do, lot of interaction, is part of the family, beautiful, is very helpful, didn’t kill herself, iz sexy, is so happy, is the best, work with, can hear me from across my apartment
24 6
echo, great, like, is in a stable location, curious about echo, well, little distinction, can match all my, very clever, blend with the room, look rich, nice little, feel, real nice, expensive high end, made for, love, cool, rocks, is great for directions
great, nice, good, feel cheap, fits great on my dot, great modern, fit great, stylish, clean, real good, nicer, nice denim, style, gives a nice, fantastic, fit's like a glove, more elegant, warm, cool, adds an additional non-slip surface
18 8
great, good, is actually better, deserve quality, soft, better, does not interfere, was better, is clear, is great, stylish, muffles, is noticeably improved
21 5
great, looks great, absolutely delighted, is much more smooth, awesome, is so great, is the perfect gift, wonderful, fits nicely, fit my echo dot perfectly, very nice, work as it design, was awesome, fit the e/d very well, fits very well, excellent, is great, nice
this case
22 3
love, is really cute, helps my echo dot blend, is great, is very sleek looking, adds much needed aesthetic, makes all the difference, matches my decor perfectly, looks great, fits perfect, works great, fits like a glove, is so cool, fits perfectly, is well made, is like that, very stylish, is way too big, is only useful for aesthetics, fits the dot perfectly
16 4
great, good, was right, cheap, good value, is too high, special, worth, was great, is to high you need to cut it
15 2
black, fits beautifully, is real, doesn't look or feel like real, gorgeous fitted, pretty high quality, supple, soft, midnight, higher quality thicker, is pretty nice, looks like the outside of the black echo, fits perfect, looks great
13 4
is not bad, quality, very pleased, is thick, appears high quality, is fine, good, sturdier, nice sturdy, nice, fits the dot perfectly, is of a much higher quality, is nice
13 3
sells low quality, better speaker, thanks, echo dot case, willingly refunded price, will soon roll out a revised version, need to call, thank you, very good, echo, needs to brainstorm, started fulfilling the order, echo dot
12 1
great, love, nice, easy to setup, very useful, really like, simple, beautiful, works as promised, make your own
this product
9 2
love, is exactly as described, positively surprised, luv, very happy, like, much for
nice, nice finishing, very nice, finishing
9 1
great, play me, like, relaxing, is fantastic, all day long
7 2
ok, loose fit, ok overall, okay, one of those extras, not a super-tight fit
8 1
best, good, great, completely satisfied, extraordinarily pleased
perfect, put it in that category for him to notice, sounded much better, same, is the same, small
7 2
nice, attractive, is very nice, simple, looks like real, were expecting
6 2
great, good, nice, is barely need
great, awesome, nice, good, is capable of, keeps on giving, highly appreciated
great, nice, excellent
good, great, real
5 2
coud be louder, very lowest possible, quality of the sound, went higher, is to loud
great, inexpensive, best, cute, excellent
makes the dot more appealing, really makes, looks great, great, purchasing, matches my daughters
fast, timely, quick
fast, fits perfect, went smooth, speedy
6 6
is not loud enough, does nothing protection wise, does not affect, plugged, are blocking, terrible
1 7
hard, cheap, shows through, removing them, thin, thick
sound quality
2 4
is poor, is not the best, does not change, isn't that great
echo dot case
2 2
is kind a lose, no damage