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Limited Edition Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite - fits all Paperwhite generations prior to 2018 (Will not fit All-new Paperwhite 10th generation)

We have analyzed 776 reviews from Amazon and found:

48% of users say that: Product looks great, looks good, is real leather, works well. Cover looks great, is perfect, is fantastic, is on both. Leather is beautiful, is great, is nice, is soft. Case is well made, will hold up just as well, looks good, can quite possibly enhance the reading. less than 1% of users noticed that: Premium leather is not supple, is scratched and spotted, is overselling. Description don't think some reviewers. Plastic is fairly thick. Premium cover is no colored/distracting, is overpriced.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

813 172
love, looks great, excellent, nice, fits perfectly, great, beautiful, looks good, real leather, is real leather, fine, works well, very nice, like, perfect, loves, is perfect, is the best, nice cover, is beautiful
149 21
great, nice, beautiful, very nice, looks great, best, great looking, very nice looking, fantastic, attractive, folds back perfectly, nice soft, very nice fitting, open, is perfect, is fantastic, makes my kindle one of the best things, love, adds a little old school charm, cheaper
131 30
real, beautiful, is beautiful, high quality, nice, premium, is great, very nice, is nice, beautiful soft, soft, great, rich, very high quality, is soft, feels good, gets better with age, feels wonderful, nicer, is real
65 7
great, nice, best, beautiful, is well made, very nice, well made, really great, nice looking, worth the extra money, cheaper, 59.99, will hold up just as well, scuffs very easily, performs well, looks good, can quite possibly enhance the reading, is more substantial in construction, ok, nothing incredible
46 12
perfect, feel like a soft leather, protects my, feels good to hold, fits snugly inside the case, go perfectly together, well protected, is stylish, snapped in with no problems, snapped right, was set up, is easy to hold with the cover open, protects, protect, love, seem less like a mere device, works with the cover, turns on and off, great, is secure
45 4
great, high, good, high-, very nice, very high, nice high, is worth it, decent, was terrific, protects my kindle very well, is remarkable, exceeds any case, works well, gorgeous, can be felt immediately, better, is worth the price, nice, top
21 5
will change with use, darker and duller than pictured, brown, was masculine, was different than what amazon, very dark, comes in lots of, is darker, less vibrant, is even more lovely, rich, stays better looking in the long run, like, is not anywhere near what is pictured, is much darker than the photo, was as expected, very rich dark, is nice, totally different, great
this cover
26 3
love, really like, is super nice, is great, is well named, fits perfectly, is very protective, looks good, would recommend, looks very nice, marks easily, looks great, protects well, smells even better, does the job, sure
leather cover
26 2
beautiful, like, limited, impressive high quality, is great in appearance, excellent, high quality, is amazing, thinnest protective genuine, is getting better with age and use, is much nicer, is excellent, very lovely, real, fantastic, great, nice, is of very good quality, very fine high quality, is perfect for the kindle
this case
19 5
love, looks and feels great for my kindle, like, is perfect, uses top grade leather, looks and feels like an expensive case, very fond, is sturdy, feels much like a book cover, feels great, keeps my kindle safe, clean, is beautiful, is very nice, will bear the marks of daily ritualistic use, feels good to use
perfect, is perfect, great, are great, useful, stylish, is firm, tight, stylish nice, no longer, is secure without being overly tight, works perfectly, excellent, was flawless, is excellent, is secure to protect the paperwhite, good
16 5
good luck, has lived up to expectations, needs to pressure the manufacturer, can sell a piece of technology, cover devotee, perfection, expensive)which needs no maintenance, like, continues their tradition of keeping the same dimensions, covers turn the kindle paperwhite, am very happy, good job, absolute fool, is accepting my return, do a little better, covers to third party covers
18 1
good, nice perk, touch, has that texture, texture of the real leather, reminds me of the saddle room, just like fresh cow skin, feels great, will not disappoint, outstanding, good leather, nice, like real leather, great, like leather, lovely leather, feels good
fits snugly inside, durable, looks good, for a long time, must to go, came today right on time, is great, feel to my new, to last longer, fits easily, without the guilt, last holiday season, look more like a book, fits snug, fits perfectly, look great, will out last, fits in it perfectly with no worries
15 2
classy, nice, is nice, feels good, adds little to the bulk of the reader, fits great, feels awesome, like, very nice distressed, really love, very nice, pleasant, neat
10 5
worth, good, easily, relatively high, inflated, expecting some nice looking, much darker, less robust, is higher that other products, no regrets
8 5
very deep, a bit too easily, doesn't fit quite as snugly, do show easily, are highly apparent, not rubbing out, come easily, are easily visible
11 2
like, good, natural surface grain, nice, rich, feels so much better, will smooth, look you would expect from a leather case, no, confortable and nice, very tough treated
soft supple, like, great, nice soft leathery, nice premium, slick, cheap, nice soft, outstanding, nice, very nice, are overall excellent, is great in your hands
8 2
develops beautifully over time, nice dark, unique, is personal, very nice, nice, fine, is coming along
6 2
ok, a very fine item, get a nice patina, been designed, worth $70
7 1
light, fantastic, nice, feel much like a book, is excellent, less
5 3
looks like smooth leather, looks tan, looks like after i treated it, shows a nice brown color, shows my kindle
kind, one of the best, performs per the amazon description, good, nice addition, a bit rougher, is supposed to behave to scratches and normal wear
great, better, superb, beautiful, good, looks good
sharp, were uncomfortably sharp, is thick rubber, better quality
4 3
powerful, works perfectly, works well, is nice
kindle cover
is high quality, easily the best, lot, very nice, is awesome, really enjoy
this product
5 1
highly recommend, would recommend, more from, pricing
leather quality
4 1
legit, is impressive, better, is excellent
leather product
4 1
real, lot, handled, nice natural
is unique, beautiful, is perfect, smooth, smooth shiny
4 1
instantly comes on, very happy, well used, great
is unmistakable, nice to, nice to the, snugly fits, nice
full, feels comfortable while reading, perfect, very easy to use, very easy on the eyes
build quality
good, is great, nice
tends to mark up more, is soft, feels good, protects your kindle from scratches
fine, not worth the cost, very nice, soft to the touch
3 4
damaged, knows to turn off, turns on and off by opening and closing the cover, imperfections
premium leather
1 3
is not supple, is scratched and spotted, is overselling