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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM LTE Smartphone (Gold)

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32% of users say that: Product works perfectly, arrived on time, was worth it, works. Phone works great, is great, is waterproof, is awesome. Camera is great, is amazing, is awesome, is remarkable. Samsung are sol for the moment, has made massive improvements, has a purchase incentive program, has made the s7 everything. 3% of users noticed that: Screen was frozen, got a crack across, has turnes into a line, has broken. Battery dies wayyyyy too fast, don't last long , is horrible, don't last. Charger came with a us plug, is way too complicated. Speaker is very tinny, are on the bottom near the usb input and headphone jack, is not very loud.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

447 248
love, great, good, excellent, works perfectly, highly recommend, fast, nice, like, no problems, liked, arrived on time, was worth it, does work better, works, very good, is nice, works just fine, was perfect, been great
408 150
great, excellent, best, good, amazing, awesome, love, works great, nice, is great, unlocked, very happy, perfect, fast, fantastic, is waterproof, beautiful, wonderful, no problems, is awesome
66 5
good, great, is great, nice, love, best, is amazing, excellent, is awesome, is remarkable, will still pick up the objects, still is clear, is so nice, fabulous, works well, recognizes when inserted to automatically save pictures, amazing pictures, very nice, professional, is amazing!pros
battery life
23 11
great, is great, good, is exceptional, better, best, excellent, some comments, powerful, is good, is better, is still good, sure
26 8
great, excellent, very user-friendly, at&t preset, very good, good, is great, works well, is very nice, better support, flagship, thoroughly impressed, is fast, reliable, perfect performing even with touchwiz, awesome, looks and feels much better, is everything, would fit again, stunning
27 1
ok, was fine, was great, was as advertised, is fine, working great, works like a charm, else worked fine, went perfect, transferred fine, meets the standard requirement, is intact, was as described, was great 5 stats, came in sealed new box, fast, is working well, was shipped on time, worked as expected, works well
12 9
can do and then compare to this, is definitely worth the upgrade, is rocking the snapdragon 820, performed well, blows, was so easy, water resistant for 30 mins, is at least 20% better, make me feel inclined to change, work perfectly fine, has expandable storage, brought back
10 7
was wireless everything, excelent, very good, promised a new charger replacement, was very attentive, good, contacted, different, came as the uk version with a uk plug, was excellent
16 1
great, good, decent, charged me full, can't be beat, reasonable, was 630ish, is great, was a few hundred dollars cheaper
12 2
good, nice, are impressive, was really happy, fantastic, very nice, still discovering some, unusual, great, faster responsive with numerous neat, amazing, more
10 3
clear, amoled, looks very clear, crisp, is very nice, superb, is vibrant, is clear, high def.-, is a very simple
10 2
good, work as expected, change that, made for supporting this specific phone, are thoroughly impressive, run smoothly, is quite wonderful, killer, work good
8 1
beautiful, crisp, low quality, come out aswsome, love, look great, comes solid in s7
9 1
good, great, perfect, high, better, is noticable
9 1
great, excellent, good, are mostly about functionality, best, really fit the bill, very best
7 3
was big enough, fresh out, came sealed, worked out, looked for the original, was open, worked perfectly
no, zero
fast, runs so smooth, is more power efficient, is much better, is superior to the snapdragon processor, was faster, powerful, bigger
samsung galaxy s7
5 3
is the best phone, less than two weeks, is a great product, is a powerful gaming machine, is an amazing piece of technology
7 1
good, like, perfect, helps in taking better pictures, is perfect, look , height , width
great, good, excellent, don't, awesome, @best
5 2
no problems, decent, works excellently well - fast, works better, is great
7 1
lovely gold, pink rose, nice, i like, are almost always very close, great, amazing
galaxy s7
5 3
was wonderful, lasts me the whole day, is the best phone, is much more power efficient, supports mst which simulates the magnetic stripe on your credit card
5 3
excellent, great, very satisfied, very happy, happy of this
5 3
looks, is excellent, worked beautifully, cheaper, arrived in a timely manner
6 1
thick, high quality, get a, clear, good, cheap
was fast, fast, no issues, was quick, was quicker than expected
4 3
no, zero
5 1
elegant, very easy to use, good, are great
great, perfect, excellent
32 34
burn, die, broken, stopped working, was frozen, got a crack across, freezes from time to time, says español or seleccionar idiomain, didn't work properly, shows a line from top to bottom to the left, has turnes into a line, has broken, cracks, was completely inked out, they damaged, is black with 2 multicolored lines flickering, is easily cracked-_-, suddenly began to die, is now dead, stopped working after 13 days
28 28
shame, will never go away, randomly burst into flames, support to complain, will send you a new phone, did not hear about “customer satisfaction”do, ignoring the issue, awful attitude, doesn't give any warranty, acted like, wised up, has one of the worst customer service, joke, has battery issues, will not support this new phone, hard supporter, gets updates, unable, does not stand behind their products, doesn't honor sumbermersion
23 28
dies wayyyyy too fast, don't last long , statistics constantly, remove, lasted less than 4 hours, is horrible, don't last, working i have to recharge, drains extremely fast, charged, slippery, would go dead, bad, does get recalled, time very low, drops of the fall, runs off very quickly, goes down every two minutes, drains a ton, drain faster
3 8
went off in 2 weeks, makes a faulty conection, doesn't need adapter, comes with literally charges my phone, heats up to dangerous levels, came with a us plug, not come whith, is way too complicated
4 6
cuts out after playing 1-2 seconds of media, is very tinny, doesn't work , isn't as loud, are on the bottom near the usb input and headphone jack, is not very loud
4 4
expensive, doesn't work in latin america, is locked, doesn't work
sim card
2 5
attempted a new, couldn't use, wouldn't fit, don't work, can fall out so be careful
2 5
no low-light, no matter, was different, not a built, restoring to factory
is no, doesnt exist, no, can be very tricky, does not honor any types of water damage, not included for international version