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Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa, 10" HD Display, 64 GB, Blue - with Special Offers + All-New Show Mode Charging Dock

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34% of users say that: Product works great, is great, works well, is easy to use. Tablet is great, works great, is awesome, is amazing. Screen is nice, is beautiful, is great, is clear. Size is great, is perfect, is good, is just right. 1% of users noticed that: Battery drains, is dead, was no longer holding a charge, is a joke. Camera is horrible, is terrible, is awful, is not good. Wifi is terrible, keeps dropping, is poor, is absolutely horrible. Ad are annoying, don't like, don't mind, are very annoying.

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16016 6317
love, great, like, works great, good, loves, easy to use, fast, is great, does everything, loved, really like, excellent, works well, nice, awesome, is easy to use, is fast, perfect, works
4926 803
great, love, nice, best, good, excellent, is great, awesome, very nice, really like, amazing, works great, very happy, very good, is awesome, wonderful, like, better, easy to use, is amazing
3002 506
larger, bigger, big, large, great, clear, nice, beautiful, is nice, bright, is beautiful, is great, nice big, huge, is clear, love, easy to use, good, nice size, sharp
1610 45
love, like, perfect, great, larger, nice, is great, good, i like, right, bigger, is perfect, liked, really like, large, ease of use, easy to use, is good, smaller, is just right
765 368
thanks, love, thank you, great, good, like, good job, nice job, prime, is great, well done, best, sent a replacement, wish, amazing, support, prime movies, has to offer, operating system, kudos
572 534
favorite, great, good, work great, are great, works great, better, lots, very few, love, many, more, is great, best, easy to use, lot, very good, i want, run fast, worked fine
676 333
great, excellent, good, nice, is great, very good, perfect, amazing, better, very nice, wonderful, awesome, very happy, work fine, fabulous, best, is awesome, solid, works well, fantastic
858 51
great, good, was great, is great, excellent, was good, was right, low, is right, very good, fantastic, reasonable, can't beat, affordable, best, better, amazing, like, nice, wonderful
771 49
great, clear, beautiful, is great, good, nice, sharp, better, very clear, easy to use, is amazing, is clear, excellent, is very clear, is crystal clear, crisp, is so clear, love, is awesome, is beautiful
531 218
is great, love, works great, like, is fun, is awesome, works well, is wonderful, is cool, is the best, works very well, is hands free, is amazing, works, great, is very cool, good, is ok, works fine, is nice
518 217
great, love, best, is great, absolutely love, unlimited, better, like, upgraded, much faster, enjoying, loved, larger, good, is nice, wonderful, smaller, 8.9, favorite, impressed
634 98
great, is great, good, is good, better, is very good, is amazing, excellent, is awesome, nice, very good, clear, love, is better, loud, is much better, is fantastic, decent, is excellent, crisp
654 33
great, beautiful, nice, is great, crisp, clear, good, large, excellent, bright, sharp, is beautiful, awesome, better, is amazing, is excellent, larger, easy to use, love, is awesome
battery life
527 151
long, good, great, is good, is great, is amazing, longer, excellent, love, is excellent, decent, is awesome, is very good, is much better, amazing, better, is impressive, is better, is really good, is decent
this tablet
418 43
love, highly recommend, like, absolutely love, really like, recommend, really love, would recommend, loves, definitely recommend, beat, loved, do like, prefer, most likely return, returning, loving, can't beat, get, enjoyed
270 101
love, very pleased, is faster, is great, very happy, impressed, is awesome, was good, really love, enjoying my new, absolutely love, best, new, favorite, bigger, smaller, is wonderful, is better, really enjoy, really like
250 118
good, better, like, cheaper, pro, replacement, keep, best, killer, need, 9.7, new, speed, air, smaller, is still winning, too much, just flies, get an, worked perfectly
335 16
great, love, good, beautiful, vivid, bright, are great, is great, brilliant, nice, vibrant, are vibrant, are beautiful, like, amazing, are bright, are crisp, red, are amazing, is beautiful
264 80
prime, great, look great, watching, good, clear, are great, is great, works great, watch, excellent, is awesome, is very good, are awesome, nice, speed, looks great, look amazing, well, sharp
266 34
great, good, excellent, high, love, better, very good, best, is excellent, amazing, is good, nice, easy to use, is awesome, is great, is amazing, really good, is wonderful, amazed, is incredible
280 20
love, like, is great, works great, works fine, is good, fine, is wonderful, impressed, is working great, work fine, just works, is amazon, works well, looks good, worked very well, runs smoothly, was great, was fine, is working
263 30
great, good, nice, more, love, many, new, wonderful, easy to use, favorite, amazing, better, best, all, awesome, like, like the alexa, excellent, neat, cool
229 21
great, good, better, is great, beautiful, high, is amazing, is excellent, is wonderful, clear, is very good, nice, perfect, are great, awesome, higher, is good, love, crisp, very nice
166 75
great, are good, are great, are loud, are ok, loud, good, are excellent, clear, are adequate, better, echo, well placed, are nice, are decent, decent, are acceptable, crisper, are just play store, are on the side
236 4
great, are great, beautiful, love, good, nice, better, very good, are awesome, are wonderful, are fantastic, are amazing, vivid, clear, easy to use, are excellent, are pretty good, are very good, crisp, are clear
screen size
229 5
love, is great, is perfect, larger, great, like, is awesome, nice, is nice, i like, bigger, clear, really like, is good, good, is just right, enjoy, big, is amazing, large
223 14
love, great, like, good, is great, fast, is good, is awesome, excellent, is very good, nice, better, is fast, very impressed, ease of use, really like, clarity, faster, increased, are great
fire tablet
166 57
love, really like, like, best, extremely happy, great, several, good, smaller, absolutely love, is great, nice, owned several, very satisfied, over the years, is my go to tablet, are the best, is a good product, during a special pricing day, work with alexa
fire hd
180 32
love, very pleased, 10 tablet, really like, very happy, happy, really enjoying, really enjoy, upgraded, really love, loving, is great, new, like, recommend, arrived very fast, best bang, 10is equal to if not better, works for me, meets my expectations
fire hd 10
166 30
love, really like, is great, is amazing, is a great improvement, is fantastic, new, is awesome, is by far my favorite, is an amazing tablet, is a great tablet, has a great picture, can do so much more, is a real joy, glad, is a good deal, stayed within budget, has been doing the same thing, will be use to replace the fire 7 kids edition, is hundreds less in price
162 34
great, excellent, good, overall, best, is great, was great, snappy, love, very pleased, high, wise, solid, nice, fine, amazing, is excellent, better, is fast, pleasantly surprised
133 53
ok, okay, working great, been working great, does a great job, working out nicely, playing passenger seat editor, 3rd fire, own built in spam for free games, working good, just ok.pros, fully charged, handy tool, still a good value for the money, been a worthwhile investment, seats the tablet, 4 hours, offline, got many great features, got loads of restrictions
170 14
light, very light, love, like, easy to use, lite, perfect, great, nice, lighter, increased, are great, right, ideal, is not heavy, easy on her hands, amazingly light, easy use, very easy to see, is much lighter
157 25
great, best, excellent, very pleased, very happy, happy, good, glad, very good, pleased, nice, extremely pleased, was an experiment, hard to find the exact one for additional, pretty good, was supposed to be a gift, very worth, definitely happy, no remorse, delighted
picture quality
165 12
great, is great, is amazing, is very good, is excellent, is wonderful, is fantastic, is awesome, love, good, nice, is good, better, very good, liked, is spectacular, awesome, impressed, is stellar, beautiful
115 50
favorite, great, good, many, few, simple, better, playing, are good, plenty, perfect, are great, lots, entertaining, friendly, look great, is more enjoyable, play and movies, could have the space to play his, checking my emails
258 313
died, drains, low, does not last as long, sucks, run down, issues, is dead, was no longer holding a charge, gets hot, issue, is a joke, stopped charging, finally died, doesn't last very long, doesn't last as long, is terrible, was failing, drained, will not charge
148 274
sucks, is horrible, is terrible, is awful, is not good, is not as good, isn't that great, don't use, suck, terrible, haven't tried, is bad, no, is completely useless, is mediocre, is horrendous, is really grainy, stopped working, is really bad, is not great
82 154
drops, no, drop, poor, stopped working, turned on, problem, is terrible, off, keeps dropping, turned off, connectivity problems, is poor, is absolutely horrible, peaks at about 220/50mb, could be resolved via software, continuously drops, drops out every 10 minutes, constantly lags on, drops regularly
74 134
many, too many, annoying, are annoying, do not like, don't like, hate, dislike, don't mind, pop up, ugly, really dislike, removed, downside, are very annoying, are a bit annoying, would remove, are so annoying, are something else, were quite bothersome