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Replacement Remote for Amazon Fire TV Stick

We have analyzed 2554 reviews from Amazon and found:

29% of users say that: Product works great, works, works perfectly, works well. Replacement works great, works, works like a charm, was easy toprogram. Amazon was super great, come onnnnnn, has great stuff, was great. App work better, works as a remote, have been using, will last even less. 9% of users noticed that: Remote is so small, is garbage, don't work, got lost. Batteries are properly installed, are running out, don't work, dies quickly. Original was not working, got knocked into my garbage, was still working. Fire tv is crap, is garbage, was not compatible.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

907 496
works great, love, great, works, good, works perfectly, works well, works fine, worked, works just fine, works perfect, lasts longer, works good, no problems, worked great, worked perfectly, easy to lose, nice, works better, replacement
85 10
great, perfect, good, excellent, nice, works great, works, very good, awesome, works like a charm, was easy toprogram, simple, amazing, followed the same path, well with the fire stick, lifesaver, worked fine, got delivery early, was awesome, worked perfectly
47 14
love, thanks, helped me out, very happy with their service, was super great, come onnnnnn, has great stuff, not at all what i expected, offers, haven't be able to access, did this, i am glad, sucks, better solution, do i contact you, was great, is awesome, needs to be above this, buy a roku stick, happy
30 21
work better, lasted less than a year, fan, go back to using, same day it arrived, works as a remote, have been using, stick, connects to your firestick, nice, change the channels, will last even less, is full potential, only works about 25%, thanks to the reviewers, long time, on my kindle for backup, goodness, work, is fine
replacement remote
33 12
great, good, working great, was a blessing in disguise, is working perfectly, is easy to connect, worked fine, was easy to program, works perfectly, was easy, took a long time to come, very happy, was exactly, works great, was perfect, works as great, has worked perfect, easily paired with the fire stick, nice, is great
32 2
fast, quick, works perfectly, is wonderful, is 1 to 4 months, took way to long, turnaround time, works great, very pleased, excellent fast, nice, works great fast, great, super fast, arrived as promised, very happy
29 4
great, good, was reasonable, serves its purpose, was almost half of what a new stick, very reasonable, very good, much better, is a little less, is unbeatable, perfect, works just like the orginal, works like the original, reasonable
22 8
easy to link, easy to connect, automatically linked to my, easy to pair, super easy, able to use, easy to set up love, is nice, like a champ, easy to sync, 4th remote, easy to connect to my, configured the rest, works great, synced right up, easy to sync to, has a remote, very easy to sync to the, easy to pair up, can operate
25 1
quick, fast, speedy, works great, was quicker, was right on time, was quick, was well pleased, easy to set up, no problems, superfast, got mixed up, no problem, very fast
17 5
easy, super simple, you'll need to follow, great, were very easy, followed, very clear, will come with, very easy, were great, very simple, were clear, very easy to follow, perfect, read, were very easy to follow
set up
easy, simple, works just like the original, was easy, easy to pair, extremely easy, simple easy to use, was as simple, was quick, very easy, breeze
11 9
great, easy to pair, sturdier, works great, easy to connect, works every time, great little, i was able to teleport in and out from another dimension, tracking, needs a homing
18 1
easy, was so fast, was easy, simple, arrived quickly, was quick, could have been a little smoother, simple to, super easy, worked as described, was very easy, was one simple step
10 9
stick detected it right away, works with the original, sticks, stick supports, stick deserves 0 stars, fast, stick, tick work again, stick more, stick instantly recognized it
13 5
save your money, glad, worked with rep over, quickly, control the other firestick, no worries than they charged, good fallback, is my recommendation, all the time, works better, stayed, is to hard for mom to use, with me
fire stick
10 8
working, easy to use, is the greatest invention, easy to sync, good, makes me sooo happy, love, no problems, easy to pair, is more durable
14 4
great, good, is as advertised, came as promised, worked would no problems, is perfect, was easy to connect with the fire-stick, came right on time, works just fine, works great
customer service
9 6
change my new wi-fi settings, excellent, absolutely great, is the best, is really nice, great, informed me that i had a 2yr warranty, quality, should have given me that option
9 5
neat little, work right, worked straight out, easy to sync, worked out, work straight out, really work, out, works as advertised
remote control
7 6
very happy, enjoy, “with alexa” in my guest room, great, would be more durable, easy to misplace, works great
this one
9 5
works well, keeps on ticking, is fast, doesn't miss a beat, is cheaper, has worked for a while now with zero issues, is way better, has a longer lifespan, is working just fine
no, works great, able to sync without
9 3
prime, works with amazon fire, works with fire, sticks, works with nvidia shield, shows for my kids, can watch, works for fire
easy to, can now watch, easy, easy-to-use, very easy, works like a charm, without ever needing to get up from your seat
7 4
remote, ok, been a lot more work, discoverable, actually a better built remote, okay, already needing a new replacement remote
6 5
good, was easy to pair with my television, is good, is great
10 2
excellent, great, fast, very pleased, look for another, fast and easy, was well pleased
6 5
good, better, is good, same, great
amazon fire
5 4
love, easy to program, stick last year, stick
226 262
lost, stopped working, died, replacement, didn't work, does not work, stick, is so small, broke, could not get, would not work, just stopped working, lost my original, chewed up my original, chewed, does not work properly, can't get, no, is garbage, worst
19 35
dead, finally died, replaced, about every 3 weeks, never changed, try replacing, dont die like remote with micophone, would not revive, drained, drain daily, didn't work, nothing happened, are properly installed, are running out, advised to remove, don't work, multiple times, devours, dies quickly, every month
9 18
lost, misplaced, ended up in the garbage, quit working suddenly, gave out, lasted less than a year, smaller, not like, hadn't lost, tiled floor, stopped working, loose, was not working, broke very easily, got knocked into my garbage, was still working
fire tv
10 15
stick, is crap, disappointed, cannot even use, stick work, stick broke, is garbage, never received one for my amazon, not working, was not compatible, stick causing the problem, stick remote, stick immediately detected, did not work
original remote
5 17
lost, broke, went bad, same problem, damaged, didn’t even last close to a year, misplace, no idea, stopped working, came with my fire stick, came with my fire stick broke
5 16
hard to get them to work, hard to push, ok, stuck before repair still sticks, are sticking or catching, small, were sticking, worked any more, 10 seconds, directional, rebooted the remote to our tv, wobbly, sucks, are too small, least allow me, seems to stick
voice remote
4 10
failed for some reason, needed to be replaced with the same, not as easy to hold, does not eat batteries, stopped working, was going thru batteries every 3 weeks, never use, was out of stock, neither were available at the time, lost
voice control
2 10
no, could not get the one, havent used, we never used, non, fancy, do not have
4 6
chewed up original, chewed, chewed on the original one, chomped on the pointer end, tore up the first two, ate the first one
phone app
3 7
dislike, didn't really like, didn't work, for a few months, been very spotty, was getting annoying, is suboptimal
new remote
3 6
not sure what's up, impossible to synchronize, can't get, dropped, not user error, is not difficult to setup