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Amazon Fire HD 8 Case (Previous Generation - 6th), Black

We have analyzed 2441 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, works, is sturdy, is supposed to do. Case works well, is nice, is fine, is great. Tablet looks better, is thrilled, are way off base, was newer. Color is great, is very nice, is beautiful, is true. 1% of users noticed that: Stand is wobbly, is more difficult, is useless, is weird. Magnet is causing tablet to turn off, are too strong, keeps the kindle from turning on. Flap don't like, is closed. This cover don't feel that way, don't buy.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1312 594
love, great, good, like, loves, excellent, works great, nice, enjoying, fits perfectly, easy to use, fast, works, fits well, is sturdy, is supposed to do, works fine, does everything, does the job, works well
297 65
nice, great, good, very nice, perfect, excellent, best, works well, is nice, awesome, is fine, functional, fits well, is great, fits perfectly, love, is perfect, works great, was nice, new
121 31
great, best, excellent, good, love, little, very nice, better, perfect, nice, fine, really nice, dirty/show wear more quickly than expected, still use, nice little, larger, affordable, flat, makes a great gift, looks better
109 5
love, great, nice, is great, like, good, is very nice, magenta, is beautiful, cute, beautiful, bright, is true, has been leaving color, fantastic, does match the tablet cover, fits perfectly, multiple, very nice, exactly match the colors of the tablets
70 38
nice, great, good, better, may be great, well, tangerine, works with the sleep/wake feature, good sturdy, is over-priced, tough, shutting, works well horizontal, does protect the tablet, is thin, fits well, made better, is practical, attractive, is great
this case
63 38
love, really like, is awesome, is great, really love, loves, is very pretty, functional, is well designed, quite functional, works really well, is decent, loved, fits my new kindle fire hd 8 like a glove, fits the amazon fire perfectly, definitely recommend, is sturdy, is amazing, recommend, quite like
56 25
happy, has worked less than a year, doesn't slide flat, stays secure to the, i've purchased, was no damage, fell from my night stand during the night, is alright, enjoy, had no problems, protection, arrived before the case, is always coming out of the case, my wife loves, perfectly match, simple, great, is held in along both edges, wonderful little, really enjoying
45 31
bigger, larger, bright, great, nice big, truly lovely, began dimming, protect, is big enough, lightweight, great from watching videos, very clear, very quickeasy, is very sharp, great for viewing videos, is still great, has a different lay out, is excellent, works great, protection
perfect, nice, great, good, is perfect, snug, looks great, perfectly, awesome, very nice, excellent product!!perfect, works great, is superb, works good, ok, looks ok, durable, no complaints, precise, is snug
50 9
great, good, very good, high, nice, excellent, lesser, is good, runs great, no glitches, looks of the case was as advertised, better, beautiful, very pleased, is of nice, very nice, little higher, really surprised, high expectations, works well
47 6
great, good, was right, reasonable, excellent, better, was too good, fantastic, nicer looking, is also very reasonable, is great, was good, better one for less, redicules, very reasonable, is outrageously, ridiculously high, half, very disappointed, increase
38 11
love, thanks, make better cases for its tablets, has repositioned the fire line of tablets, is willing to make this right, has ensured, would get their heads together, offers no warranty, sold better quality products, has a great return policy, were about half the price, thank, is going to post this review, fired hd8 kindle, made a cover for it, works more on getting android, way of selling more of these, you go, provides, omission in their description of the oasis
40 5
good, great, offers good, re perfect, extra layer, is good, decent, perfect, sturdy, excellent, offers great
34 4
perfect, great, right, nice, larger, love, good, compact, fits all or fits the hd 8 kindle, easy to use, well enough, not too small, not too large, am very happy with it, like, big difference in readability, wish mine, smaller, nice perfect, very easy to use
22 14
slim, nice, love, excellent, great, smart, are far better, protects the screen, i like, is great, nice sleek, overall, up very easy, compact, ingenious, new
17 9
great, i've owned, really great, awesome, upgraded, average, like, simple to orient, a little less slick, loves, stable, is propped perfectly, good, very handsome looking, is compatible with bookshelf
15 7
is the way to go, fit perfectly into the case, is fast, is great, upgraded, is blazing fast, was been able to play to other devices, has the same features, are fine, was a gift, is very beautiful, are amazing for the money, really am enjoying, he 8 perfectly, i would pick a different case
battery life
20 2
long, is great, is the best, really good, is very good, are far superior, quick to recharge, excellent, i like, is as advertised, is fantastic, before the need to recharge, super long, is unexpectedly good, improvement, is good, longer, is super great
11 8
many, much faster, lots, installed, best, working good, enhancing, are very few, much better, convenient, hoping for a password manager app
16 3
great, best, good, quite happy, excellent, very pleased, mixed feelings, happy with this
16 3
ok, okay, been hard living, use as a stand, not a bad product, ver easy-to-use, ok in landscape orientation, still a nice tablet, treated pretty well
light, perfect, good, nice, lighter, is a bit more than i expected, like, right, faster start and loading, sturdy, adds minimal
fire hd
13 3
enjoyed, like new condition, just right, doesn't cause it to turn off unexpectedly, new orange, great, doesn't add a ton of weight, new, perfectly, fits, love, good, worked better
11 5
last a long time, lasts a long time, lasts a while, long, much better, is holding up well, should last longer, lasts forever, seems to last quite awhile
13 3
great, good, better, fast, easy to use, great clear, good clear, loves, clear, decent, crisp clear, seem crisper
14 1
great, prime, neat, more, lots, extra, many, not being that great, nice, better, numerous, powerful, good
11 3
great, is ok, gift, wonderful, been returned, best, has become my new best friend, should be more functional
10 3
great, good, awesome, pretty good
fire hd 8
10 3
easy to find when in briefcase, so nice, easy to use, very well, best thing, perfectly, new, a bit pricy, easy to install, was great
this one
10 2
is very streamlined, lightweight, versatile, is very thin, works great, is much clearer, is slim, is much improved, works out the best, is much superior
great, good, excellent, greatest
7 5
good, are plenty loud, folds inside the cover, are under the cover, come on the top, opposed to the cheap 7
7 3
well, pretty well, come in handy, is achieved via the crease in the cover, very well, functional
14 19
is wobbly, only works on 1 out of 3 purchased, is more difficult, does not work well, leaves something to be desired, doesn't stand, is useless, is weird, dependable support, doesn't work that great, don't really like, are not at all clear, doesn't work well, is a little awkward, not as sturdy, did not have a vertical, is not easy to use, isn't really a standalone stand, does not work
7 14
hidden, put the tablet to sleep, is causing tablet to turn off, won't stay put resulting in a toppling of the tablet, seems to interfere with the kindle, put bottom flap out, inside conflict with the device, must click in on the back, are too strong, caused problems, stay away, shut the fire down, isn't strong enough, keeps the kindle from turning on
10 10
blocks, is crap, crappy, you can't use, isn't the best, is fully open, stupid, missing, is blocked
4 9
doesn't partially bend, don't like, just flaps around, hard to balance, doesn't stand up well, does not lock, flops around, is closed, sticks over the camera opening
kindle fire
6 6
very first, never without my newest, do not realize how large the book, worn out, is the only tablet, difficult
3 6
doesn't seem very loud, turned off, muffles, muffled, muffling, gets muffled
this product
4 5
not recommend, quit working, highly disappointed, wouldn't recommend